After Halloween, the most anticipated day for students is the Christmas holiday.

Strictly speaking, each year at Hogwarts is divided into two semesters, and the holiday that separates the two semesters is the Christmas holiday. Before the holidays began, the first Quidditch match of the term, Gryffindor vs Slytherin, officially started.

From the beginning of September to December, almost all the players of the Gryffindor team have been training in the rain, and their uniforms have basically never been used for today’s game.

Captain Wood attaches great importance to the outcome of the game. He will graduate from Hogwarts in two years. Before graduating, he only wishes to lead the Gryffindor team to win a Quidditch House Cup.

“We’re going to make them regret letting that Malfoy play in the game.” Before the start of the game, he said this to the Gryffindor team and gaslighted Harry at the same time.

Draco called him “Scarhead” sarcastically at the beginning of the game. It is precisely because of this even after the Gryffindor players found that the Bludgers had been rigged and attacked Harry alone, they did not ask Mrs. Hooch to stop the game but planned to keep on playing, win the game, and ridicule Draco at the same time.

In the end, Harry did what he needed to do. He risked being knocked off his broomstick by the Bludger and caught the Snitch over Draco’s head.

At the same time, winning the game was a great mockery for Draco. But Harry’s arm was also broken, and he was sent to Madam Pomfrey at the school hospital.

It was just a broken bone. For Madam Pomfrey, it only took a little effort to heal Harry’s bones so he and the rest of the team could celebrate the game’s victory to their heart’s content.

But the following night, Dobby found him and admitted that he intentionally rigged the Bludger and closed the entrance at King’s Cross station to protect Harry and leave Hogwarts, where it was full of danger now. Harry was angry but had no choice but to tell Hermione and Ron about his meeting with Dobby the next day.

“I think this confirms one thing.” Hermione analyzed it seriously.

“Dobby wants Harry to leave Hogwarts so much because he doesn’t want to see him hurt by the monster in the Chamber of Secrets. But Harry is a half-blood, and the monster won’t target him, so why should he worry about that?”

Harry and Ron looked at each other and shook their heads affirmatively, “I don’t know.”

Hermione looked at them, “He must know something. He thinks that Slytherin’s heir will instruct the Basilisk to attack Harry. Who in Hogwarts would have such a big hatred against Harry?”

This time, Harry and Ron thought of the answer in an instant; he said in unison, “Draco Malfoy!”

“From this point of view, only he is the most suspicious person about this. We must investigate it clearly.” Hermione said firmly.

Harry expressed a pessimistic view, “We couldn’t execute your previous plan, and there wouldn’t be a professor giving us a note for borrowing books without a reason, let alone a forbidden book about potions. Even if we expect a professor like Snape to give us a note, Draco will take the initiative to spill everything, and even if we could talk it out with other professors, we can’t find an excuse for it.”

Hermione looked thoughtful, “I do have a riskier plan.”

Harry and Ron looked at Hermione; they were interested in what she had in mind, “We can start with Professor Forrest.”

“Professor Forrest? That’s Impossible. He will definitely ask us what we want to do with it if we ask him.”

Hermione was hesitant to say the next sentence, but they planned to investigate Draco about it before, and they had violated several school rules. Would it be wise to add one more violation later?

“I’m not talking about getting the permission through normal means.” She lowered her voice.

“Professor Forrest seems to be studying something recently. He often asks students to help him borrow books from the library, most of which are in the forbidden area. We use this.”

After listening to Hermione finish the plan, Harry and Ron couldn’t help saying excitedly, “It’s doable!”

“Although there are risks, as long as we don’t admit it, no one will find out!”

Hermione’s face was troubled, “But we’re lying to Professor Forrest about it.”

“We’re here to protect the whole school, Hermione,” said Ron.

Harry nodded.

“Even if Professor Forrest knows the truth later, he will understand us.”

In the end, Harry convinced Hermione to hang out together in front of Sherlock’s office as soon as his class was over for the next few days. Finally, one afternoon, Sherlock called out to Hermione outside the door.

Hermione walked cautiously into the office. Sherlock was grading the sixth grader’s homework and looked very busy.

“Do you have time now, Miss Granger?”

Hermione swallowed and said calmly, “I only have one class in the history of magic this afternoon, and I just finished it, Professor.”

“Can I trouble you to borrow a book from the library for me?”

“Of course I can.”

“The book you want to borrow is in the forbidden area. I’ll write you a note, take it to Mrs. Pince, and she’ll bring you to the place.”

Sherlock took the time to take out the parchment, wrote several things on it, and signed his name. Hermione took the note from Sherlock and left the office.

Harry and Ron were waiting outside, hurriedly got together, and walked into an empty classroom together. They looked at the note in Hermione’s hand, their eyes full of tension and excitement.

“Alright, time to do it.”

Hermione patted Harry’s hand, spread the note on the table, pointed her wand at the note, and chanted a spell. The writing on the note disappeared from the paper under the spell, and only Sherlock’s autograph remained on the note.

Harry cheered, “He really didn’t use magic ink!”

“I’ll just write it as “Strong Potion” on it and keep this note for now. Don’t borrow the book; I’ll go to Professor Forrest and explain it to him later.”

After five minutes in the empty classroom, Hermione took a deep breath, and with Harry and Ron cheering her, she walked towards Sherlock’s office again.


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Published On: March 19, 2024

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