October was coming, and the weather was getting colder.

It has been raining heavily for the past two days, drenching the entire castle. At the same time, the temperature change made many students fall ill.

A warm fire already lit Sherlock’s office, and he was not alone in his office today. Professor McGonagall punished Harry for working here because of using a flying car at the beginning of the school year.

Harry had a pretty good time being punished here at Sherlock. He was helping him copy the questions from the previous year’s OWL Defense Against the Dark Arts exam on the parchment, do three years’ worth of content, and then leave.

Compared to Ron being punished in the trophy room to help Filch clean the trophies, Harry didn’t even feel it was a punishment. Sherlock’s office has snacks for him to enjoy, but it’s not as comfortable as the Gryffindor common room.

After writing the last one, Harry put down the quill in his hand, moved his sore wrist, and handed the results of his work to Sherlock for inspection.

“The writing is good. If it weren’t for you being punished, maybe I would give Gryffindor a few points for it.” Sherlock glanced at the work that Harry had copied and complimented him.

While he was talking, Harry ate a milk toffee from the snack tray on the table into his mouth and said, “Then… can I go now? Wood and the others are still waiting for me in the Quidditch field to train.”

Sherlock turned to look at the rain outside the window and asked, “In this weather, you guys still wanted to train?”

“Draco’s father replaced the Slytherin team with the latest broom. Wood is nervous now. Our equipment is not as good as theirs since we can only work on tactics and skills.” Harry swallowed the toffee.

Sherlock waved to indicate that he could do whatever he wanted, “Go then. I will tell Professor McGonagall that your punishment has been completed. Be careful on the field, and I wish you good luck today.”

Harry jumped off his chair excitedly and bowed to Sherlock, “Thank you, Professor Forrest.”

He ran out of the office and didn’t forget to help close the door carefully before leaving.

Sherlock could only gently shake his head at the sky outside the window and sighed, “It’s so good to be young.”

Then, He continued to lean over to write the test materials.

Harry came to the field, and Wood led the other players who were already waiting for him there.

“Hey Harry, Professor Forrest didn’t force on you too much, did he?”

Seeing him come to the field, the Weasley twins swooped down from the sky on broomsticks and stopped in front of Harry.

He was getting on his broom and said as he flew off into the air, “No, Professor Forrest just asked me to help him copy some test materials. Although, I can’t say the same for Ron tha-“

Before he finished speaking, a ball rushed towards Harry and hit him directly in the gut. The force generated by the Bludger’s impact made Harry fall off the broom on the spot. He fell to the ground like a kite with a broken string in the rain.

“Harry!” When other Gryffindor players on the field saw this, they all shouted.

Captain Wood, Angelina, and others came to Harry’s side. He was staggering at this time, mud was all over him, and he hurled while clutching his stomach.

“George, Fred! Be careful with your Bludger! Good thing that Harry didn’t fly high enough. Otherwise, he would have to lie in the school infirmary for at least two weeks!” Wood angrily shouted at the Weasley twins.

They were the Beaters in the team, and they wanted to keep an eye on the Bludger and not let it attack their teammates. As a result, when they came down to greet Harry just now, the Bludger was left unattended.

George and Fred apologized to Harry. He waved his hand to indicate that he didn’t mind and rode the broom again.

“Do you want to go to Madam Pomfrey, Harry?” George tried to make up for his mistakes.

Harry was already on the broomstick and shook his head, “It’s okay. I’m fine now, and we can continue training.”

However, his subsequent performance in training did not confirm what he said. The Gryffindor team practiced from noon until it was almost dark in the evening. The Chasers had scored 30 Quaffles, while Harry still didn’t see the Golden Snitch.

The training had started for half an hour; Harry usually has found the trace of the Snitch. But now he is still flying in the sky, and he has not seen even the Snitch at all.

Wood saw that Harry was out of shape, so he disappointedly announced the end of today’s training and told everyone to go back to rest. Harry put the broom back into the broom shed, clutching his stomach, and walked towards the castle in pain.

He doesn’t know what happened this afternoon. He was in a bad state after he walked out of Sherlock’s office. Dragging his wet, muddy robe into the castle, a figure knocked him to the ground before Harry could wipe the rain off his face.

“Ow!” Harry groaned a little bit and complained as he looked at the back of the person running up the stairs as if he was running away.

“Neville, watch where you are going! Snape is not chasing you.”

Before he could stand up, the ghost of Gryffindor was wandering in the castle. It was The Nearly Headless Nick.

“Hey there, Harry.”

“Hello, Nick.”

Nick seemed to be worried about something, but he reminded Harry, “You’d better leave quickly. Filch is in this corridor not far away, and he is in a bad mood. He will definitely punish you if he sees you just stain the floor with mud.”

Harry had already seen Filch’s cat, Mrs. Norris, staring at the corner of the corridor,

“Oh bugger, you’re right. I have to go now.”

He walked away from Mrs. Norris’ condemning gaze, but it was too late. Filch and his cat must have some kind of mysterious connection.

He suddenly appeared from behind a tapestry to Harry’s right, with a long scarf around his neck, an unusually red nose, and bulging eyes.

“I’ve had enough with you, Potter! Dirt and mess everywhere! You have to come with me!”

Harry looked frustrated. He followed Filch and muttered, “I’m really unlucky today‚Ķ”

Suddenly, a voice can be heard in Harry’s ear, “Hungry… it’s been a long time…kill them…eat them…”


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Published On: March 16, 2024

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