The model placed by Sherlock in the class was a humanoid, magical creature that looked a bit like a goblin but wore a bright red hat on its head. The students all poked their heads towards the Red Cp. Even the pure-blooded students who came from a family where both parents were wizards just saw this kind of creature for the first time.

In other words, evil magic creatures in the wizarding world are not common.

In normal society, after the traces and whereabouts of Muggles have spread to every corner of the world, wizards’ exploration of magical creatures worldwide has gradually stopped. The magical creatures that can be domesticated and act as helpers, such as cats, owls, mice, etc., have become pets.

Note that owls and mice in the wizarding world are different from those in the normal world.

There are dangerous creatures that professional wizards can domesticate, and they are protected in collective captivity. The most notable ones are dragons.

Evil magical creatures that are dangerous but cannot be domesticated or are not worthy of domestication are pushed into forests, rivers, or deserts so that they do not pose a threat to Muggles or wizards.

So now, if the new generation is not a professional adventurer, they rarely have the opportunity to see a real evil magic creature. The Red Cap model Sherlock took out was purchased from an alchemy shop in Diagon Alley.

He saw the dragon models and had a way of acting like an actual living being in the display cabinet, and he found it very interesting. He found the shop owner, hoping to customize a batch of models about evil magical creatures.

Making this kind of thing is much easier than making a dragon model, so the owner of the shop agreed. He proposed that the larger the quantity, the better. In addition, the model itself doesn’t need to be so technical, so Sherlock did spend so much money.

These models are perfect for teaching first-grade students. The new students who have just entered the school and have not learned any magic can see a real creature with their own eyes and do not have to worry about any danger.

The Red Cap model that Sherlock placed on the podium held a wooden stick that was very large relative to its own size and walked around on the podium as if it would hit anyone at any time. It was acting like looking at the students who were not pleasing to its eye.

“It looks so ugly!” Some students are talking about it.

“It’s like the goblins that were guarding Gringotts, but it looks much more fierce than those goblins.”

“The hat on his head is quite interesting.”

“The hat is ugly. That might be a sign of evil.”

A voice caught Sherlock’s attention. It was a Ravenclaw girl with dark blond brown hair. He still remembered her name when he called her.

Luna Lovegood. It was a very familiar name, an important character who played a role in the original book.

Sherlock tapped the end of his wand on the podium, drawing the attention of the students in the classroom back to him, and began to explain the origin of this creature.

“Red Caps are magical creatures mainly located in Northern Europe’s ruins or forests. They look like goblins and are hostile in nature. Their main weapons are the pair of sharp claws and the wooden stick in their hands.”

“According to statistics, from 1900 to the present, there have been 86 Red Caps attacks throughout Europe. Forty-three people died from it, 42 of them were Muggles, and an inexperienced wizard was beaten on the skull and died.”

Hearing this information, all the students breathed heavily, and even their eyes were not as excited as they were at the beginning.

“They are named because they often wear a red cap on their head. Does anyone know why this creature only wears a red cap?” Sherlock asked a question at the right time to liven up the atmosphere in the classroom.

But very few students knew the answer, and it happened that Luna, the girl Sherlock had just noticed, raised her hand.

“Yes, Miss Lovegood?”

Luna stood up, her eyes seemed to be looking around, not staring at the things in front of her, giving people a weird feeling, “Because of blood, Red Caps will dye their hats red with the blood of their prey, and when their hats fade away, they will look for the next prey.”

Hearing her answer, Sherlock nodded and gave her a reward, “Five points for Ravenclaw. We got a good answer from Miss Lovegood.”

“They wore a red cap dyed with blood on his head, which is the origin of the name of this creature.”

“You must know that this creature has a hostile behavior. It poses a substantial threat to normal wizards. In the Ministry of Magic’s classification of the dangers, their rating is XXX.”

“As long as someone uses magic on them, they will be scared away no matter what the effect is. It’s self-explanatory that the wizard who was killed by the Red Cap before became a joke to everyone due to how careless they were.”

“I don’t want such a joke to appear among my students in the future. After today’s class, each of you must write an essay on your habits, weaknesses, and the correct when facing Red Caps. It must be ten inches long on the paper, and give it to me in the next class.”

“I will select the one who has done their homework really well and give them the Red Cap model as a reward.” Hearing Sherlock say this, the girls are still not interested in this reward. After all, the Red Cap looks weird, but the boys are all excited about it.

They are all a group of 11-year-old boys. Who doesn’t like models like living creatures?

Before the end of this class, Sherlock showed them the cloth bag in his hand.

“There are more creatures that we will learn in the next semester. Based on the performance of your homework, I will also give them as rewards. By the end of the semester, the students who get the most model awards will be allowed to skip the final exam and get an ‘O’ grade instantly.”

His words aroused the enthusiasm of the girls. The temptation of getting an O without taking an exam is an amazing thing.

The students from houses are all looking forward to the future class. Sherlock’s first class for first-grade students went on pretty well. But the biggest test for him today was not to teach these new students who had just entered the school and hadn’t even learned anything.

It was afternoon, and it was time for the second-grade class.

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Published On: March 12, 2024

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