Sherlock and many other students on the train saw Harry and Ron driving the flying car in the sky. This really sparked a discussion among them, but none of this has anything to do with Sherlock.

After making sure that he couldn’t recall any more things in the plot, he opened the suitcase again, took out a third-grade Defense Against the Dark Arts book, flipped through it, and made some notes on it.

His teaching material has already taken shape. Although he can’t teach much-advanced level magic at his level yet, he could do it if it was only classroom material subjects.

The sun rises high in the sky. At noon, Sherlock bought a piece of chocolate from the snack cart to fill his stomach and continued creating his teaching plan.

The night soon filled the whole sky. At this time, the train attendant also notified the whole car that they would reach Hogwarts in ten minutes. Sherlock stood up from his seat, stretched his waist, put the book and quill back in the suitcase, removed his clothes, and put on a robe.

The speed of the train became slower and slower, and it finally came to a stop. Sherlock stood out among the group of students and got off the train with them.

In front of the small platform, a figure much taller than ordinary people was already standing there waiting. After seeing the students get off the train, he said loudly in a hoarse voice.

“First-year students come to me!”

The first-year students were at a loss at first and immediately gathered toward this person. Suddenly, this person seemed to have noticed something, and he quickly walked toward Sherlock.

“Oh? Sherlock! It really is you! I’ve heard about you coming to teach at Hogwarts, but I didn’t expect you to come using the train!” This person is none other than Hagrid, the gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts.

He walked to Sherlock’s side and gave him a warm hug. It wasn’t a hug because when he hugged Sherlock, his face was pressed against his belly.

“Professor McGonagall gave me the ticket.” Sherlock said lightly after breaking free from Hagrid’s hug.

He seemed to be familiar with the original Sherlock, and he was not surprised by this. After all, this is Hogwarts, where the original Sherlock studied for seven years. He may not have many friends, but he will have one or two people close to him, and the professors at Hogwarts will know him well.

The new students who followed Hagrid were looking at Sherlock with curious eyes. They could hear from Hagrid’s words that the man in front of them was their professor, but they didn’t know which class that professor was teaching.

“You can go to the castle. Dumbledore is waiting for you in the Great Hall.” Hagrid smiled, waved goodbye to Sherlock, and took the new students away in a different direction.

Sherlock followed the others on the other side, where a large group of horses with black wings and carriages were behind their backs.

It was the first time for second-year students to use this type of transportation to go back to school. In most people’s eyes, they didn’t seem to see any of the horses, only a carriage.

“Can you see Thestrals, Professor Forrest?” It was Hermione who asked Sherlock.

Because Harry and Ron went to drive the flying car, now she’s on her own. Through her questions, Sherlock learned the name of this magical animal and recalled that he had seen information about this creature in a book devoted to the introduction of magical animals when he was at home.

They are called Thestrals, a magical animal, whereas only those who have seen death with their own eyes can see its true form. Whether Sherlock was in his previous life or traveled here, he never saw anyone’s death.

The only thing that can be explained why he can see them now is that he experienced death itself, which is more serious than seeing other people die.

Facing Hermione’s question, he replied gently, “It’s not a good sign when you are able to see this creature.”

Hermione had seen Sherlock in Diagon Alley before and knew that his character was not as cold as he appeared. He was actually a nice person.

“Harry and Ron are stupid!” Hermione couldn’t help complaining angrily when she got into a Thestral carriage with Sherlock.

“They only know how to have fun and be a show-off, but they don’t know how much trouble that car will cause Mr. Weasley if other people saw it!” Sherlock was quite interested in chatting with her. Compared with Harry and Ron, Hermione was more mature than them or even other peers.

“If they knew that, they wouldn’t be Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.”

The Thestral led them to Hogwarts’ gate. Sherlock and Hermione got off the carriage, and the students walked into the lead of their prefects and finally entered the castle. Sherlock followed behind these students to prevent himself from getting lost in the castle.

When he came to the door of the Great Hall, his heart finally couldn’t help but get nervous.

Walking through this door, he will meet the principal of this school. He is one of the important people in the whole story itself and the person with the most unknown motive and mind throughout his life. Whether or not he will reveal his flaws or tricks depends on whether he can pass his test.

Sherlock sighed, followed the students, and walked into the Great Hall.

There are four long tables in the center of the Hall. The students who enter here sit on different long tables according to their respective houses. The Hall was lit by thousands of candles floating in the air above the table, and the four tables were set with gleaming gold plates and cups.

There is another table at the front of the dining room, which is the teacher’s row. When Sherlock looked there, all the Hogwarts professors were sitting at that table.

An old man with a big white beard and oddly shaped glasses is in the middle. The old man who looked like an old grandpa next door. He smiled, looked at Sherlock’s eyes, and waved to him.


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Published On: March 5, 2024

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