The visitors who came were a father and son. They look similar and have the same smile when they look at the Weasleys. The same figure, the same arrogance.

Sherlock frowned slightly as he looked at the man who spoke. He was not disgusted by what the man said, but after he entered the bookstore, the upper part of his left arm seemed to be on fire and he felt a little bit of pain.

Sherlock felt a little weird. He used his right hand to cover the hot spot of his left arm. Nothing was there, and the burning sensation seemed to be his reaction.

“Lucius.” Mr. Weasley said coldly.

“I heard you get busy with your business lately,” said Lucius, “So many things to handle at once. Did they pay you for the overtime?”

He reached into Ginny’s cauldron and pulled out a tattered Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration from the pile of old books.

“It doesn’t seem to be. Your only daughter didn’t get a brand-new book when she started school. It seems you are not doing really well, ain’t it, wizard scum?”

Ginny’s face was flushed, and Mr. Weasley’s face was redder than hers. Sherlock didn’t say a word and stared closely at the person Mr. Weasley had called Lucius. After thinking about it for a long time, he had a little impression of this person.

This person’s full name is Lucius Malfoy, and he is a Death Eater. Standing next to him is his son, Draco Malfoy, who is evil but not totally a villain in the story.

But why did his arm feel like it was burning when they came in?

While Sherlock was thinking, the battle between them was not over yet.

“We have different views on what a wizard scum is, Malfoy.” Mr. Weasley seemed to suppress his anger.

“Of course,” said Lucius, his eyes rolling to the Grangers, who were watching them, “Oh, look at your friends. Two Muggles and…” His eyes moved and finally settled on Sherlock.

Suddenly, Lucius’ pupils shrank, and his face became hideous.

“Well, if it isn’t the mad…”

He was only halfway through his words, and Mr. Weasley, who had been holding back his anger, suddenly lunged towards Lucius. The two were entangled, hitting each other and knocking down the bookshelf beside them.

The guests in the bookstore screamed and dispersed to avoid them, and the clerk begged them to stop.

“Gentlemen, please, stop and take this somewhere else.”

George and Fred cheered on their father excitedly.

“Beat him in the face, Dad! Beat him into a pulp!”

Sherlock was speechless about the Weasleys having these two sons.

They didn’t plan to intervene, but Sherlock planned to. As he thought before, he couldn’t imitate the original Sherlock character as a whole, and he had to make changes in front of those who knew him.

The Weasleys and the original Sherlock hadn’t seen each other for nearly two years. They didn’t have much contact before and are unlikely to have any doubts about his behavior now.

He could understand that the biggest reason why Mr. Weasley couldn’t help but attack him in the end was because he guessed that Lucius wanted to insult the original Sherlock’s mother.

The original Sherlock would probably maintain his act this way. According to Sherlock’s view, he would stand and watch things unfold.

But there is another thing: Sherlock wanted to test to see if Lucius was the cause of his arm hurting.

When Mr. Weasley fell and was pinned to the ground by Lucius, Sherlock suddenly rushed up and grabbed Lucius’ hair. The moment his hand touched Lucius’ body, the burning sensation on his arm also reached its peak.

But Sherlock didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain, and he didn’t care about the pain at this time. He waved his arm and hit Lucius’ face with a hook. This punch hit Lucius in the face bluntly.

Immediately, nosebleeds spurted out, and the half of his face that was hit swelled up. Lucius was stunned by this punch.

Mr. Weasley was also stunned by this scene. Mrs. Weasley and Harry, Ron, Hermione, and George, who were standing and watching from the side, were all stunned.

They never thought Sherlock, who had always been cold and apathetic, rushed over to help.

Lucius was the first to react. His eyes were full of anger. Stared at Sherlock and pulled out his wand angrily. Seeing his reaction, Mr. Weasley drew out his wand without hesitation and pointed it at Lucius.

Sherlock still had a flat expression at this time, as if the punch just now wasn’t from him. He raised his wand in his right hand and stood before him.

Of course, the reason why he was so calm was not because of his powerful strength.

Just because he was familiar with magic for less than a month, even if the original Sherlock’s memory can help him quickly master a spell, he cannot reach a level of confrontation with an adult wizard.

Apart from believing that Mr. Weasley would help him, what he relied on was that Lucius did not dare to cast a spell on him.

After spending a month at home, Sherlock was not only familiar with magic but also spent some time reading the laws around here.

When you want to delve into a new society, you must be familiar with the rules of this society. When you understand the rules clearly, you will be better able to jump into this new world.

The laws in the wizarding world are different from those in normal society, such as deciding the problem when there is a conflict between wizards.

Using wands and magic is the key to judging whether an offense is happening. Which side uses the wand and casts magic first, unless there are special circumstances, that side will take full responsibility for the entire conflict afterward. Regardless of whether they won or not.

In the current two-on-one situation, and not knowing Sherlock’s true power, Lucius wouldn’t be stupid enough to cast a spell first against him.

This way, he may not be able to fight him in the end.

He stared at Sherlock warily. He didn’t utter a spell but said something cruel.

“Fine then, I will see you in another time.”

Having said that, he threw the old book he had been holding in his hand back into Ginny’s cauldron, turned around, and left the bookstore with Draco.


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Published On: February 29, 2024

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