At this time, no feelings of joy can be seen in Harry and Ron. Whether the entire Hogwarts students have any admiration for them, they don’t know.

But when Snape caught them, he expressed his admiration for them gloomily.

“Of course, it’s Harry Potter, the reliable boy, and Ron Weasley, who doesn’t give his family peace of mind. Do you think you can avoid punishment this time?”

Harry and Ron look really miserable now. The clothes on the two of them were all tattered, almost torn into rags. Ron’s wand was broken into two pieces; he didn’t know if it would still work now.

His arm was also bent in an irregular shape. The pain made his face pale, his lips trembled uncontrollably, and a small groan holding the pain could be heard. Harry supported Ron by the side, as he wasn’t doing well. Blood dripped from his head all over his face. From the appearance alone, he looked even more serious than Ron.

The car suddenly lost control as it approached Hogwarts, taking the two of them into the hitting Whomping Willow behind the castle. The Whomping Willow tree seemed to feel that its life was threatened and attacked Harry and Ron, who were in the car.

Although the two escaped by luck, they also suffered from an injury. Harry now only feels dizzy and nauseated in his stomach. The injury on his head wasn’t from the battering that the Whomping Willow gave to him but hit his head on the front windshield of the car.

He said weakly, “Professor, I think we-“

“Quiet.” Snape cut in coldly what he wanted to say

“Wait here, and don’t go anywhere.”

He settled them in a small room next to the Hall and hurriedly walked out. Before Harry and Ron could wait, Snape came back with two potion bottles in his hands.

“Drink this.” He gave two bottles of potions to Harry and Ron.

Harry doubted and resisted because it was the potion he handed over. However, looking at Snape, if he didn’t drink the potions immediately, he would forcefully pry open his mouth with pliers and pour them into his mouth. So he had to obey what he said.

Closing his eyes, he blew out the potion bottle in one breath. The potion took effect quickly. Harry’s pale lips turned red after drinking the potion, his mind was no longer dizzy, and the wound wasn’t so painful.

Knowing that even Harry had drunk Snape’s potion, Ron stretched out his arm and poured the potion into his mouth tremblingly. Soon, the pain in his body subsided, but the broken arm still hadn’t healed, but he was feeling better than before.

After Harry and Ron find out that Snape is helping them, they feel grateful to him. However, this kind of feeling of gratitude quickly subsided, and Snape’s words made them feel bad about the whole situation.

“Both of you came to Hogwarts in an illegally modified car, seen by countless Muggles on the road, and damaged the Whomping Willow tree at school. What were you thinking?”

“It’s a pity you are not students of my house. If I were, I have already expelled you from this school. But I will go and find someone who might make that decision. Both of you, wait here.”

He left the room, leaving only Harry and Ron looking at each other.

“That tree is crazy! It’s trying to kill us!” said Ron.

Harry was carefully wiping the blood from his face with the cloth on his body, “It’s not that it wants to kill us. Maybe it thinks that we want to kill it.”

“Why are we so unlucky today? There was a problem with the platform wall, the car almost killed us, and a tree almost killed me!”

“You left one more thing, we are likely to be expelled from Hogwarts.”

Speaking of this, both of them fell silent. They have desperately guessed in their hearts that they made a big mistake this time, and even Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore will not forgive them.

Of course, Dumbledore wouldn’t expel either of them.

After he came to the room and learned what happened from their mouths, Snape handed over the punishment to Professor McGonagall. She took Snape back and continued to attend the dinner, which was not over yet.

The students had already filled their stomachs in the Hall, and Sherlock also ended the chat with Professor Flitwick.

It was a small talk, but most of the time, he rambled about how to deal with children at Hogwarts. Sherlock just nodded and agreed with his statement.

“I know that you are already tired and you really want to go back to the lounge for a good night’s sleep, but I would like to say a few words before we end this night.” Dumbledore stood up, and his voice spread to every corner of the Hall.

“We have a new teacher this year. Professor Forres is glad to fill the Defence Against the Dark Arts class position and will teach you all starting tomorrow.”

The applause from the Hall was not warm, but it was also not cold either. Sherlock’s appearance made him the first impression of many girls at Hogwarts.

As the headmaster, Dumbledore doesn’t have that many long speeches. After a brief introduction to Sherlock, he emphasized a few things that should be noted every year and announced the end of the dinner.

The students chatted away from the Hall and returned to the lounges of their respective houses while Filch led Sherlock to his future residence and office at Hogwarts.

“Professor Forrest, I still remember you. When you were here, I saw you as the most promising student at the time. Now look at you. You have become a professor at Hogwarts.” Filch’s words were filled with compliments, but Sherlock didn’t show any emotion.

“I made a promise when I graduated that I would return to this castle, and now I’m just fulfilling my promise.”

He asked again, “Are you still patrolling the castle tonight?”

Filch usually only dared to show his dominance in front of students, but in front of a professor, he became the most polite person in the entire castle.

“On the first night of the new school, some students will come out and run around. After leading you to your residence, I will briefly inspect the castle.”

Sherlock nodded lightly. He said casually and plainly, “I’ll take a walk in the castle with you later. It’s been three years since I left here. I want to get to know the castle again; it has been a while.”


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