You can do whatever you want with money.

Even in the wizarding world, this sentence can be realized as long as the society is undisturbed—for example, Draco Malfoy.

Last year, because Harry showed extraordinary Quidditch talent in the flying class, Professor McGonagall recruited him into the Gryffindor team, becoming the youngest Seeker in Hogwarts history.

Draco, who had met Harry on the train before arriving at Hogwarts for the first time, became jealous. In the second year, Draco felt that his Quidditch skills were insufficient to join the Slytherin team, so he asked his father to use money as a bribe.

On a personal note, he donated seven new brooms to the Slytherin team, allowing Snape to take Draco to the team’s Seeker spot. Of course, Draco found the time to show it off in front of Harry.

This morning was the perfect time. It’s just that his showing off didn’t have a good result.

Hermione pointed out that Draco entered into the Quidditch team by using his father’s money, not his own skill. This made him unable to resist swearing out that forbidden word.

“No one asked you, mudblood.”

Immediately, the expressions of everyone who knew the word’s meaning changed. Ron couldn’t help it. Angrily, he pulled out his wand and pointed it at Draco.

However, he forgot that his wand was broken. The spell not only failed to hit Draco but also backfired and became a mockery amongst the students there.

When Draco scolded Hermione, Sherlock quietly came behind them. Seeing that Ron was hit by his own spell, he walked in from behind the crowd.

“Excellent spell, Weasley. I’d give Gryffindor five points if you used it in my class.” Sherlock’s voice made everyone on the field quiet.

As soon as his voice fell, he stretched out his wand and used a high-level counterspell on Ron to save him from vomiting slugs every day.

He turned his gaze to Malfoy. He knew that his character was not that evil, but the way that his family educated him was what made him this way. But unfortunately, Sherlock hates spoiled children the most.

“Twenty points from Slytherin will be deducted, Mr. Malfoy. You’ll have to clean all the boys’ toilets in the castle in the next week. Professor Snape will know about it, and I’ll tell him personally at dinner tonight.” Sherlock’s voice was cold, and his eyes seemed to be able to freeze all of them.

Draco just glanced at him before moving his eyes elsewhere. He looked very upset, but he couldn’t do anything to Sherlock. In the end, he could only leave the Quidditch field with the Slytherin team.

Sherlock is not a native wizard in the wizarding world, and he doesn’t quite understand how much the word “Mudblood” hurts wizards from Muggle families.

But he knew that the meaning of his words to Hermione was like saying a discriminatory word toward a certain race in the world. That’s how disgusting Draco’s behavior was.

Harry and the others were naturally cheering for the justice being served after Sherlock appeared. Ron was embarrassed and still immersed in Sherlock’s praise for him.

“Thank you, Professor Forrest.”

Sherlock only left them a sentence nonchalantly, “The weather is nice today. I wish all of you a good time in the field.”

The Gryffindor team watched him leave with fascination.

“If only I could marry Professor Forrest after I graduate.”

Chaser from the Gryffindor Team, Angelina laughed, “You’re only in the fourth grade, and you’re thinking about these things. Even if there is someone to marry Professor Forrest, it’s me. After all, I’ll be graduating next year.”

“You won’t see Professor Forrest when you graduate, but I can see him in school every day later.”

They had a fight over who had a better chance of getting Sherlock, and Wood just wanted to hurry up to train at this time. He couldn’t wait to win this year’s Quidditch House Cup.

However, dark clouds suddenly shrouded the sky as they were about to get on their broomsticks and return to the stadium.

A bolt of lightning flashed over Harry and the others, and big raindrops fell down, soaking their robes and washing away the mood they had to practice. Wood is screaming to the sky, complaining about the weather.

Harry wiped the rain off his face and muttered to himself, “Well, Professor Forrest wished us a good time just now. But he kind of jinxed it.

He passed through Hogwarts from the Quidditch pitch and was about to go out to Hogsmeade from the gate when it suddenly rained heavily. He is still not used to the unpredictable weather in England.

Fortunately, all kinds of magic can be used in all aspects of life. Sherlock found an old broom from the utility room on the first floor, turned it into an umbrella, and used Impervius Charm on his robe.

Holding up the umbrella, he walked slowly into the rain. The summer rain will make the air fresher and the temperature more chilling.

He saw the road of the Hogsmeade for the first time, but he was very familiar with it. Of course, he knew about it because of the Marauder’s Map confiscated from the Weasley twins.

That map was so useful that Sherlock had to admire the ingenious ideas and creativity of the people who made this map. Because there was no time for the senior students to go to Hogsmeade as they were busy studying, and it suddenly rained heavily, there were not many people in this town.

Going straight down the main road, Sherlock found the Three Broomsticks Inn that Professor McGonagall mentioned. He pushed open the bar’s front door, and a warm and sweet smell came out from inside.

Under the orange light, wizards in twos and threes sat at the small round table, drinking and chatting. After Sherlock entered the door, a familiar voice greeted him.

“Sherlock, over here.”


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Published On: March 12, 2024

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