The stories about the Chamber of Secrets are still circulating in the castle, but Sherlock is not in the mood to discuss them. Those students were guessing who the real heir of Slytherin was and whether anyone had any doubts about themselves.

In fact, before Halloween, he had been indulging in the Hogwarts library all day long. After seeing the number of books in Hogwarts, Sherlock understood that the original Sherlock was nothing. Compared with the magic books here, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a drop in the bucket.

The mystery of magic is a treasure that everyone who is thirsty for knowledge cannot refuse. This is a set of laws unique to the wizarding world, and mastering and using this law is not much different from learning science in the normal world, with the two only being different in form.

This is Sherlock’s greatest feeling about magic and science since he was in contact with magic for two months. So, besides completing his job as a professor, he spends most of his time in the library.

During the seven school years at Hogwarts, students are expected to learn a lot. Under normal circumstances, if Sherlock wanted his level to be comparable to that of those seventh-grade students, it was not something that could be done in a short period of time. Even if he is a genius, it will take at least two or three years.

Fortunately, the original Sherlock’s body was already familiar with the use and release of most spells. As long as Sherlock simply practiced the spells a few times, he would reach the point where he could do it flawlessly. But the depth of magic is not only reflected in spells.

The muscle memory left by the original Sherlock can only help him quickly and proficiently cast spells. Understanding theoretical knowledge such as Transfiguration, Herbology, Potions, and Astronomy still requires Sherlock to learn it by himself.

Fortunately, his learning comprehension is not bad. Before traveling here, he was a high school graduate in the field of science. Even in the wizarding world, learning knowledge is still the main way to gain power.

From July, when he first crossed into this world, to the beginning of November, Sherlock has mastered all the spells of the original Sherlock in four months. There are only special ones that cannot be easily tested, such as Apparition, and those that do not rely solely on spellcasting but require emotions to cast it, such as the Patronus Charm.

These two types of spells are relatively advanced, and Sherlock did not dare to try them for the time being. In a castle like Hogwarts, where Anti-Apparition Jinx is spread throughout the school, he has no chance to try it.

Sherlock tried the Patronus Charm once, but only some silver threads appeared from the tip of his wand, and no specific Patronus was formed. But he seriously doubted that even the original Sherlock didn’t really have a Patronus.

This kind of magic requires a lot of positive emotions to be successfully cast, and it would be strange that a person like the original Sherlock can use it.

Herbology, Astronomy, and other theoretical magical knowledge will be put aside for now. The two most important things for wizards are Charms and Transfiguration. Sherlock is confident that he can reach the level of a normal adult wizard at this pace.

Even relying on the ability of the original Sherlock, the process would ended up good. After all, defensive magic like the Protego Charm is not something that any adult wizard can learn.

After confirming that he had almost mastered all the conventional spells, he did not continue to expand to learn knowledge such as potions. After meeting with Slughorn, there is one thing he agrees with him.

Even though Dumbledore is here, Hogwarts is still a very dangerous place. Now that a student has been attacked, it means that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened, and the Basilisk has been released.

Although Sherlock wanted to deal with this crisis ahead of time, he really didn’t know where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was and who the heir of Slytherin was who opened it.

He would have planned a reason and told Dumbledore the whole thing if he knew. At that time, Dumbledore will deal with the matters, and Sherlock is waiting for him to deal with the incident in his class without being disturbed or anything.

It’s a pity that he hasn’t read the original book and the part of the Chamber of Secrets movie; he just listened to the movie recap and didn’t remember much useful information.

He can only rely on himself if he wants to ensure his own safety. Even if Sherlock’s body is a half-blood, who knows if that Basilisk will be confused and attack him later because the Basilisk mistook him as a Muggle-born wizard?

Only when he has the ability to ensure his own safety is the most reassuring thing. Therefore, Sherlock’s next focus is still mainly on various practical Charms and strengthening his Transfiguration.

If he wanted to go a step further, Sherlock would probably delve into the magical animal knowledge more in case he encounter such a situation.

After Halloween passed, he was ready to start learning in the forbidden area. The books in the forbidden area of

the Hogwarts library are not all related to dark magic. However, the school thinks reading is too dangerous and unsuitable for middle- and lower-grade students.

It is not suitable for middle and low grades. However, students can access part of the forbidden book area after entering the fifth grade.

As a professor, Sherlock has the right to browse all the books in the library, including those books in the forbidden area. On a weekend morning in November, Sherlock came to the library and walked into the forbidden area for the first time.

Mrs. Pince, the librarian who was in charge of the entire library, did not stop him. Professors usually need to borrow some books and always write notes to ask students to lend them out. But it’s rare for someone like Sherlock to come over in person.

After entering the forbidden book area, the books related to dark magic were the ones that caught his eye the most. In terms of power and effect, dark magic is the strongest of all spells, among which are the Three Unforgivable Curses.

If you want to have the ability to protect yourself quickly and have powerful strength, the most convenient way is undoubtedly to learn dark magic. But Sherlock’s feelings towards dark magic are just as he said in the teachers’ meeting.

The Curse is only a tool. The core lies in the heart.

Before he was really sure that his will could resist the temptation of dark magic, Sherlock wasn’t ready to touch these powerful forces that he couldn’t grasp at all. Of course, just because he doesn’t use it doesn’t mean he won’t.

Just like Dumbledore. No one has ever seen him use dark magic, but can you be sure that he hasn’t even once?

Just as Sherlock surrounded the bookshelves in the forbidden area and chose which book to read, the birthmark on his arm suddenly became hot again.


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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