“I take back what I said before.” George muttered and looked at Sherlock, who was holding his wand and confronted the Malfoys.

Fred also nodded after seeing this, “I also take back what I said before. I admit that I misjudged Professor Forrest. Percy doesn’t even compare to him.”

Percy could only turn his head and stare at them again. Harry and Ron were excited after witnessing the Malfoys being handled this way.

“I think our Defense Against the Dark Arts class this semester will go well later.”

“I’m hoping it will be more interesting than Quirrell’s class.”

Mrs. Weasley hurriedly surrounded Sherlock to check if he was injured. Her eyes had tears of relief, and she couldn’t explain her excitement.

“Sherlock, you don’t need to do that as it might portray you as a bad example-. But boy, you’re not the same as before. I don’t know what to say, maybe you’ve matured and that’s a good thing.” Lucius didn’t have a chance to fight against Sherlock, but Mr. Weasley was shocked.

Even Mr. Weasley didn’t care about his situation. Instead, he patted Sherlock’s shoulder with a smile, “I knew that sooner or later, there would be such a day of Sherlock. I knew it.”

Although Sherlock had just made a move that was a completely inconsistent act with his previous characteristic, his current response was still the usual.

“People always mature over time, and it’s not too late for me. That person is just being rude to you guys.”

He is creating an image of being cold on the outside but caring on the inside, so his connection with the Weasleys will not be too much, but also makes them comfortable with the new personality that he creates later in the future.

He walked to a bookshelf, took out a few books he would use in this year’s lesson, and put them in front of the cashier to pay for it.

“New students should use new books whenever they can. Take this as my welcome gift.” Sherlock took out the old book from Ginny’s cauldron, put it back into the shelves of old books, and put the new book into her cauldron.

“I hope you can work hard when you enter the school. I have other things to do now, so see you later.” After he finished speaking, he did not wait for Mrs. Weasley to hold him back and walked away from the bookstore.

The Weasleys and others looked at Sherlock in a daze. Mr. Weasley looked at the new book in Ginny’s cauldron and said with a sigh.

“Sherlock has become a little different from before. I think Sally will be happy to see him like this.”

Mrs. Weasley wiped her tears, “Poor child; he must have suffered a lot when he has been living alone, and yet he can still go like this.”

Harry and Ron can’t wait to talk about Mr. Weasley fighting against Draco’s father when the school term starts. George and Fred imitate Sherlock’s punch, saying that it looks cooler than defeating an enemy with a spell, and they plan to develop a magic boxing glove.

Ginny was happily flipping through her new book. Hermione was attracted by a book about the history of Hogwarts, while Percy was looking for a book about how prefects manage students in the school.

They didn’t leave the bookstore together until Hagrid, the gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, passed by and greeted them. No one noticed that in the pile of old books that Sherlock put back from Ginny’s cauldron, there was a diary lying quietly as if it had been there all along.

Two days later, an old witch brought her grandson to the bookstore.

“These old books usually have notes from their previous owners. Some of them will be of great help to you. You can choose a few and buy them, Neville.”

“I know, grandma.”

The boy hurriedly picked out a few old books from the stack and paid for them. He didn’t know that one of the diaries didn’t even contain a single word in the pages.


Sherlock planned to leave Diagon Alley as soon as he came out of the bookstore. The burning sensation on his arm was most noticeable when he touched Lucius, but it gradually subsided, and now there is nothing at all.

This is weird, so he wants to go home now to study his arm. He will flip through the original Sherlock’s diary to see if he has any important information that he missed.

He got a custom-made robe from Madam Malkin’s robe shop and brought back the owl he had bought from the pet shop. With this, Sherlock ended his trip to Diagon Alley.

After returning home, he went directly to the bathroom and removed his clothes. He looked into the full-length mirror and saw that there was indeed something unusual on his left arm.

It was a birthmark like a crescent moon. It was not small but occupied more than one-third of the skin on his left arm.

Sherlock didn’t notice this before until he encountered Lucius, and it became hot. He was sure that this mark didn’t seem to be a normal birthmark. But he doesn’t know what this thing does to him, and he doesn’t even understand why it gets hot when seeing him.

It took a day for Sherlock to read through the original Sherlock’s diary carefully, and found a lot of experimental records of the original Sherlock’s experiments in the study room. But he didn’t find any information about this mark, only some clues from a photo of the original Sherlock when he was a student.

From a photo of a bare arm, he determined that the mark was already on the original Sherlock’s arm before he crossed here. But why did the mark seem to have no problems during the 20 years that the original Sherlock lived, but after he saw Lucius, it started to create a reaction?

Sherlock couldn’t figure it out and didn’t have time to study it carefully. Mainly because the time has quietly come to the end of August, and tomorrow is September 1st, the day when Hogwarts begins its term.

Sherlock had to pack up and get ready to go to that school. Because the last time Professor McGonagall visited, he left him a ticket.

He only knows how to get to Hogwarts by going to King’s Cross Station and taking the train called the Hogwarts Express.


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Published On: March 1, 2024

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