“Who is this person? Why is Mom so excited when she sees him? I remember she didn’t express that when Bill graduated from Hogwarts.” George looked at the scene in front of him, which seemed to be another Weasley child who had been separated for many years, and whispered to Fred.

Fred carefully looked at Sherlock from top to bottom and said seriously, “Looking at his age, he seems to be about the same age as Charlie. Maybe he is like Charlie’s counterpart of us. It’s just that our parents accidentally forgot about him.”

Ginny heard what her brother said and shook her head, “How is that possible? He doesn’t look like Charlie at all! Not to mention, his hair is pale blond!”

“Didn’t you know? Ginny.” George and Fred smiled sinisterly. They looked at their sister and said, “Our family’s hair is actually pale blond. It’s just that we magically dye it red yearly, don’t you know?”

Ginny was stunned for a moment. It wasn’t until the twins couldn’t help laughing out loud that she reacted with an embarrassed face and chased them.

The trio also whispered secretly from the side.

“I’ve seen this man before.” Harry said firmly.

Ron muttered, “You’ve seen this person before? That makes no sense.”

Harry explained, “Just this summer, on my birthday. When I was at Aunt Petunia’s house, he was running by the side of the road outside, and I saw him once.”

“I seem to have met him when I entered Diagon Alley just now.” Hermione continued Harry’s words, “I only saw his back, but it was easy to recognize that person was him from the back itself.”

Hearing the two of them finish speaking, Ron looked strange, “You have all seen him. My parents saw him as if they saw their own lost child. But who is he?”

The Weasleys now surrounded him, and he was greeted with a lot of excitement. It made him very embarrassed.

What kind of life did the original Sherlock have? Doesn’t he have a father who is a rich man in the Muggle world and a mother who is a bit crazy in the wizarding world?

Professor McGonagall saw him as her favorite student. Why did the Weasleys act more than their own son when they saw him?

The original Sherlock character was bad, withdrawn, and unlikeable. But whether it was Professor McGonagall or the Weasleys and the others, they didn’t care at all, which made Sherlock pretend to act cold like usual.

“Nothing much going on lately, so no need for you to worry about it.”

Hearing this sentence alone, some people may think that Sherlock is polite. But when heard with his tone and expression, it sounded differently. Immediately, the group of children behind the Weasleys, including Harry and Hermione, were a bit sour, and their first impression of him was very bad.

But the Weasleys didn’t care about his attitude.

“Good to hear that you are okay. It’s a good thing to go out for a walk. Do you have any other plans after you come to Diagon Alley today? You can come to our house in the evening, and also.” Mrs. Weasley said while pulling over Harry behind her.

“This is your Aunt Lily’s son. You might know his name. It’s Harry Potter. He is already twelve years old this year and in second grade at Hogwarts.”

Sherlock froze for a while.

He and Harry Potter are related?

This is getting more and more complicated, and the original Sherlock’s life experience is not as simple as he thought at the beginning. Looking at Harry Potter, who was standing in front of him with a confused expression, Sherlock greeted him first.

“Hello, Potter. I’ve heard your name as early as when I was still at Hogwarts.” Sherlock has now mastered the way the original Sherlock spoke.

He can say polite words, but he must use that kind of flat tone that would make it feel dull and unfriendly.

Harry hesitantly reached out and shook hands with Sherlock. He clearly felt that this person was a little difficult to get along with.

“Hello, and you are?”

“According to my current position, you should call me Professor Forrest.” Sherlock didn’t mean to hide his identity. When the school started, the news would naturally spread.

Hearing his words, everyone around them widened their eyes.

“Professor Forrest, what class do you teach?” Harry asked.

“Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

“Oh, that’s really good, Sherlock.” Mr. Weasley looked very happy. He walked up and hugged Sherlock.

“You have finally fulfilled your own goals. I have long heard that the previously selected professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, is a criminal. I didn’t expect that Dumbledore’s new candidate was you.” Mrs Weasley looked very sad.

“But I heard the position is a bit cursed…” Mrs. Weasley gave him a dissatisfied look.

“Do you really believe that kind of thing, Molly? It’s only a rumor. The professors who have gotten into trouble always put themselves in a bad situation, and what does this have to do with the position?”

Sherlock was silent, but he doubted it himself. But Mr. Weasley obviously couldn’t hear Sherlock’s heart and warmly invited him.

“We’re just about to take the kids to the bookstore to buy their stuff for the new semester. Come with us. We missed you since that time in the Ministry.”

Mr. Weasley grabbed Sherlock’s arm and didn’t give him a chance to refuse at all, so he followed the Weasleys and the Grangers to the bookstore. The others who followed behind all gathered together and whispered in a low voice.

“So it was him who replaced Lockhart.” Hermione looked surprised. “Isn’t he too young? He looks in his early twenties.”

After Lockhart was arrested, the Daily Prophet informed that he was planning to take up the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor position at Hogwarts. At the same time, a reporter named Rita Skeeter mocked Dumbledore’s about this matter.

This made Lockhart fans, including Hermione and Mrs. Weasley, upset for a long time, and they all felt that he had deceived them.

Ron complained, “But Lockhart isn’t even thirty years old.”

George and Fred looked at each other, “This guy sucks, just like Percy.”

Percy glared at them from the side. Harry looked back at where Sherlock was standing just now with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Professor Forrest, huh? He seemed to want to buy ice cream before, but after seeing us, he didn’t buy it.”

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Published On: February 27, 2024

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