The morning sun slowly rose along the walls of Hogwarts Castle. Sherlock got out of bed on time at six o’clock in the morning, ready to check the schedule that had been simulated countless times for the last time before today’s class started.

From the moment he met Professor McGonagall, he met with the Weasleys and arrived at Hogwarts to meet Dumbledore. Sherlock didn’t show any clues or oddities from beginning to end. But these are just starters before the real thing starts.

After entering Hogwarts, his Defense Against the Dark Arts class was the most anticipated one.

At the dinner last night, Dumbledore stated that although Sherlock was recruited into Hogwarts, he still did not trust his teaching ability very much. The so-called temporary period means that Sherlock needs to pay more attention later.

Sherlock didn’t care about his poor performance in class and was fired from Hogwarts by Dumbledore. Although, it was something that he wouldn’t mind.

But poor class performance doesn’t mean Sherlock has to show obvious irresponsibility for not teaching the class.

A person who studied at Hogwarts for seven years and graduated with excellent grades spent more than a year as an Auror, devoted himself to two years of defensive magic, and published a book, and if he returned to school in his most known field of study and his performance is a mess.

Unless Dumbledore got Alzheimer’s, it was impossible for Dumbledore not to doubt who he was.

Therefore, during the two months at home, Sherlock spent most of the time on it. In addition to focusing on being familiar with the basic spells, they repeatedly read the two books written by the original Sherlock and created a teaching plan for him that best suited best.

Today is the time to test his results. After preparing all the materials that will be used in the first-grade class, Sherlock went to the Hall to eat breakfast and walked into the classroom with a book and a tied cloth bag.

Several students were in the classroom at this time, including Ginny, who had entered the school and was assigned to Gryffindor.

Yesterday, she was reminded by Percy to come to the classroom earlier to prevent the stairs in the castle from misleading the new students and causing them to be late for their first class.

After seeing Sherlock come to the classroom, she was a little excited. With a flushed face, she walked to the podium and bowed to Sherlock.

“Thank you for the book that you gave to me, Professor Forrest. I left before I could thank you last time. Mom said I must say thank you when I see you at school.”

Sherlock raised his eyebrows slightly. The Weasleys’ way of parenting is quite good, but for some unknown reason, George and Fred are the only two troublemakers. But even the Weasley twins are not bad children.

“Knowing my relationship with your parents, there is no need to thank you for it.” Sherlock said lightly.

After the incident in Diagon Alley, Ginny knew Sherlock’s personality. She made a promise that she would study hard in the future. After that, she walked back to her seat.

There were more and more students in the classroom. Once the class bell rang, Sherlock tapped the podium with the end of his wand, signaling the chattering students below to calm down; he picked up a clipboard and began to do a roll call.

This is the first class for this year’s Ravenclaw and Gryffindor new students. Most of the students still don’t know Hogwarts Castle. Even if they rushed to the classroom as early as possible, some students would come late to class.

“Having a concept of time management has nothing to do with whether you can become a successful wizard in the future, but whether you will be a reliable person.”

“Before the class starts, I want to let you know that I hate students with poor time management. Since this class is your first class after entering Hogwarts, I will let it slide for today, but I will not let you off easily if tomorrow is the same.”

Knowing Sherlock’s warning, three Gryffindor students who were late to the classroom did not dare to say anything and sat down in an empty seat. After all the students have arrived, the class officially begins.

Sherlock didn’t ask them to open the book but looked at all the students below who were looking at him and made some opening remarks.

“This is Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Just like the name of the course, this class mainly teaches you how to Defend yourselves against dark arts.”

“The so-called Defense Against the Dark Arts, or defensive magic, to put it bluntly, is a basic concept. As long as it has effective protection against dark magic or evil magical creatures, it can be called defensive magic.”

“Defensive magic is not a general term for a certain type of magic. Several famous household Cleaning spells like Skurge Charm are used at the right time; they can also be called defensive magic.”

Of course, Sherlock did not propose the definition of defensive magic, but the original Sherlock’s book on defensive magic was popularized. The original Sherlock took it from a wizard who has been dead for more than 300 years, and this concept has become the mainstream view of the definition of defensive magic in the wizarding world.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts class is mostly useless in your future, but its role is really helpful as it can save your life.”

“It is precisely because of this that it can become one of the main classes in Hogwarts, and it is also a subject that involves the most theoretical knowledge, spells, and actual combat practice.”

“Maybe the professors of each class have different opinions on it, but I think Defense Against the Dark Arts will be the hardest course you will learn at Hogwarts in the future and the most interesting course you will learn.”

“In this class, in addition to learning magic spells for enemies and defending yourselves. You need to memorize the complicated knowledge about evil magic creatures and skillfully use every spell you have mastered later.”

“Because you have only officially started your term at Hogwarts today, we can’t make any practical attempts for now. We must start with the theoretical aspects of understanding evil magical creatures.”

Sherlock opened the bag of cloth he had brought, took out a model-sized object, and placed it on the podium.

“This is a Red Cap, a magical creature that we will use and learn in our first class.”


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Published On: March 5, 2024

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