“I thought you’d come to Hogwarts earlier, Sherlock.” The old man who looked friendly was Dumbledore, the principal of Hogwarts.

“Come sit here. I’ll introduce you to the students later.” He beckoned to Sherlock.

After Sherlock sat down beside Dumbledore, he answered Dumbledore’s question, “I came to school late because I wanted to perfect my teaching plan later.”

When speaking to Dumbledore, he didn’t change his usual tone and characteristics. Even the respect in his tone could be heard by anyone. If the original Sherlock had special feelings for someone, there would be only Dumbledore, whom he mentions a lot in the diary. He admired him, who was known as the greatest wizard of the twentieth century.

Hearing his words, Dumbledore praised, “Sufficient preparation will make you do well later, indeed.”

At this time, the new students are still crossing the lake. The other students who were already seated in the Hall chatted happily with their classmates who hadn’t seen each other for the whole vacation, and the professors were also chatting to each other.

During the period before the sorting ceremony, neither the students nor the professors were having a bad night.

Dumbledore looked at Sherlock with his eyes and said with a smile, “At first, I didn’t think you were ready to take over the position, Sherlock.”

Sherlock showed an attitude of listening to his words carefully.

“Last time, when you came to Hogwarts to apply for the position, I told you that what you lacked was not your knowledge of magic but the characteristics that an adult wizard should have.”

“Your characteristics are not good enough. Even if you learned the most powerful magic, anyone can do that. I don’t feel like giving you the position at that time as it was not the time yet.”

“However, after Lockhart tangled in an incident, the position for Defense Against the Dark Arts class was empty again, and I had to change things up.”

“You always think that I am the wisest person you know, but in fact, just like when I choose someone as a professor, I can choose the wrong person. Because sometimes I am not necessarily always right.”

He put his hands crossed on the table. His words were gentle as if he was talking to a younger generation who was close to him. Comically as if he mistakenly mistook yogurt for milk and added it to his coffee a few days ago.

“I may be too harsh on you. After all, improving your strength is an easy task. But if someone wants to change their characteristic, just relying on themselves truly is useless.”

“With that, I think I should give you a chance.”

At this point, he finally stated the purpose of having this conversation with Sherlock.

“The letter of appointment that Minerva sent you is not the full one, as I would like to add something to you here directly.”

“Hogwarts officially hired you to be a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor for only this year.”

“Think of it as an internship period for you. After you finish this year, I will consider whether to continue to give you the position. If I still think that you are still not ready by then, then I will choose another person to fill your position.”

Hearing him say this, Sherlock couldn’t help but secretly curse in his heart.

Did he really think that he wanted to teach for a second time in Hogwarts as the Defense Against Dark Arts class professor? He can only pray now and hope that this year will go smoothly without any problems that would cause him an injury or maybe death.

He was stunned by the idea that Dumbledore wanted to keep him next year, or he could just get another new professor, which implies he might also die in the process.

Of course, Sherlock couldn’t say these things directly, and Dumbledore didn’t have the time to be privy to his thoughts.

Sherlock said seriously and sincerely, “I won’t let you down, Professor. I will try my best to be the best Professor for Hogwarts from now on and later.”

Dumbledore looked at the new students whom Professor McGonagall led in for the sorting ceremony, and he spoke softly, “I hope that you from the future can tell yourself that you didn’t let yourself down.”

The conversation between the two ended, and the sorting ceremony was about to begin. Everyone fell silent and listened quietly to the ceremony process. The hat is responsible for the selection of which house the new students are about to proceed in.

It was his first meeting with Dumbledore. Sherlock felt that he had dealt it well. Even though this old man feels pretty nice based on the impression of his brief communication. Deep down, he is the kind of person who always has things that he keeps a secret.

It is also unlikely that he was peeping into the minds of the people he talks to all the time.

During the conversation just now, Sherlock didn’t feel any discomfort. He believed and hoped that there was nothing strange with their talk and moved on from it.

At the beginning of the sorting ceremony, a man with oily hair and a dark robe on the professor’s table looked pale and gloomy. The middle-aged wizard looked like a big bat, sat up from his seat, and left the Hall.

When he passed by Sherlock, he glanced at him. Those eyes were like a pool of stagnant water, empty, silent, and desolate. He can only feel the icy breathing from him. He was even more ominous than the Thestrals, a feeling that you could only see their true form if you had seen death.

In Sherlock’s memory, only one Professor in Hogwarts seemed to have such characteristics.

His name is Professor Snape; he is the potions professor.

He fell into a deep thought, Is he a good or a bad guy in the original book?

After thinking about it for a long time, he could not recall anything about this person. Sherlock shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He should probably kept their interaction to a minimum in this castle.

At the end of the sorting ceremony, the dinner started to begin. At this time, Snape came back in a hurry.

He lowered his head and whispered a few words beside Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Sherlock was sitting next to them and vaguely heard the names “Potter” and “Weasley” being mentioned.

Professor McGonagall’s face turned into anger a little bit. She stood up from her seat and walked into a room next to the Hall. Dumbledore suppressed the smile on his face, and three minutes after Professor McGonagall left, he walked away with a serious expression.

Sherlock could probably guess that the reason they were acting like that was because Snape had found Harry and Ron, who were driving to the school in a flying car.

However, none of this has anything to do with him. At the moment, he is currently talking with Professor Flitwick, who is in charge of the Charms class.


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