“Weasley!” Filch called out Ron’s name angrily.

For some reason, he disliked all the students that came from the Weasley family. When he called out his name, he seemed to grit his teeth.

As usual, seeing Filch was blocking their way. Harry and Ron were already getting nervous, and Hermione would also start to wonder if the two around them had made a mistake.

But this time, they completely lost all these previous thoughts. Whether it was Harry, Ron, or Hermione, they all stared at Filch, and the feeling in those eyes made Filch feel that something was wrong.

“What are you looking at? Are you trying to trick me again?” He said with a wary expression.

He is usually frightened by both George and Fred. At certain times, he would always be more cautious than other students.

Ron didn’t care what he said but said it eagerly, “Well, what do you mean by that? Hurry up, or we’re leaving.”

Filch looked suspiciously around at them, ensuring he didn’t find any problems, and finally said, “I went to the trophy room today and found something! You were punished for cleaning last time, and some places were not cleaned at all! The innermost part of the trophy room is still full of dust. I have asked Professor McGonagall for an additional punishment, and you will be cleaning it today until I think it’s clean!”

After he finished speaking, he thought Ron would argue with him or just drag his companions to escape, refusing to accept the punishment. Filch prepared it in advance, ready to grab Ron’s arm anytime.

Unexpectedly, Ron showed no sign of resisting. Not only that, Ron and Harry jumped up excitedly on the spot.

“I didn’t make a mistake and didn’t violate any school rules!”

“But Filch found and punished you!”

Seeing that they said these two words joyfully, Filch looked at them as if he were looking at a weird person.

“Why are you happy to be punished by me?”

But no one paid any attention to him, and even Hermione froze in place and muttered to herself unconsciously.

“So it’s all true. It’s all true that Professor Forrest…” Her view has changed at this time.

If everything before can still be explained by coincidence, can this situation still be a coincidence?

Indeed, Ron didn’t violate the school rules; he didn’t clean the trophy room when he was punished last time, and Filch wanted him to be punished again. It’s not surprising, but the thing is that it happened after Sherlock had said to Ron that Filch wouldn’t bother him if he hadn’t made a mistake before Christmas.

It’s no coincidence that small-probability events occur frequently, but it happens whenever Sherlock says something. This obviously has something to do with him.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Filch said impatiently and looked at Harry.

“Even if you act like a fool, you have to clean the trophy room again, and you couldn’t escape this time!”

Ron said excitedly, “Of course, I will gladly accept the punishment. You guys can go back to the common and wait for me. I will be back soon.”

He looked excited about getting a new wand and left with Filch, who had a confused look on his face. Harry and Hermione continued to walk towards the Gryffindor common room.

“You don’t think it’s a coincidence anymore, Hermione?” Harry was very excited.

The indescribable excitement was like accidentally discovering the biggest invention in the world. Faced with a fact that could not be denied, Hermione found no reason not to believe it.

“I really don’t understand. How come there is such a talent? No matter what he says, the result will develop in the opposite way. How did Professor Forrest survive all these years? Isn’t things like that always happening in his life?”

Harry said suddenly, “No wonder Professor Forrest is cold. If I had been living such an unsatisfactory life, I would have been crazy.”

“Do you think he himself knows that he has this jinx talent?” Hermione suddenly thought of a question.

Harry scratched his head, “He should not know it. If he knew, he would have found out what we’re doing and testing him with the stuff.”

Hermione and Harry were in the Gryffindor common, waiting for Ron to return after cleaning the trophy room. She pondered for a long time and said to Harry.

“We should continue to test him!”

Harry looked at her, “What else to test? Don’t we already know that Professor Forrest is 100% a jinx?”

“It doesn’t have to be 100% a jinx,” Hermione said, “The things he said in the past, the weather, including the fact that Ron was punished by Filch today, have all already happened. The probability of something happening is indeed small, but what if it is something that is impossible to happen?”

“For example, the sun rises from the east every day. If Professor Forrest said, ‘The sun has always risen from the east every day, isn’t that a normal thing?’ Do you think the sun will rise from the west later?”

Hearing Hermione’s assumption, Harry’s mouth opened. He didn’t expect Hermione to have such an incredible theory.

“No, that’s impossible. If that’s the case, Professor Forrest is a God.” Harry looked terrified.

“If Professor Forrest’s jinx really could do that because we did a test, and the sun rose from the west the next day, how would the world react?” Hermione was getting excited.

“We can’t do such an experiment with serious consequences. We can replace it with an experiment with the same essence but less serious results.”

They waited in the common room. Ron came back, and Hermione told him her plan. Ultimately, the three unanimously agreed to continue testing Sherlock with this method tomorrow.

Sherlock still struggled to correct the homework in the office and didn’t know they were planning this.

His students are preparing for an experiment on him. Can he create something that is impossible to happen?


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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