Using Transfiguration to create Tom to teach them is an achievement for Sherlock.

He only knew the original Sherlock’s magic skills for about two months, and he has not been able to raise his mastery to the level of an adult wizard.

Based on the progress of Sherlock’s observation at Hogwarts, it is estimated that his current level of magic knowledge should be comparable to sixth-grade students. But the amount of magic power he has is much higher than theirs.

Therefore, he knows a lot of more effective ways of Transfiguration, but he can’t make the deformed objects more detailed and realistic.

To avoid creating a weird tiger that looked like a dog, Sherlock simply chose Tom. A cartoon character with few details and simple forms is easy to make. It is enough as long as Tom has the effect he added when he created it. Expressing it in the form of Tom can also create how students look at him.

At least the person who likes to watch Tom and Jerry will definitely not going to be cold like Snape.

Sherlock has considered finding a few real magic creatures as teaching props. But he didn’t know how to get those things. This matter can be resolved through Hagrid in the future.

The duels in the classroom continue. The failures of the Hufflepuff boys and Ron aroused the desire to win among the remaining students.

When they were watching, they didn’t know how powerful Tom was. He was faster, and his body was soft, with the ability to change its shape at will. But Tom is not completely an indestructible enemy.

The Bombardment Spell that they learned in the fourth grade can be used to defeat it, and the Untransfiguration Spell, which is a counter-spell for Transfiguration that can be learned in the third grade alone, can revert the transformation, allowing Tom to return to its original form.

Unfortunately, this class is only second grade, and they don’t know whether they should use the Bombardment or Untransfiguration Spell.

So they would only randomly use magic spells against Tom. Everyone tried their chances of hitting him, but none of their magic hit Tom.

Near the end of the class, Sherlock turned Tom back to a desk, asked the students to return to their seats, and created several questions for them.

“Tom is not strong. You can all feel it. But why is no one able to beat it?”

“Is it because the spell you learned is not strong enough? Or is the stage limiting your performance?”

“Maybe there are reasons for these. But in this classroom, is it really not enough to beat him with what you have learned in the first grade?”

“Do you think the knowledge you learned in first grade is only foolishly waving your wand, aiming spells at the enemy, and releasing them randomly?”

“How to use the knowledge that you knew to beat Tom, this will be your homework. Think about how to write your thoughts on the parchment. Your homework is not limited to how long you write it; as long as it is effective, I will consider it a good answer, even if you only write it with one word.”

“In the next class, you can fight Tom again according to the way you wrote in your homework. Those who are successful can still get the 20 points, but you won’t be getting the free homework for the month.”

At the end of the second-grade class, the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff students left the classroom excitedly.

This class is their first true Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Last semester, Quirrell only read whatever was in the book daily, and it was no different from self-study reading books alone. It was very interesting to take Professor Forrest’s class.

This is their first day of school, and the impression of the first and second-grade students who have taken the Defense Against the Dark Arts class was good.

Especially when they saw Tom, who was in the class just then.

Professor Forrest, who usually has a cold expression and speaks flatly, is actually not as cold and inhumane as he appears on the surface. A person with that kind of heart will definitely not like Tom.

Even though Sherlock behaves the same as Snape, both of them put on an indifferent face when speaking and teaching, the students are not afraid of him after taking his classes.

Several excited Ravenclaw students ran to Sherlock’s office a few hours after the school had started to ask questions related to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Judging from this, the students and the new professor will get along very well. This is what Sherlock wanted to see. This view will influence other professors to think that he is not a cold and withdrawn person with a closed personality.

With this, he changed the minds of Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore. Just as Dumbledore said at the opening dinner, he looks forward to his own change, and this is his chance for him to do so.

The first and second-grade classes ended on the first day of school, and Sherlock was even more prepared for the next class to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

On the second day of school, the fifth-grade students were whispering with anticipation, and Professor Forrest would give them the lesson.

They saw Sherlock walking in with a thick stack of parchment, “After stepping up to the fifth-grade, do you know what the biggest challenge you will face?”

At the beginning of the class, Sherlock didn’t talk too much nonsense and started his opening remarks directly. Under the podium, all the students shook their heads and didn’t know what kind of challenge they were going to face.

Sherlock shook his head in disappointment, “The generation is getting worse each year, huh? When I was in school, even the fourth graders already knew it. You are all fifth graders this year but don’t know what to prepare.”

This is exactly what Sherlock was using to talk chit-chat at Hogwarts to make it seem that he had been in Hogwarts despite never studying there. He had never experienced student life in Hogwarts, so how would he know whether he knew anything about the fourth grade at that time?

“OWL, the standardized test exam. This is conducted at the end of the fifth grade, and you will face the first exam determining your future.”

“Unlike the previous final exams, the Ministry of Magic will hold the OWL, and there will be a total of twelve exams. The exam results will still be graded according to O, E, A, P, D, and T, and the Ministry of Magic will determine the grading. The exams you learned at Hogwarts for five years are also an important foundation for them to identify your knowledge after you leave the school.”

“Defense Against the Dark Arts is one of these twelve subjects, and it is also a subject that everyone must take.”

“Professor Quirrell’s method of teaching seemed to be not ideal last semester, which means that you have fallen behind for a year. You must prepare for this test in this year’s class and do harder.”

“For your study plan in the next year, I have arranged a complete exam-oriented study plan.”

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Published On: March 12, 2024

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