“What is that sound?” Harry raised his head agitatedly, looking around to find the place where the sound came from.

Filch was taken aback by his sudden fuss, “Sound? Who are you talking to?”

Harry looked around the corridor. When he heard Filch’s question, he asked with a puzzled face, “Didn’t you hear it just now? There was a voice saying he was hungry and killing people or something.”

Filch looked suspiciously around the corridor with Harry for a while and said impatiently, “You’re trying to lie to distract me and run away? These tricks won’t fool me, Potter! You’re not on the same level as those two brats. Now, go to the office with me right away!”

Filch didn’t give Harry a chance, almost took him by the collar to the office, and was ready to issue a punishment to him. Nick wanted to help distract Filch and rescue him, but Filch didn’t care about it. He came back in a hurry and punished him for making the whole floor dirty.

He was punished for cleaning the corridor on the castle’s first floor for a whole week. Harry felt unlucky the whole day and left Filch’s office.

He still thanked Nick for helping him, and in return, he promised to invite his friends to his Deathday dinner on Halloween. Back in Gryffindor’s common room, Harry’s bad luck doesn’t stop.

As soon as he entered the lounge, he met Seamus, who was practicing magic spells.

Under Seamon’s magic, the spell somehow exploded, blowing Harry’s hair and turning it grey.

Harry was in a hurry and rushed into the boys’ bathroom to wash himself clean. When he came out, he accidentally slipped on the dirty clothes, causing his body to get dirty again, so he had to wash it again.

He returned to the dormitory and talked to Ron about today’s experience. Ron asked him if he was jinxed and planned to give him an amulet he had treasured for a long time to help him drive away bad luck.

But as soon as Harry took the amulet, the rope tied to the amulet broke, and the dry herbs were scattered all over the place.

“Woah, someone must have put a strong curse or jinx on you! Ron was helping to clean and shouted.

“You must be careful, Harry. I have been wearing this amulet for five years, and nothing should happen. You should go to Professor Dumbledore or Professor Forrest and ask them to help you with it.”

Harry lay down on the bed with a frowning face. He didn’t respond when he heard his words, but Neville, who was alone under the covers and didn’t know what he was doing, suddenly shivered. No one has paid attention to Neville recently. Everyone thought he caught a cold. He was in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk much.

He didn’t even eat dinner, so Harry lay on the bed, his eyelids slowly glued together. Suddenly, he felt like something was moving beside his pillow.

Harry gulped and grabbed his wand, “Lumos!”

He saw a dark figure running beside the pillow. Harry’s pupils dilated, and his expression became terrified.

“Ron! Your mouse!”


The day before Halloween, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff’s last class in was Sherlock’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Tom’s test has gone on for almost two months, and no one can beat it.

Since then, although Tom no longer appears in the class, the story about Tom still circulates in the second grade. The students said it was an invincible cat, and the rumors grew.

Even at the end, a rumor emerges that Tom is actually the pet of some powerful old wizard and comes to Professor Forrest’s class just to help him. After that, the second graders returned to their normal life.

Sherlock found something from Hagrid and obtained a lot of magical creatures that are not so dangerous so that the students can observe them with their own eyes and know how to deal with them.

Because the Halloween holiday starts tomorrow, Sherlock can see that these second-grade students are not in the mood to learn. So he told them about the legend of a Monkey King, who took his Muggle teacher and two people to the West to hunt for treasure and encountered various magical creatures on the way.

The students were very fascinated by what they listened to. Even after class, some students still asked him which book told more about the story and wanted to borrow that book from the library.

Sherlock was a bit surprised by the students who asked about the story he told, but he still had to deal with a few students who came to make up their homework.

“It seems you can do it well for today’s assignment, but why did you delay it until today?” Sherlock asked with a blank expression to a Hufflepuff student named Justin Finch.

Justin looked down, “Sorry, professor, I forgot about it.”

“I hope there will be no more next time, now go back.”

Justin breathed a sigh of relief and bowed to Sherlock, “Happy Halloween, Professor.”

“I wish you a good time tomorrow.”

Harry was handing in his homework behind Justin, shivering when he heard Sherlock say that word. When Harry looked at Justin, Sherlock’s eyes turned to him.

“Why did you turn in your homework late again, Harry?”

Harry hurried back to explain, “Because I stained the castle floor a few days ago, Filch punished me by cleaning the corridors for one week, and I didn’t have enough time to do my homework.”

“Understandable reason.”

He grabbed the homework from Harry, looked at Harry staring at him hesitantly, and couldn’t help but ask him, “Is there anything else?”

“No, I’ll take my leave, Professor.”

“Very well, now go back.”

Harry left the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. After leaving the classroom, he breathed a sigh of relief as if he had escaped a bad omen. Ron and Hermione were waiting for Harry outside, looked at his behavior strangely, and asked.

“Did Professor Forrest punish you?”

Harry shook his head, “No, Professor Forrest let me go as it was an understandable reason.”

“But why are you acting like that?” Ron patted his shoulder and said excitedly, “Do you regret attending the Deathday dinner tomorrow? If that’s the case, then we shouldn’t go there.”

Hermione was very interested in this dinner party, “Certainly not. Harry had promised Nick we must go there.”

Harry didn’t speak. He looked at the back of Justin, who was laughing and chatting with his friends not far away. For some reason, he remembered that unlucky day.


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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