Hearing Harry say this, neither Ron nor Hermione could correlate the cold Sherlock with ice cream.

“Maybe he just happened to be there? He doesn’t look like he would eat something that only children like to eat.” Ron guessed.

“Maybe you’re right.” Harry shrugged and didn’t think much about it.

Before this, Harry and the others were going to split up. But after meeting Sherlock, the Weasleys wanted to find an excuse to stay with him for a while. Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys could only listen to them and follow them together around.

“Kingsley has expressed some regret after you left the Auror Office. He said that you were an excellent wizard, and if you continued to stay in the office for a few years, you could be promoted to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in the future.”

As they walked down through the streets of Diagon Alley, Mr. Weasley gushed to Sherlock about what happened after he left the Ministry of Magic.

“But it’s good that you want to teach at Hogwarts. Every professor in the castle is someone important in the wizarding world. You can improve better and better with them.”

“Of course I will.”

Compared with him, Sherlock’s response seemed a bit dry. But it still didn’t dampen Mr. Weasley’s enthusiasm for chatting with him. At the same time, Mrs. Weasley has been proudly telling the children about Sherlock’s “brilliant” history.

“When Professor Forrest was at Hogwarts, he got top Os in all final exams every year and even got the top 12 Os in OWLs. He was that amazing, you know? In the seventh grade, he was-“

Fred and George interrupted Mrs. Weasley’s, quietly looked at Sherlock from the corner of their eyes, and asked their mother in a low voice, “Mom, who is this Professor Forrest? Why do you and Dad like him so much?”

When the twins asked the question, Harry, Ron, and Hermione leaned, trying to eavesdrop on the conversation. Hearing the question from the two, her face suddenly changed. She whispered softly when she looked at Sherlock’s back with sad and pitiful eyes.

“His mother was a very good friend of mine and your father.”

When George and Fred looked at their mother with such an expression, their eyes lit up. But before they could speak, she continued.

“But it’s none of your business! You should know that his life matters and has nothing to do with you all. Don’t think I don’t know what you have in mind. I must remind you, in the future, you should respect Sherlock like your own brother. Do you hear me clearly?” Her tone was stern, but the twins didn’t care.

They stretched their voices and answered feebly, “We heard it clear, Mom.”

They glanced at each other and smiled, “We will respect him like we respect Percy!”

Sherlock and Mr. Weasley were walking at the front, and they did not hear the conversation between Mrs. Weasley and the twins behind.

They walked into the bookstore, and the children dispersed, looking for the books they would use in the new semester. Most of the Weasleys gather in the used books area, given their family’s economic conditions do not allow them to use new books.

“The material contents for this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class are all the same as before. Why didn’t you let Hogwarts use your works?”

Hearing Mr. Weasley’s words, Sherlock was struck. He knew that the original Sherlock was young, but he had already published two magic books related to Defense Against the Dark Arts in the wizarding world, and the response in the academic world was quite good.

However, the knowledge involved in these two books is too advanced, and it is not something that Sherlock can study and understand in a short time. If he used his book as a learning material and couldn’t explain the contents later in class, then there would be a big problem.

“What I wrote is still a little too early, and using it as a learning will hinder the students at Hogwarts.”

When Mr. Weasley heard this, he was a bit surprised, “I haven’t seen you for nearly two years, and you have changed a lot from before. But you don’t need to be low on yourself, Sherlock. The two books you wrote are no lower than any other books covering Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

Sherlock’s heart suddenly jumped, and he said calmly.

“I’m not being low on myself. I just have high standards about things.”

“I know, I know.” Mr. Weasley said he knew, but the smile on his face was something else.

Seeing him like this, Sherlock didn’t continue to pursue the topic. But he fell into a deep thought in his heart.

Since the wizarding world has magic that can read other people’s memories, he feels like he is walking on thin ice when he crosses over to the original Sherlock’s body. He fears that someone will find out his true identity.

If an accident really happened and there was a wizard who would pry into his brain, it would be over for him. But the original Sherlock’s character gave him an advantage that people would not mess with him.

Before crossing over, Sherlock himself was a person with a normal personality. But now the situation has changed, and he needs to pretend for a while.

But if it goes on for a long time, or if he is like this all his life. He will definitely not be able to stand it or hold on to it, as he will eventually lose his true self.

Therefore, he must change Sherlock’s personality. He needs to change their view in the eyes of people like Professor McGonagall and the Weasleys so that they no longer see the cold Sherlock as they would always know.

Of course, this change must not be sudden.

It is true that people can change but without the help of time or the occurrence of any major accident. A sudden change in a person’s character will arouse suspicion from others.

In the wizarding world, verifying this suspicion is very easy. He has to slowly change his personality and impression in the eyes of the original Sherlock’s acquaintances.

Just like Sherlock’s act now, in Mr. Weasley’s view, Sherlock is obviously a dry talker. But he hadn’t seen the original Sherlock for almost two years. So Sherlock’s personality might be slightly different now, which is naturally normal.

While Sherlock was thinking, a sound that sounded unpleasant suddenly can be heard.

“Oh, isn’t that Arthur Weasley? What are you doing here? Did The Ministry of Magic give you a raise so that you can get a new book for your child?”


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Published On: February 29, 2024

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