He had experienced it twice before, and Sherlock was already familiar with the reaction of the mark on his arm. But familiarity does not mean he is used to it. The sudden burning sensation in the library stunned him.

The mark reacted two times before: when he met Lucius and his son at the bookstore, and when he ran into Neville at Hogwarts. Now, he is in the forbidden area of the library, which is usually a place where students are forbidden to enter. There is no one around at all, only countless books on the shelf.

The burning sensation on the arm did not stop abruptly this time but continued. This strange reaction made Sherlock frown.

He took a few steps back, withdrew from the forbidden book area, and returned to the regular book area where the students were studying. At the same time, the burning sensation on his left arm disappeared.

He moved forward again and entered the forbidden area again, and the burning sensation on the mark came back. It felt like the mark was reminding him of something.

Sherlock was lost in thought. He clutched his arms and started walking along the first row of bookshelves in the forbidden area. The closer he got to it, the stronger the burning sensation was. He reached the sixth row of bookshelves, and the burning sensation climaxed.

Continuing to go further, that feeling began to weaken. Aware of this situation, Sherlock felt that his guess was right. The mark on his arm was trying to tell him something, and the source of the information was on this row of bookshelves.

He stood in front of the sixth-to-last row of the shelves and stretched out his left hand to gently stroke the books. The burning sensation is still there. He continued to swipe through the second row of forbidden books.

Nothing changed.

Just as his fingers touched the first book in the third row, a slight tingling sensation like a needle suddenly stimulated his arm, and then the burning sensation subsided as if it had never reacted.

Sherlock’s mind was already clear, and what it wanted itself to get was this book. He gently pulled the book from the shelf, and Sherlock saw the name of the book.

“”Soul Stitching””

The title of the book was handwritten in black ink. Judging from how the letters were written, it was not created long ago. The book is very thin. If you look at it at a glance, there are probably only a dozen pages of paper. It is said to be a book, but it is more like a notebook.

The texture of the book is somewhat similar to parchment, but the thickness is thinner. Sherlock stared at the title of this strange book for a moment, did not open it immediately, but walked to Mrs. Pince and registered the book.

When registering the book, he watched Mrs. Pince’s expression. She didn’t change too much from beginning to end, as if Sherlock was just lending an ordinary book.

From the cover of the book to Mrs. Pince’s reaction, the book was nothing special. But Sherlock knew very well that the thing that could make the mark on his arm react would definitely not be any ordinary thing.

Back in his office, he locked the door, sat at the desk with the book, and placed it face up in front of him. In the wizarding world, adult wizards will warn their children that they should not open books, boxes, or bottles because they don’t know where they came from.

This sentence is as frequent as parents in normal society reminding their children to pay attention to passing vehicles before crossing the road.

Even Sherlock, who has only been in contact with the wizarding world for four months, has heard countless warnings from adult wizards to young wizards.

Faced with this kind of book of unknown origin, he knew the correct way to treat it. Pulling out his wand, Sherlock tapped it lightly on the book cover to check if there were any traces of magic inside.

After a moment passed by, nothing changed.

He took a step back and slightly raised his wand one meter away from the desk. The first page of the book was opened without incident. In the distance, Sherlock saw the title page, which was only a blank page, not even a trace of ink.

The wand was raised again, and the blank page was turned over. On the first page, he finally saw the contents of the book. Even though nothing had happened yet, he still did not move forward. Instead, he stood one meter away and started to read the contents of the book.

[When I escaped from the dead and came back from the Town, I realized that something was wrong with my condition.]

[The torture was done for a long time. Although it did not make me go crazy, it still caused damage to my soul.]

[Of course, I was just suspicious at first. But after conducting a series of examinations, I knew my current condition know.]

[My soul is torn apart.]

[Normal eyes cannot usually see the effect, but the soul is the key to magic. Because of this, my magic has decreased, and casting spells is not as good as before. I know I have to find a way to solve this problem. My enemies will come to me again, and I have to make sure that my power does not decline.]

[The first method that came to my mind was potion. As the most common healing method used by wizards, perhaps among the millions of potion formulas, there is an item that could cure the soul.]

[I wrote and asked my teacher, but he told me that there was never any kind of potion that could treat the soul of a wizard. The potion can only work on the body, and magic itself is related to the soul.]

[Well, he at least provided me with a direction. Magic itself is related to the soul, especially those ancient magics.]

[I have rummaged through almost all the ancient magic books I can find, and there are indeed many of them that talk about the soul, but none of them can heal the soul.]

[The knowledge from the predecessors is nothing but the same. Since there has been no such magic since ancient times, it is up to me to create it myself.]

[Curing the soul is troublesome, but fortunately, the soul is the same as the body. If it is damaged, it will repair by itself, but it would take a long time.]

[Especially when it was torn apart, the difficulty of repair is even more difficult.]

[A Muggle surgery inspired me when I was in trouble.]

[When Muggles have too many wounds in their flesh, they will use needles and sutures to connect them to speed up healing.]

[It seems rough, but this is a rather wonderful idea.]

[Since the soul and the body have the same ability to heal themselves, Can I sew up my torn soul to speed up its healing just like Muggles sew wounds to speed up healing their wound?]


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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