Bill took Sherlock into the Burrow or the Weasley’s family house. They are two years apart in age and two grades apart when they went to school at Hogwarts.

“I heard that you also got twelve O’s in the OWL exam and went to the Auror of the Ministry of Magic?”

Except for George Fred, who is somewhat of a troublemaker. The two eldest children of the family, Bill and Charlie, are both well-mannered children. It’s just that the eldest pursued individuality and independence and finally chose to go to Gringotts in Egypt to be a Curse-Breaker. The second went to Romania to become a Dragonologist.

Facing Bill’s question, Sherlock nodded flatly, “I wanted to go to the Ministry of Magic to apply for the field department of the Auror Command to gain some experience, but they thought it would be more suitable for me to be put into the civilian department to study magic. In the end, because of the situation in the position, I resigned after working there for more than a year.”

Bill shrugged, “Even if you’re not an Auror, it’s pretty good to be a Curse-Breaker. Our job isn’t to sit in the office and wave your wand in a boring way, but to go out and have a lot of adventures.”

“Being a Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts is my greatest goal. I only applied for the Auror because Professor Dumbledore felt that I was not qualified at the time. But now I got the position that I wanted.”

Of course, Sherlock could not easily change the original Sherlock’s goal of wanting to be a Dark Arts professor, and Bill expressed his admiration for this.

“I didn’t expect that Professor Dumbledore would hire a young man in his early twenties as a professor, especially a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Which is enough to show that he believes in you.”

“It’s understandable.”

“However, the thing about your joining the Order of the Phoenix is my parents, including others, seem to have different opinions from Professor Dumbledore. It is estimated that they will have a dispute over this matter when the dinner is over.”

Sherlock frowned slightly, “Why is that so?”

“I don’t know, but the dinner will start soon, and you should be able to know the reason soon.”

The Burrow is called the Burrow despite only looking shabby and a bit crooked. It can accommodate seven children and a pair of parents. The number of rooms and the size of the living room available are not small.

After Bill and Sherlock briefly walked around the Burrow, they walked out of it and came to the garden. A long table about ten meters long has been placed here. A light-colored tablecloth is laid flat on the table. In addition to the selection of food, three vases are placed at the same distance with different colors.

There were already quite a few people in the garden, about twenty or thirty in total.

Sherlock saw a crippled old man with one leg, a magic eyeball, and a fierce look on his face and a tall, bald, dark-skinned middle-aged wizard with golden earrings.

Another person was standing and chatting with them; it was a young witch with a pale face. She had bright emerald green hair and bright black eyes and was wearing the eccentric shirt that most rebellious girls of this age liked.

When Sherlock saw them, the dark-skinned wizard noticed him. He saw that Sherlock’s eyes were a little heavy, but he couldn’t hide the surprise in his eyes. He stopped talking with the disabled, mad old man and the young witch and walked quickly to Sherlock’s side.

“It’s been a long time since I haven’t seen you, Sherlock. The last time we met was two years ago, and that was the time when I said goodbye to you at the Ministry of Magic.”

The middle-aged wizard seemed to know that his character was relatively cold and didn’t like too close contact with him, so he hugged Sherlock. Sherlock did not refuse and recognized this wizard immediately.

This person appears in the original Sherlock’s diary and photo album.

It was Kingsley Shacklebolt, one of the Aurors who was close to Dumbledore. He also cares about the original Sherlock in the Ministry of Magic. He was one of the few people the original Sherlock was willing to talk to.

That disabled old man was also someone Sherlock had seen in the original Sherlock’s diary. It was Alastor Moody, one of the famous Aurors of the British Ministry of Magic.

He is best known for not using the Unforgivable Curse against the Death Eaters in the 1970s when Voldemort’s power was at its height and for reforming many Aurors who had joined the Death Eaters on the right track.

His prosthetic eyes, legs, and scars all over his body were left from his heroic war with the Death Eaters and other dark wizards in the past.

The fact that he was willing to reform the Auror, who became a Death Eater, to change their ways shows that Moody was a brave, tolerant, and conscientious wizard at that time. But as he got older, he slowly became suspicious and short-tempered toward everyone.

However, he is very friendly with the original Sherlock in the Ministry of Magic. He believes that if the original Sherlock joins the Auror’s field department, he will definitely become a rising star in the Ministry of Magic in the future. This drove the original Sherlock to submit his applications to the Ministry of Magic many times.

It is precisely because of this that the relationship between the original Sherlock and him is even better than Kingsley’s. After Kingsley came to Sherlock, Moody also walked toward him with the young witch beside him.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, Sherlock. I heard that you have become a professor at Hogwarts.” Moody’s voice was hoarse and rough, which matched his appearance.

“I have long known that your ability is perfect for this position, but if you pursue it in the Auror Command, you will definitely have a brighter future.”

“My goal is to become a professor at Hogwarts. The Ministry of Magic hasn’t set me a bright future, at least to my eyes.”

When Moody heard Sherlock’s words, he was not angry about it; he laughed, “Even two years later, you still look like the same person.”

Kingsley introduced the young witch to Sherlock.

“This is Nymphadora Tonks. She is a year younger than you, from Hufflepuff, and just graduated from Hogwarts last summer. She is now taking part in the Auror training and is very talented. Yes, she will be an excellent Auror in the future and, at the same time, have the same goals and ambitions as you. I brought her to meet Dumbledore just because it feels like a good time to introduce her.”

He wanted to introduce Sherlock to Tonks, but Tonks eagerly interrupted him.

“You don’t need to introduce me to Forrest. I already knew him in the second grade and even confessed to him in the fourth grade.” As soon as her words came out of her mouth, the surrounding people stared, not knowing how to react to this information.


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