[Dear Mr. Forrest,]

[Because of some minor accidents, there has been new progress on the matter you discussed with Dumbledore at Hogwarts. The matter is a bit complicated, and it is not convenient to explain fully through the letter, so I will come to your house on time at 7:20 on the evening of July 3rd.]

[Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Minerva McGonagall.]

The letter’s content was short, but the message conveyed in this sentence shocked Sherlock.

Minerva McGonagall.

Of course, he knew who the name was. It is the only name in Harry Potter book he knows, and he has a lot to say about the Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts and the Head of Gryffindor House. She is obviously an extremely good person with a strict teaching attitude.

The Dumbledore mentioned in the letter is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, the most powerful character in the whole story, Albus Dumbledore.

The original body went to Hogwarts to discuss things with Dumbledore. Now, because of this matter, McGonagall is coming to see him?

Today’s date is July 3rd, which means that in five hours, she will come to visit. But the problem is that after Sherlock crosses into this world, he doesn’t even inherit the original owner’s memory. He knew nothing about the previous life and experience of this body.

If it’s a normal world, there is a diagnosis of amnesia issued to him by the hospital. He can use this as a reason. But in this magical world, can amnesia really be an excuse to explain his situation?

When Professor McGonagall arrives, Sherlock says that he has amnesia and will not remember anything before.

What is the most likely move that she would do?

Use magic directly on him to detect whether he really has amnesia. Or take him to a hospital in the wizarding world for treatment?

Or maybe take him to Dumbledore and let him determine his current situation?

No matter which of these three possibilities could happen, Sherlock cannot accept it because every possibility will make others discover that he is not the original Sherlock but someone from another world.

He also knew about the future development and changes of this world. No one can predict what will happen to Sherlock in the future.

The woman in the picture frame on the wall has stopped scolding him. She seemed to be tired and fell asleep with her head tilted and a slight snoring sound.

Sherlock held the letter in his hand in the study, pacing back and forth uneasily.

This was obviously the first problem he encountered after coming into this world, and the difficulty was extremely high and might even be fatal.

It is impossible to escape this situation.

He had to find a way to deal with Professor McGonagall’s visit tonight. At least to understand the character and habits of the original Sherlock first and don’t make too many mistakes in communication.

The time is now two o’clock in the afternoon, and there are only 5 hours left until the promised time in the letter. Sherlock’s time is tight; his greatest hope is in this study room.

Since receiving a letter from Hogwarts, he has a study room at home and many magic books. This proves that the original Sherlock is also a wizard who graduated from Hogwarts.

Although the outside decorations are somewhat different, it is obvious that the owner of the house is deliberately concealing his identity as a wizard during the decoration process. This study room is his secret base, and it is also the room where he stores all the items related to the wizarding world.

Sherlock walked to the desk. The tea in the cup was still steaming with warm water. A floating candlestick hovers above, illuminating the area where he would usually spend most of the time.

In addition to the teapot and cup, there is a thick notebook, a quill inserted in an ink bottle, and a small wooden stick on the desk.

Sherlock already knew what this was. It is certainly not just an ordinary little stick.

Even people who haven’t seen Harry Potter have heard of the existence of the “wand”, a necessary spellcasting tool for wizards.

The stick lying on the desk was obviously Sherlock’s wand.

He gently picked up the smooth and straight wand with a length of about 13 inches. A strange feeling came to his mind the moment his fingers touched the wand.

Something in his body seemed to be stimulated by this magic wand, and it was about to come out. Sherlock didn’t deliberately suppress it, and that feeling poured out of his body onto the wand.

The next moment, a cluster of silver sparks burst out from the tip of the wand. Seeing this scene, Sherlock knew very well what the thing that just poured out of his body was.

Magic is the source of a wizard’s power.

Although that cluster of silver sparks looks simple, it can also be referred to as magic.

Sherlock’s eyes flickered with excitement, he needed to keep his composure for a moment and soon recovered from his excitement.

Now is not the time for him to experience the mysteries of magic since Professor McGonagall is coming soon.

Sherlock put down the wand in his hand, picked up the teacup on the desk, and drank the warm tea in one gulp. He began to search for anything in the study room that could help him.

The first thing he checked brought him an incomparably huge gain.

The topmost of the stack of thick notebooks placed on the desk is actually the original Sherlock’s diary.

Unexpectedly, the original Sherlock is such an honest man and has a hobby of writing a diary. But now Sherlock is not in the mood to stay around leisurely.

Having a diary means that he has a way to understand the original Sherlock’s past, and gives him great confidence to get through tonight’s situation.

Opening the diary, the first entry in this diary was recorded five years ago.

“April 12th, 1987.”

“Mary and I broke up today. She said that I was like a troll with nothing but to study in my mind. Saying that I don’t have any taste and sensitivity when it comes to that.”

“I actually know what she’s talking about. She made it clear that day and wanted me to kiss her in the hall, but at the beginning, the reason why I agreed to be her boyfriend was to study the feeling of love.”

“It’s a pity that she didn’t give me any feeling of it, so I’m responsible for this situation, and I didn’t choose to kiss her.”

“Until now, I haven’t felt that getting along with the opposite sex can give people any strange feeling. So love is probably not a suitable thing for me.”

“History has proved that those masters of magic do not need such things as love, just like Professor Dumbledore.”

“So, to commemorate my big step towards becoming a master of magic, I’m going to write myself a diary starting from today.”


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Published On: February 24, 2024

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