“As the name suggests, the so-called study plan is all about studying and the efforts you will make this year to prepare for the OWL exam at the end of the year.”

“Of course, it is undeniable that everyone’s family background is different. For some people, this exam will determine whether he has a foothold in the wizarding world, but for others, what is the OWL certificate? Some may not care about a few O’s and E’s.”

“Before the plan is given, those who don’t care about your OWL scores can tell me. After that, you have the right not to participate in all exam-oriented content teaching.”

“But as long as you are sure to participate in it, you cannot stop before the OWL exam. If there are students who have not made up their minds, I suggest not to participate in the mentality of giving it a try. At that time, even if you take Professor Dumbledore to come here, there is no turning back.”

Sherlock’s clear warning before the class made all the students nervous. Their first four years at Hogwarts were not too hard.

In this castle, only seven professors have worked hard in the main classes, and the student’s performance is not as good as it would be. The relaxed study atmosphere also made them ignore the OWL exam.

The new students in the fifth grade thought that this exam was not much different from the normal final exam. It was only until the end of the semester that some of them could realize the importance of the OWL exam.

The OWL and NEWT exams are equivalent to a diploma when they graduate.

Because the number of wizards is not too many, employment problems are not rampant, and they would get a job easily if they had the qualifications.

The examination does not implement a system of eliminating who is the best, but a grading system.

Take the OWLs exam, for example. As long as students take the exam, certificates will be issued for the twelve subjects of the exam. There may be good and bad grades on the certificate.

In the wizarding world, even if the problem of unemployment is not high, some jobs with good pay and high social status are not suitable for every wizard.

For example, the civil servants for the Ministry of Magic and the Curse-Breakers at Gringotts all have high requirements for OWL and NEWT results. For example, Bill Weasley, the eldest one of the Weasleys’ children, got 12 Os in the OWLs exam and was hired as the Curse-Breaker in Egypt.

Due to the relaxed learning atmosphere and the lack of pressure from competition. Even if you graduate with poor grades, you can still live in the wizarding world.

If there are no other forms of education to intervene, students will not be under too much pressure in school. After all, everyone was relaxed. The exam depends on their talents and who is interested in learning. But this is not the case.

According to the information, a survey of general wizarding rank examinations in recent years was found when Sherlock arrived at Hogwarts. Most of the people who can get good grades in OWLs are students whose parents are wizards. They are children from pure-blooded families.

They have an advanced magical education environment, and they have been rooted in the wizarding world for a long time. Parents who know how the wizarding world works will also put pressure on these children to require them to perform well in the OWL exam.

So pure-blooded families themselves are better than children from Muggle families in terms of method of education, resulting in them performing better than them in exams.

After entering the wizarding world, they occupy upper-level positions based on this, providing better and better education to their children, thus forming a cycle.

The students from Muggle families with parents who have good connections or resources or a great interest in learning could only surpass those pure-blooded family students who started out better than them.

Take Hermione, for example. Even Hermione got only 10 Os in the OWL, and she gave up on two exams, compared to the 12 Os that Bill Weasley got.

This is also a common thing that happens in the modern world. Even in the wizarding world, there is only Hogwarts in the whole of the UK; not many differences can be seen about the disparity of education.

Before Sherlock came to Hogwarts, he discovered this phenomenon from the books and other materials in the original Sherlock study room. Therefore, the study plan for the senior grades was planned from the beginning.

The exam-oriented study plan only needs to arrange the class content around the exam, which covers his understanding of advanced spells. At the same time, it can make the competition between students in the grade test a little fairer, at least in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

This is also something that Sherlock loves to do. In his previous life, he was admitted to a high-rated institution through an exam-oriented study plan.

In terms of education, he always hoped that everything should be given fair treatment. Sherlock left enough time for the students to choose, but no one raised their hand and said they didn’t care about the OWLs exam.

They have realized that they will graduate from Hogwarts in just two years, and it is also time to plan their future ahead. After confirming that no one objected, Sherlock nodded and handed down the parchment he had placed on the podium at the beginning.

“Our exam-oriented study plan will officially start from this day on.”

“First of all, we have to conduct a test. Let me know what level you are in the theoretical knowledge about evil magical creatures.”

The first class that they have to go through is by taking an exam, which is something that the fifth-grade students have never expected. Their next life in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class will definitely not be as easy as it used to be.

By studying how the Ministry of Magic created the OWL exam in previous years, Sherlock has been planning and sorting out a set of materials and has begun to write similar exam papers. In short, in the first week of coming to Hogwarts, Sherlock decided on different teaching methods for the lower grades and the upper grades.

Now that he is a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Sherlock tries his best to teach the students in this castle the most effectively while ensuring the safety of his own identity.

At least show him that he can be worthy in front of these students. He wanted to prove that he was worthy of being called “Professor Forrest.”


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