“If it was once, sure. But what about the second time?” Harry continued.

“Just at the beginning of the school, when we were training in Quidditch for the first time, Draco had a confrontation with us, and Professor Forrest happened to be passing by. He punished Draco and went on to say that we had good luck at the practice.”

Through Harry’s words, Ron recalled that day, “And it rained that day. It has been raining in Hogwarts lately. Every time we try to practice Quidditch, it will always rain.”

Seeing Ron’s tendency to believe, Hermione still doesn’t believe that these things happened because of Sherlock’s words, “But this can only be regarded as a coincidence. After all, the weather in here is unpredictable, and it is normal that it will rain when it’s sunny.”

Harry’s face was calm, and he was not in a hurry to argue with Hermione. Because the more he reasoned about it, the more he discovered that there was too much evidence to prove that Sherlock was a Jinx.

“If it was once or twice a coincidence, sure. What about the third time? Do you guys remember my punishment at Professor Forrest? In the afternoon, I got knocked into the mud by a Bludger on the field.”

“When I returned to the castle, I was caught by Filch and scattered all the mud in the castle. I was ordered to clean the corridor on the castle’s first floor for a week. Ron’s mouse was on my bed when I returned to my room.”

The more he spoke, the more Harry’s own expression became strange. He asked Ron and Hermione with a strange expression, “Do you know what Professor Forrest said to me before I left his office?”

Ron was nervous and subconsciously gulped a mouthful of saliva, “He wished you a good time?”

“No, the professor wished me good luck.” Harry looked at Ron and Hermione, whose expressions had become stunned.

“Then there was the Justin and Colin incident; you all know that, right? We could say it was a coincidence, but knowing it has been occurring multiple times, can it still be a coincidence?”

It suddenly became quiet. Harry and the other seemed to have forgotten to even breathe. It wasn’t until a long time passed that Hermione suddenly shook her head.

“I don’t believe it. Whether it is science or magic, there should be something that could explain it. Some wizards could predict and see things from tea leftovers, crystal balls, and astrology. But there is absolutely no way to explain what you said about Professor Forrest being a jinx.”

“If you say that Professor Forrest is a Seer master and can accurately predict the future. Sure, we can think that he is a Seer. But what about his way of saying good luck? I have never seen it in any book and definitely never seen this kind of talent myself.”

Ron was already a little convinced and persuaded by Harry’s evidence.

“Whether you’ve seen it in the books or not, it’s a proven fact. Magic doesn’t make sense; you can’t explain how we cast spells and need to use wands to make magic work, right? All the signs prove that Professor Forrest has something. Everything is developing in the opposite direction of his words, so it is very likely that Harry’s theory is right!”

Their arguing was a little louder. Someone in the common had noticed the discussion. Hermione had to calm herself down and said in a low voice, “But it’s still nonsensical!”

Harry was thinking and said, “Actually, it’s very simple for us to verify whether my guess is correct.”

Ron and Hermione’s eyes turned to him. Harry stared at their eyes and said seriously, “Now that Professor Forrest is at Hogwarts, why not do a test?”

Ron’s expression at this time revealed a faint excitement, “You mean, testing how Professor Forrest’s words are true or not?”

“That’s right, we can test it later, and we don’t need to prepare anything. Even if we guess wrong, it won’t harm us much or him, proving that these things are coincidences.”

Hermione said with some confusion, “Is this okay? Yesterday, we lied to Professor Forrest to borrow a book, and we haven’t apologized to him yet.”

“When we catch the heir of Slytherin, we must apologize to Professor Forrest. Besides, we are not disrespecting him. We just want to investigate the matter clearly.”

Harry’s words finally convinced Hermione. Of course, they wanted to test Sherlock’s jinx and the suspicion that Draco was the heir of Slytherin had not been lifted. It takes more than a month to create the Polyjuice potion, and the place where they brew the potion is in some girls’ bathrooms.

While Harry and the others were discussing testing Sherlock’s jinx, Sherlock was having trouble in his own office. The information that he gave today about the Basilisk being the culprit to Dumbledore and this does not seem to solve the problem at all.

The Basilisk is indeed the attacker, but it is only equivalent to the weapon in the hands of the culprit. The real problem to be solved is to find the mastermind behind opening the Chamber of Secrets and instructing the Basilisk to stand down.

But at this point, Sherlock didn’t know who the heir of Slytherin who opened the secret room was. He only knew that the mastermind behind each of the Harry Potter series must have something to do with Voldemort.

The incident in the Chamber of Secrets should be no exception, but Sherlock couldn’t imagine which part was related to the Dark Lord, who only appeared last year.

After all, no matter how dangerous the Basilisk is, only the students are the target and probably won’t target him. But Sherlock couldn’t let this sit idly. If he followed the path where he didn’t enter Hogwarts, no one would have died because of the Chamber of Secrets in this castle.

But now that he’s here, everything has changed. Sherlock wants to control events in a controllable direction as much as possible and doesn’t want anyone to lose their lives because of the changes brought about by his arrival.

During the time teaching at Hogwarts, he had a feeling of anticipation for the students in this castle. Even if it is forced, as their teacher, he hopes that their future will be going in a good way instead of losing their life in an unexpected place.

Just as Sherlock was analyzing the current situation bit by bit and trying to find some clues, there was a knock on the door.

Neville looked depressed and scared, and he walked cautiously into the office.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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