Three days before Christmas, it started snowing at Hogwarts, and the snow fell heavily. The castle was covered with pure white snow in less than two hours. The students who finished the day’s class ran outside excitedly.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were not in the mood at this time and ran out to play in the snow like other students. They were sitting on the seats in the empty classroom with mixed emotions, staring blankly at the snowflakes outside.

Although Harry and Ron were initially very excited about Sherlock being a jinx, when they calmed down, they became like Hermione and realized how baffling this was.

“Is it possible? I mean, this snow has nothing to do with Professor Forrest. After all, it snows yearly until around Christmas, but the snow came a little later this year.” Hermione said casually.

She couldn’t accept that no matter what kind of magic existed, there was no way to tell her that a person could be so powerful and change the weather by just saying a word.

Harry and Ron looked at her strangely, “Don’t lie to yourself, Hermione. What you said about Professor Forrest was a coincidence, but Professor Forrest himself changed today’s weather. The facts are already in front of us.”

Harry spread his hands and said, “If you still don’t believe it, we can even test it again.”

Hearing Harry’s words, Ron was also excited. When they found out that Sherlock had created a situation where everything would go the other way, they were now interested in discovering more.

“We can test it again, and Professor Forrest is in the castle.”

The three continued, and this time, Hermione didn’t stop them. She really couldn’t believe it was true. As long as one test fails, it proves that the so-called jinx is all coincidence, not some strange talent.

The three sneakily gathered in front of Sherlock’s office door. They whispered and discussed at the door for a long time and decided to let Ron do the talk this time.

Ron cleared his throat outside, tidied up his robes, and when he was ready, he knocked gently on the door of Sherlock’s office.

“Come in.”

He pushed open the door and walked in. Sherlock looked away from the seventh-grade homework and looked strange when he saw Ron coming in.

“What are you trying to do now?” Knowing that he hadn’t spoken yet, Sherlock had already begun to doubt, and Ron hurriedly said according to their plan.

“Professor, when I went back to do my homework. I found something about Boggart that I didn’t understand in class. Could you tell me more about it?”

Sherlock stared at Ron with a cold. Fortunately, Ron’s mental defense was strong enough. He did not avoid Sherlock’s eyes but gulped and nodded sincerely.

“What part did you not understand?”

Sherlock thought that Harry and the others were acting a little strange today. After all, he still didn’t know how to read someone’s mind, so he couldn’t see what was going on in Ron’s mind.

“You said that Boggarts are a magical creature that has no specific aggressiveness and only intimidates people. What does it usually use to survive against others?”

Hermione helped him figure out the question Ron asked. When Sherlock was talking about this question in class, that detail was briefly mentioned without any detailed explanation.

Sherlock didn’t hear anything unusual from the question, so he sorted out his thoughts and started explaining to Ron, “No one has seen the real form of a Boggart. Their appearance changes every time by judging what is the most feared thing in people’s hearts. They mainly use this to defend themselves. Boggarts uses fear that feeds on…”

Sherlock spoke carefully, and Ron seemed to listen to his words. Finally, after he finished speaking, he politely thanked Sherlock.

“Thank you, professor.” He replied naturally, “If Filch doesn’t bother me later, I believe I can finish this homework soon.”

Sherlock looked at him, “If you didn’t break the rules of the castle, how could Filch bother you?”

Hearing Sherlock say these words, the excitement on Ron’s face could not be suppressed, “You mean Filch won’t bother me before Christmas?”

Sherlock took out the seventh-grade homework again to work on it and said without looking at him, “Unless you’ve made a mistake, you don’t need to worry about Filch. He sometimes can be unreasonable when he catches you, but most of the time, he’s just imposing the rules around.”

After getting what he wanted, Ron couldn’t stand it anymore in his seat. He stood up to say goodbye to Sherlock and walked out of the office.

Sherlock looked at his back, sighed, and shook his head. He corrected the homework while monitoring Neville’s movements on the Marauder’s map.

After Ron runs out of Sherlock’s office, he immediately finds Harry and Hermione waiting in the corridor, “Professor Forrest said that if I hadn’t made a mistake, Filch wouldn’t have bothered me before Christmas.”

Hermione said seriously, “This is the best way to test whether everything happened and whether it has anything to do with Professor Forrest. Because under normal circumstances, if Ron didn’t do anything, Ron would probably not be bothered by Filch. “

Ron didn’t have the slightest fear or worry in his heart even if he knew that Sherlock’s jinx would come true and Filch would punish him later.

“Yes, we haven’t violated the school rules during this time. How could Filch punish me later?”

Harry and the others said as they walked towards the Gryffindor common room. Because of the prediction that it would happen before Christmas, they have to wait for the result in the next few days.

But before they had just walked up the stairs leading to Gryffindor’s common room, Filch stared at him and blocked their way angrily.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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