The envelope’s contents are not thick. It looks like there is only one piece of paper. But this time, Sherlock had fallen into his thoughts full of fantasy and suddenly woke up after being hit by the letter.

He didn’t pay attention to the letter that fell on the ground, but he looked up at the owl circling above his head and thinking about something.

Are letters being sent through owls? Is this a traditional thing among the British nobles?

After all, he wasn’t an expert in studying foreign history. Without trying to understand the reason, Sherlock shook his head and bent down to pick up the letter on the ground.

When the owl saw that he got the letter, it stopped flying in the sky.

Because it didn’t get a snack for its service, it glanced at Sherlock, fluttered its wings, and went to the nearby woods to catch a mouse.

Of course, Sherlock didn’t know what the owl was thinking. He was frowning and looking at the letter in his hand.

The envelope was made of heavy parchment, the address was written in emerald green ink, and there was no stamp on it.

[Mr. Sherlock Forrest, 13th Magnolia Road, Surrey]

The name on the address was Sherlock himself. He turned the letter over and saw a wax seal and a logo on the front. A lion, an eagle, a badger, and a snake are circled around the letter “H”.

The logo, which is composed of four animals, looks unexpectedly familiar, but Sherlock can’t remember where he had seen this logo.

He shook his head. He didn’t rush to open the envelope as soon as possible, but held it in his hand and went straight to his home.

The door key and the room key were strung together. When he was discharged from the hospital, they returned it to him and his other personal belongings.

The rusted door made a screeching noise as it opened. The yard was overgrown with weeds. He liked it better if it was tidy. Sherlock was a bit ick about the view and frowned.

But of course, he didn’t have time to take care of this at this time. He walked directly along the path surrounded by weeds and walked all the way to the door.

When he was about to use the key to open the door, a long “squeak” sound suddenly sounded from the old wooden door. Sherlock didn’t even have time to insert the key into the keyhole, and the door opened by itself.

He was immediately stunned, feeling weird, as if a cold wind was blowing by his side.

As an outstanding student with an extensive nine-year education and seven years of high-quality education, Sherlock was a logical believer in his previous life.

Although there was a bizarre event that could not be explained by science, for a while, his thoughts had not changed.

Is it a haunted house?

Sherlock shook his head and smiled.

How could there be ghosts in this world?

Just like adults use magic to trick children, ghosts are just imaginary products made up by adults to deceive other adults. The door must been not closed properly before, and a gust of wind just happened to blow it open.

Having found a logical reason, Sherlock pushed the door open and walked into the house as if nothing had happened. Significantly different from the mess in the yard, the living room is surprisingly nice and ordered.

However, the overall atmosphere in the room seemed a little darker.

The sky is bright and clear outside, but only a few rays of sunlight can shine in the house. Making it look like a medieval castle with a depressing setting.

Sherlock put the will and envelope on the shoe cabinet beside him, took off his coat, and was about to lay it on the sofa, but suddenly found that he didn’t know a coat hanger was beside him.

He stopped the movement of his hands and looked suspiciously at the coat hanger on his right that was just a step away from him.

Of course, it was just a simple suspicion. From the beginning, Sherlock’s attention had been on the furnishings in the living room, and he didn’t pay much attention to whether there were coat hangers by the door.

He hung his coat on the hanger and walked into the living room with the will and letter.

Just after he turned around and entered the room, the hanger hanging his coat suddenly seemed to come alive, moving its position silently to the corner of the front door.

Sherlock turned his back to it and was unaware of its actions.

After he entered the room, he first checked all the rooms in the house. Except for the poor lighting, it is an ordinary and clean house.

It’s just that the owner’s previous taste is a bit retro, and most of the furniture in the house is in the style of the European Middle Ages. It makes people feel that this is not a modern residential house but a dark castle of some medieval lord.

Aside from these, the house just looks a bit fragile from the outside. The furniture inside is complete, and the room is large. The living area on the first floor and the bedroom on the second floor are perfectly taken care of.

He didn’t expect to have such nice living quarters for someone like Sherlock. Even if he didn’t have his father’s will, this place alone was enough for him.

However, just as he was checking the bedroom on the second floor, a strange door at the end of the corridor on the second floor caught his attention.

It was a gray-black wooden door. If he hadn’t intentionally stared in this direction and adjusted to the dark environment in the house, it would not have been easy for ordinary people to find this door.

Moreover, the door has barely anything to it. There is no pattern or anything, not even the door handle. If Sherlock hadn’t noticed the metal hinge connecting the door to the wall, he would have even not noticed this.

Until now, he hadn’t noticed anything wrong, and this strange door had piqued his curiosity just like his previous life.

Partly because of wanting to thoroughly understand where he would live in the future and partly out of curiosity, Sherlock stood in front of the door. He stretched out his hand and gently pushed the wooden door.

The door was pushed open with a slight gap, and a soft, warm yellow light emerged from inside.

At the same time, a loud female voice can be heard from behind the door.


Sherlock was taken a few steps backward by this voice. His back was close to the wall, and he felt a shivering sense throughout his body.

There is someone in this room.


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Published On: February 24, 2024

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