“I must mention one thing, Mr. Wickfield,” Gellert Grindelwald said with a smile. “You have made one of the most remarkable deductions at Hogwarts in the past fifty years! To the point where I can’t even fault you for slightly disrupting my plans…”

“Please forgive me, Headmaster Grindelwald,” Matthew lowered his head and replied. “I’m sorry, but I cannot stand idly by while my friends face death…”

“Friendship is indeed an incredibly precious thing,” Grindelwald’s voice conveyed emotion as he nodded. “I can find no fault in your actions. Instead, it is Vinda who sometimes displays a coldness in her behavior and thoughts that goes too far!”

Stepping back, Matthew retreated behind Grindelwald and gestured toward the figure before him.

“I mean no offense, Headmaster,” Matthew spoke softly. “But I believe your adversary still stands before you…”

“Yes, Mr. Wickfield,” Grindelwald’s smile returned to his face.

“But it’s time for me to impart a lesson to you. One that states: When formulating a plan to confront any adversary, you must consider them as formidable as possible before facing them directly. And when you finally face them, the only thing you should do is—”

“Despise them!”

“Grindelwald…” The Black Witch Morgana had now grasped her predicament.

Unable to release the Philosopher’s Stone from her right hand, she used her left hand to wield her magic wand.

The two mighty wizards stood quietly within the hut.

“I believe Vinda wouldn’t appreciate it if I wrecked her little abode,” Grindelwald spoke, seemingly to himself, yet addressing Morgana. “So, I think it would be best for us to change the battleground.”

Morgana remained silent, akin to a statue frozen in time.

Professor Grindelwald elegantly waved his magic wand.

This time, Matthew could finally catch a glimpse of the wand’s appearance: a peculiar wand made from segments of elderberry—

The “Elder Wand,” one of the legendary Deathly Hallows!

Simultaneously, the surrounding scenery began to undergo drastic changes.

Corridors, walls, statues… countless scenes whirled around them endlessly.

It was as if Professor Grindelwald was guiding his opponents and students through the spatial realms within Hogwarts Castle.

As though the space within Hogwarts Castle itself was being traversed.

“Many times during my tenure at Hogwarts, the castle failed to recognize my authority,” Grindelwald said with a smile. “But when the castle faced a crisis, and the true owner of the castle consented to my actions… I could accomplish anything!”

Finally, the shifting space came to a halt.

Matthew looked down and was nearly startled.

Because he suddenly realized that he stood atop Gothic tiles…

Principal Grindelwald had transported them to the pinnacle of Hogwarts Castle.

More specifically, they were situated on the eighth floor of the castle.

“Excellent!” Gellert Grindelwald expressed his satisfaction while simultaneously casting a disdainful gaze toward Morgana. “Fight here, and don’t hold back. You’ve already caused enough destruction.”

Morgana paid no attention to her surroundings as she seemed to regain her composure.

She stood quietly atop a spire.

As the most infamous black witch in British magical history and a contemporary of the great mage Merlin, she was not one to be underestimated.

No longer fixating on the Philosopher’s Stone tightly clutched in her right hand, she focused her gaze solely on her adversary—the dismissive Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Matthew quickly understood why Headmaster Grindelwald was unwilling to engage in battle indoors.

He observed Morgana’s left hand as it brandished her magic wand.

Suddenly, the previously serene black lake near the castle erupted with tumultuous waves, splashing water in all directions—

A series of surging waves soared into the sky, gradually coalescing and condensing into countless ice cones suspended mid-air.

Before Matthew could even retrieve his wand to contemplate a defense—

Grindelwald also raised his Elder Wand.

The tiles on the nearby castle turrets began to detach, floating in the air as though forming a shield formation, shielding both Grindelwald and Matthew.

Ice cones collided with cobblestones, shattering upon impact… Numerous shattered debris cascaded down from Matthew and Grindelwald.

But Morgana’s assault did not cease.

Yet, what plummeted to the ground were mere fragments of stone.

The ice remnants returned to Morgana, slowly melting and transforming back into water. Droplets accumulated in the sky, condensing behind Morgana.

In just ten seconds, the water congealed into a colossal entity—

Matthew struggled to discern its form for a moment…

It resembled a Grim but stood at least a hundred feet tall—far more significant than an average Grim.

Professor Grindelwald remained undaunted.

As he surveyed the massive water creature hovering in the sky, his silver hair fluttered in the powerful wind.

The Headmaster of Hogwarts was akin to a conductor directing an orchestra, boldly wielding the most powerful wand in the wizarding world.

A pale blue flame suddenly materialized, burning fiercely in the sky, consuming all it touched without restraint.

A column of flame, reaching hundreds of feet high, shot into the heavens, propelled by the old man’s arm, chasing after the colossal water monster in the sky.

The sudden surge in temperature caused the water to evaporate violently, causing the monster to rapidly shrink in size…

The water vapor rose into the clouds and gradually descended into raindrops.

The most formidable wand was in the hands of the most powerful wizard.

Magic transcended mere light waves between individuals.

It could alter the color of the sky and the earth, dulling the brilliance of the sun and moon…

Thus, beneath the pale blue flames, a shower of blue rain suddenly fell from the sky.

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Published On: September 4, 2023

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