Just as Hermione left, another student came to Sherlock’s office.

Hermione knew the student, Colin Creevey, a freshman in Gryffindor this year and admired Harry so much.

“Can I take a picture with you, Professor? I’m going to show my parents when I get home for Christmas. They’ve wondered what this school looks like since I’ve been in Hogwarts. My younger brother, Dennis, also wanted to know where I was studying, so I took pictures of the castle, my teachers, and friends, intending to introduce it to them.” Colin asked Sherlock with the camera in his hand.

Sherlock stopped his work, would not refuse such a request, and even had a good impression of the boy because of it.

“Very well.” he agreed.

Colin was happy to stand beside him, he leaned his shoulders toward Sherlock, who was sitting on the chair; he pointed the camera lens at himself and pressed the button with a smile on his face.

“Thank you, Professor. I have collected almost all the professors’ photos; only Professor Snape is left. I plan to go to him tomorrow; I hope he can agree to my request.”

Sherlock felt that his hope was slim and really didn’t think Snape would agree to take a photo with him.

“I hope you have good luck getting it tomorrow.”

“Goodbye, professor.” Waiting for Colin to leave at the door, Hermione walked into Sherlock’s office with a hesitant look.

Sherlock raised his eyebrows slightly as he looked at Hermione, who came in empty-handed, “What happened to Miss Granger? Where’s the book?”

Hermione tried her best to look nervous but didn’t even need to appear nervous.

She replied, “I’m sorry, Professor Forrest. I borrowed the note that you asked for and I kept it in my pocket, but I lost it when I got to the library. Maybe I lost it on the way.”

“Lost it?” Sherlock looked at her and repeated the question.

“Yes, Professor. I’m sorry, but I was really careless, and I don’t know when…” Hermione hurriedly explained, but Sherlock interrupted her.

“It doesn’t matter, Miss Granger. It’s just a slip of paper. I believe that even if someone picks it up, they won’t do anything bad with it, right?” Hermione was so nervous now that her forehead was starting to sweat.

She must have known what Sherlock had guessed, but she continued biting the bullet, “I don’t think anything bad will happen, professor.”

Sherlock didn’t continue. He took out a new piece of parchment, wrote a second note, and handed it to Hermione, “I hope it’s not going to be lost again, alright?”

Hermione assured immediately, “I promise, Professor. I’ll put the note in my hands throughout the way.”

“Go then.”

After hearing Sherlock’s words, Hermione ran out of the office with the note. Harry and Ron were waiting for her at the corner of the corridor and stairs.

“How is it? Did Professor Forrest know about it?”

Hermione’s face was heavy, “Although he didn’t say it explicitly, I think he’s found out that we’ve done something with his notes.”

“He didn’t ask you why?” Ron asked nervously.

“No, he wrote me a new note and asked me to borrow books from the library. Wait for me first here; I’ll need to borrow the books for the Professor and then find you guys.” Hermione ran all the way, came to the library, checked out the book, gave it to Sherlock, and met Harry Ron again.

“At least everything went well.” Seeing that Hermione was in a bad mood, Harry comforted her.

Hermione shook her head and said, “Professor Forrest is such a good teacher, but I lied to him.”

Ron helped her find an excuse, “We’re here helping Hogwarts, you know.”

“After investigating Draco, we’re going to apologize to Professor Forrest about it.” Hermione said, “Whether it’s Draco or not, we should go and apologize to Professor Forrest later.”

“Yes, we should apologize to the professor later.” Harry echoed.

Ron looked at them and finally sighed, “Fine, since both of you say that, I’ll follow you guys.”

Hermione turned to look at Harry dissatisfiedly, “You still doubted Professor Forrest because he blessed Justin. I heard that he wished Colin good luck tomorrow, so let’s take a look at Colin tomorrow and see what would happen.”

Harry scratched his head in embarrassment and felt that his suspicions were outrageous at the beginning. In any case, Professor Forrest is not the culprit behind the incident.

“Anyways, when will we borrow the book from the library?” He changed the subject.

“Tomorrow afternoon. We can’t give two notes from the Professor to Mrs. Pince to borrow books in a short period of time, or she will be suspicious.”

The next afternoon, after lunch, the three of them gathered at the entrance of the Great Hall.

“Now go and borrow the book, and go to the place we discussed.” said Hermione.

They walked to the library together. Harry handed the note to Mrs. Pince and finally got the book they needed. The process was very smooth. Together, they came to an abandoned girls’ bathroom on the first floor, where they hid and found the formula of the Polyjuice from the book.

The problem is that they do not have several materials to make the potion, and they can’t find them.

Ron looked frustrated, “How are we going to do this?”

Hermione pursed her lips, “We’ve come to this point. We can’t just give up now. Professor Snape must have these materials.”

Harry’s eyes widened, and they understood what Hermione meant.

“Come on, Snape is not like Professor Forrest.”

“Then should we give up?” Hermione asked again.

Harry and Ron looked at each other and gritted their teeth, “Fine! The last class today is Potions class, and we’ll prepare it at that time!”

The three reached an agreement. They walked out of the bathroom and were about to go to the classroom when they suddenly found something in the corridor.

They gathered curiously and found out that another attack had happened, and the victim was now Colin. They were stunned in place as if they had been petrified and had a shock on their faces.


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Published On: March 19, 2024

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