“It’s impossible…” Morgana appeared to panic slightly as she murmured to herself.

“Impossible?” Matthew responded with a hint of sarcasm. “Did you think I hadn’t noticed the peculiarities of Harry Evans as early as Halloween? And yet, I did nothing about it in the following months?”iced the peculiarities of Harry Evans as early as Halloween? And yet, I did nothing about it in the following months?”

“Even if I’m not foolish enough to expose your true identity publicly, I could easily disclose what I’ve discovered to a teacher…”

“It’s actually quite simple…” Matthew paused momentarily before continuing. “When I uncovered your true identity, I also uncovered the truth about Hogwarts being nothing more than a trap set specifically for you…”

“Why was Professor Rosier so secretive, suppressing any news related to the attacks? It’s because she knew that your goal was to frame Professor Trocar.”

“Placing Hogwarts under even greater pressure… So, the most appropriate response was to treat these incidents with cold detachment!”

“To the extent that after Halloween, Professor Rosier impersonated Headmaster Grindelwald with a Polyjuice Potion to deter you from further attacking students, hiding in the shadows…”

“I’m not afraid of that little Grindelwald!” Morgana sneered coldly, though she seemed somewhat unsettled.

But Matthew continued, a smile gracing his face. “When concealing the incidents became untenable, why did Professor Trocar willingly confess to the ‘crimes’?”

“They both assumed full responsibility, ensuring Hogwarts wouldn’t face even greater scrutiny… Simultaneously, it kept you in the dark, letting you grow complacent.”

Matthew continued a smile on his face. “I believe Professor Rosier and Professor Trocar aren’t aware of your true identity. After all, they’re just teachers and can’t notice what I, as an observant student, can…”

“However, I believe they understand the various plans that Professor Grindelwald has arranged through his seer abilities!” Matthew said smugly.

“So why are they doing this?” Morgana almost roared, her grip on the magical stone tightening.

“In order to buy time!” Matthew naturally replied. “After all, the Dark Witch Morgana is the most formidable dark wizard in British magical history.”

“Even if Headmaster Grindelwald intends to deal with you, he must proceed cautiously and seize the best opportunity for himself!”

“And why did Professor Grindelwald relocate the remaining unicorns from Hogwarts after Halloween… It’s quite simple. The blood of the last two unicorns was merely a taste for you…”

“Without unicorn blood and the elixir, your body grows weaker and your temperament more restless… When you’re at your most anxious and vulnerable, that’s when he will act and personally deal with you!”

Seeing Morgana’s expression changed into somewhat of a sad, lost state. Matthew almost sympathizes with her…

Morgana lowered her head, seemingly thinking about what Matthew had revealed.

Yet Matthew didn’t afford her a chance to catch her breath and continued his verbal assault:

“So, over the past few months, I’ve chosen to ‘turn a blind eye’ to these incidents… It’s actually quite simple because I knew all these events would be resolved perfectly! The trap set by Headmaster Grindelwald would eventually close!”

“It’s a pity that Neville and Hermione, those two clever youngsters, disrupted my plans… Their fearless-bravery led them into your clutches.” Matthew expressed a hint of regret.

“To maintain stability, Professor Rosier will continue to disregard their disappearances… However, after being deprived of unicorn blood and the elixir for three and a half months, your impatience must reach its peak. You’re likely to choose to kill Neville and Hermione, further testing Hogwarts…”

Matthew spread his hands. “Hey, I couldn’t bear to watch Neville and Hermione die before my eyes like that. So the only thing I could do was find you in that bathroom… and then guide you towards finding the true Sorcerer’s Stone!”

There was no doubt that Morgana, the Dark Witch, now understood the entire chain of events and their consequences.

Her face was extremely peculiar as she glanced at the magic stone still tightly clutched in her hand.

She hadn’t noticed it before, consumed by her excitement… But now, she finally saw it!

A faint red light followed the brilliant red stone and seeped into her skin…

It was subtle and unnoticeable; if not for careful observation, Morgana would have missed it entirely.

Morgana clenched her right hand forcefully, yet the Philosopher’s Stone seemed stuck, unable to be released.

From the very beginning, this magic stone had been cursed.

Under normal circumstances, Morgana wouldn’t have been so foolish and absurd.

But upon seeing the Sorcerer’s Stone once more, upon witnessing the prospect of renewing her life…

She became so ecstatic that she almost forgot to be cautious.

And now, the Curse began to take effect, little by little!

“Grindelwald!” Morgana roared and raged.

Simultaneously, she cast a hostile gaze toward Matthew as if venting her anger upon him.

She raised her wand, and a green light shot toward Matthew.

A long, black barrier abruptly materialized in front of Matthew.

It stood between Matthew and Morgana, completely shielding him from the death Curse fired from Morgana’s wand.

Then, a thick, pale blue mist gradually enveloped the Headmistress’s office.

The black barrier also dissipated as the mist dispersed, revealing a figure silently standing behind Matthew.

Matthew turned around and beheld a familiar face—a handsome elderly man with neatly trimmed silver-white hair, a mustache, and an old but remarkably distinguished countenance.

“Headmaster Grindelwald!” Matthew spoke respectfully.

Although he had seen Gellert Grindelwald before, this was the first time he had been in such close proximity to the principal of Hogwarts.

“Fear not, child,” Grindelwald’s voice was gentle, emanating a strong sense of security. “I am here.”

“Yes,” Matthew nodded fervently.

Professor Grindelwald raised his wand, directing it towards Morgana on the other side.

In a casual tone, he asked, “By the way, my boy, what is your name?”

“The name is Matthew,” Matthew replied softly. “Matthew Wickfield.”

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Published On: September 3, 2023

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