The first diary was written five years ago. According to Hogwarts, only 11-year-old wizards were accepted to the school and had to go through for seven years. Sherlock should have been 15 years old and in fifth grade by the time he wrote this.

What made him decide to start writing a diary? Was it because he had just experienced a failed relationship?

Judging from the tone of the original Sherlock in the diary, it seems that he is.

Sherlock continued to turn over the pages. The dates of the diary are not in order. About every three days, he will write a page complaining about some trivial things he encountered in school today and his admiration for Dumbledore.

It can be seen from the original Sherlock’s diary that he has a high admiration for Dumbledore. Even in his words, he clearly stated that his future goal was to become a wizard like Dumbledore.

His academic performance also seems to be very good because Sherlock saw a diary about him getting the first-grade report card, which led to many girls from the same house coming to him, which made him feel exhausted.

After experiencing a doomed love affair, he seems to have become a stiff person, not only not interested in facing the opposite sex but also feeling that the people around him harassed him.

Half of the entire diary records the days when the original Sherlock studied and lived at Hogwarts. From his experiences in his student days, Sherlock has basically been able to figure out his character.

In his diary about studying and living at Hogwarts, Sherlock did not see even a description of his friends. In other words, during the seven years he was in school at Hogwarts, he didn’t get along with a single friend.

As for the girlfriend mentioned on the first page of the diary, he just regarded her as a tool.

The original Sherlock’s biggest hobby is reading books. He was a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts. Apart from going out to eat, sleep, and attend classes, he seems to use all his time to read and study. Every day is either in the library or on the way to the library.

Reading and studying seem to be everything in his life, and becoming a wizard like Dumbledore is his lifelong goal.

As a result, an image was gradually sketched out in Sherlock’s mind. The original Sherlock was tall and good-looking, but he always had a face that made it seem like everyone had to pay debt to him.

He speaks sternly, does not compliment but is polite, not good at dealing with people, and never hides his likes and dislikes. To put it simply, he is like a hard stone rock.

Later, Sherlock found a photo posted on the back of the last diary of Hogwarts school life. Above is a group photo of graduates from the same class from his house.

He was standing in the corner; all the other students were smiling, but he only had a straight face and frowned as if he thought that taking graduation photos was a waste of his time.

Staring at the photo, Sherlock looked in the mirror and tried to imitate the expression on his face.

To be honest, it’s not that difficult.

He just had to keep thinking that as long as he kept that expression, Professor McGonagall would not catch him.

He would probably show that bitter and vengeful expression like those professors in Hogwarts. Sherlock knew the rest of the Harry Potter stories from the short film commentary except for the first part.

His own impression of Dumbledore all came from those movie commentators. There is even commentary saying that all the things that happened to Harry Potter when he was in school at Hogwarts were planned secretly by Dumbledore.

This made Sherlock might need to be wary of Dumbledore.

If he was discovered, he might be taken to Dumbledore, and his cover would be completely blown away.

As for the tone of how he should speak, it’s even simpler. He just needed to be polite and direct about what he wanted to say since the original Sherlock looked like that person.

The expression and the way he talked were prepared, but Sherlock did not stop to continue studying the diary. Of course, this is not because he was curious.

It is because after the original Sherlock graduated from Hogwarts, it has only been three years, and the experience in the last three years is undoubtedly more important.

Sure enough, the first diary entry after leaving Hogwarts gave Sherlock a big surprise.

[June 28, 1989.]

[What a frustrating day! Professor Dumbledore rejected my job application. He said I just graduated from Hogwarts, and my understanding of Defensive Magic is still only at a theoretical phase, and I still need more practice.]

[Although it’s disappointing, he recognized my talent very much. He said that in the future when considering the candidate for the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor position, he will definitely prioritize me. It is really heartwarming to be recognized by Professor Dumbledore.]

[Although I don’t think that the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts that Hogwarts has hired in the past two years has much better practical ability than me, Professor Dumbledore’s words are not wrong.]

[What kind of job should I look for next?]

[If I meant to gain more practical experience, maybe becoming an Auror is a good choice.]

Sherlock stared at this diary for a long time. He never imagined that the original Sherlock had applied to Dumbledore for a position as a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor when he just graduated.

According to the information channel of the film’s commentary, this position was cursed by Voldemort. Any professor who works in this position often has an accident or even death due to various reasons within less than a year.

Fortunately, the original Sherlock’s experience was not enough, and Dumbledore rejected his request. Otherwise, the original Sherlock might have been affected by the curse, and he would be the one to suffer from it after traveling to this world.

After being rejected by Dumbledore, the original Sherlock went to the Auror headquarters under the British Ministry of Magic for an interview. With the excellent results obtained from the N.E.W.T. Exam and the accumulation of seven consecutive years of hard work, he easily passed the Auror recruitment requirements.

It’s just that after joining the job, he was not assigned to the Auror’s field department, but because of his solid theoretical knowledge, he became part of the Auror Command.

This made the original Sherlock very dissatisfied. After several unsuccessful applications to be transferred to the field department, he stayed in the Ministry of Magic for just over a year and two months before resigning and returning home.

Since then, he has been working nonstop from home, concentrating on researching Defense Magic. Three months ago, he went to Hogwarts again, but not to apply for the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor position.

He applied to join the Order of the Phoenix, a resistance organization founded by Dumbledore, when Voldemort spreads fear throughout the entire wizarding world.

Sherlock had some impressions of the name of this organization. He remembered that one of the seven Harry Potter series was called this name. This time, Dumbledore did not give a clear answer to his application, neither agreeing nor rejecting it.

This made him extremely disappointed. He felt that he had not actually received Dumbledore’s approval and was depressed for more than a month because of this.

A week ago, he gave up on himself and started to try an unfinished, high-risk magic spell experiment, and the diary was interrupted here.

But Sherlock can guess what happened next.

It must have been an accident in his experiment that caused him to fly out from the second floor and fall to his head when he landed on the ground, which allowed Sherlock to take over his body.

After reading the entire diary, Sherlock had a deeper impression of the original Sherlock.

This person is like a problematic child who hasn’t grown up yet. He has some personal and behavioral problems besides his good academic performance.

No wonder that Dumbledore rejected his application. He even had to consider joining Dumbledore’s secret group. Sherlock leaned back on the chair, pinching his chin and thinking quietly.

Professor McGonagall’s visit this time likely has something to do with his application to join the Order of the Phoenix two months ago.

The letter said that things had taken a turn for the better, which means Dumbledore most likely agreed to his application for membership. If that’s the case, then Sherlock can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s okay for him to join a small group or something. As long as he was cautious after joining, he would deal with others as little as possible and seized the time to familiarize himself with magic.

Everything will be easy if he doesn’t go to Hogwarts to be a professor.

Thinking of this, Sherlock suddenly felt relaxed, mainly because he was not going to be a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts this year.

It is now July, and the professor for the next semester is probably already selected.

According to his memory, the unlucky guy who became a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor this year seemed to be a popular wizard, and the original Sherlock, a lonely person who didn’t have any friends, obviously is not on par with that popular wizard.


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Published On: February 25, 2024

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