“Everyone has their own choices, and we can’t force our decisions on others, even if we think it’s good for them.” Dumbledore’s voice was serious, making everyone quiet.

“I have been a teacher at Hogwarts for nearly 80 years and have met all kinds of students. In terms of educating someone, we can educate and guide them, but we cannot force our own views on them no matter what. It would only make yourself seem selfish.”

“Even if we think about it, can we be sure that what we do is right? Wizards are human, and everyone makes mistakes. We can’t be sure that our choices are right, so how can we be sure that it would be best for that person?” His words made many people bow their heads and ponder.

But Mrs. Weasley still said worriedly, “But he is Sally’s only child. We promised her that Sherlock would be kept out of danger for the rest of his life, and the war doesn’t seem to be stopping up until this situation.”

“Nonsensical thoughts!” Moody said dissatisfiedly. He was the only one among these people who had no objection to Sherlock’s joining the Order. It was no wonder that the original Sherlock had the best relationship with him.

“The baby bird will never become an eagle in the sky if they always stayed in the bird’s nest. If danger strikes, how can they continue to defend themselves? Even many of us don’t have absolute certainty to ensure our own safety, and how can you all be sure of his safety?”

“There is no danger now, Moody,” a wizard named Edgar Bones objected, “You-Know-Who has been dead for so many years, and the Death Eaters have been held in Azkaban. The wizarding world is at peace now.”

“You think peace is just a situation where you haven’t seen danger?” Moody said gruffly, “To this day, dozens of Aurors still die every year, and they are everywhere, every once in a while. There’s still danger!” Moody alone argues with others who oppose Sherlock joining the Order.

At this time, Sherlock also heard why Mrs. Weasley and others objected to joining the Order. They are afraid that he will be in danger. After all, the Order is still fighting an evil organization, and even if Voldemort has been away for decades, there is no way to erase its influence.

Sherlock may be in danger if there is a conflict in the future.

Sherlock was silent the whole time. He had feelings about how people treated him, and everyone acted sincerely toward him. It’s just that there is a disagreement on how to protect him.

These wizards, led by Dumbledore, are not necessarily the most powerful in the wizarding world but are the most honest and selfless. Just as Moody and the members of the Order were disagreeing, Dumbledore clapped his hands, calming the scene and focusing everyone’s attention on himself.

“Sherlock wants to join the Order, and this is not just his own will. Sally also said that she expected her son to have the same ambition as her; she had already predicted that Sherlock may have joined the Order in the future and said that she doesn’t mind if he does that.”

Everyone who was arguing before fell silent. They didn’t want Sherlock to join them because they had promised Sally that her son would no longer be in danger. No one would doubt whether Dumbledore was lying. Since he said that this was the will of Sherlock’s mother during her lifetime, so it must be true.

Kingsley took the initiative to stand up and toast Sherlock from afar, “Welcome to join one of our members, Sherlock.”

He drank the wine in the glass in one gulp, and the other wizards on the table also raised the glass in their hands.

“Welcome, Sherlock.”

Sherlock was influenced by their actions and wanted to stand up and give a toast, but he was a little hesitant about whether such a move was too sudden if it was according to the original Sherlock character.

Just as he was struggling, a golden-red light lit up beside Dumbledore. The Phoenix spread its wings and appeared on his shoulder with a note in his beak.

Dumbledore took the note and saw the content on it. The expression on his face slowly became serious, and the corners of his brows were wrinkled together. Just when Professor McGonagall wanted to ask him what happened, he stood up from his chair.

“I’m sorry everyone. Something happened suddenly at Hogwarts. I have to go back with Minerva and Sherlock.”

After hearing his words, Professor McGonagall and Sherlock also stood up from their seats. Dumbledore grabbed their arms, and the Phoenix lit up again and teleported away from here with them. The rest of the members of the Order at the table looked at each other, wondering what happened.

On Sherlock’s side, they had returned to the principal’s room at Hogwarts in the next second. Professor Flitwick was waiting for them.

After seeing Dumbledore, he immediately said, “Another attack has happened, this time Colin Creevey, a first-year student.”

Dumbledore did not stay long but signaled Professor Flitwick to lead the way and hurried to the scene with Sherlock and Professor McGonagall.

“How is he doing now?”

“He hasn’t died yet. Like the last one, he was petrified. Removing the effect with a spell has no effect on him. I have sent him to the school infirmary.”

They came to the incident scene, where many students were still gathered. As soon as they arrived at the scene, Professor McGonagall shouted at them.

“Everyone leave and don’t gather here, please immediately.” She has a high respect among the students. No one dares to disobey her words.

Except for Colin, who was petrified and was carried to the infirmary, the things he left have not been taken away. It was a Muggle camera lying on the ground at this moment.

Sherlock recalled, “Colin told me yesterday that he plans to take pictures of every part of Hogwarts, bring it home, and introduce them to his family.”

Professor McGonagall responded immediately, “The camera probably captured the culprit’s appearance.”

But when Dumbledore picked up the camera and opened the back cover, it was burnt out, and nothing was left.

“What a powerful magic.” Dumbledore murmured.

Sherlock looked at the burnt camera in his hand and pondered, feeling that at this moment, he could tell the only clue he still remembered.

“This seems to be the work of a Basilisk, whose eyes seem to have such a powerful petrification effect.”


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Published On: March 19, 2024

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