This seemingly absurd agreement was forged in this manner.

“Hurry up and lead me to find the Philosopher’s Stone!” Morgana impatiently exclaimed.

“Alright, let’s go right away!” Matthew wasted no more time.

After all, the person standing before him was not a benevolent individual but the most notorious Dark Witch in British magical history.

They departed from the abandoned bathroom and returned to the castle corridor.

Matthew didn’t engage in deceit because he understood the vast power disparity between himself and Morgana.

He walked ahead earnestly, heading towards their destination—the office of Headmistress Rosier—while Morgana, disguised as “Harry Evans,” followed closely behind.

The two strode briskly along the corridor, moonlight casting a soft glow through the tall windows, painting the corridor floor with its gentle beams.

Bon voyage!

Incidents occurred once they reached the second-floor staircase.

Just as they were about to reach the stairs, a noise emanated from the adjacent hallway, startling Matthew.

“My dear, did you hear those footsteps?” Mr. Pringle’s voice could be heard. He seemed to be conversing with Mr. Donald. “Are there students roaming the castle at this late hour?”

“Bark!” Mr. Donald Dog barked in response.

“Sniff them out and catch them!” Mr. Pringle seemingly understood Mr. Donald barking, commanding sternly.

Matthew quickly turned to Morgana, pleading for assistance.

Morgana snorted coldly, raising her wand and tapping it on Matthew’s head.

Suddenly, an odd sensation coursed through Matthew.

It felt like Morgana had cracked an egg on his head, followed by a chilling sensation flowing into his body from the point of contact with her wand.

Matthew glanced down at his body—or rather, his former body.

It no longer felt like his own; its color and texture melded with the wall behind him, gradually vanishing. He had transformed into a human-shaped chameleon.

“This appears to be the ‘Invisibility Charm,’ an incredibly advanced Charm…” Matthew pondered to himself.

He raised his head, but there was nothing but emptiness before his eyes.

The towering figure that had previously stood behind him had vanished completely.

“Press against the wall!” Morgana instructed, her voice echoing in Matthew’s ear.

He obediently pressed himself against the wall.

Mr. Pringle and Mr. Donald swiftly appeared before them.

Both appeared on high alert, particularly Mr. Donald, who extended his nose, sniffing intently.

Would the “Invisibility Charm” have an effect on dogs? Matthew wondered as he observed the Golden Retriever sniffing about with its nose held high.

Strangely, Mr. Donald, who had been vigorous just moments ago, now seemed utterly lethargic upon nearing Matthew and Morgana.

It was as if he were in a daze, mindlessly passing by Matthew and Morgana, descending the stairs. Mr. Pringle followed suit, trailing Mr. Donald down the steps.

The man and the dog were oblivious to Matthew and Morgana’s presence, despite being mere feet away.

“I feel as though I’ve witnessed this scene before…” Matthew thought to himself.

After a brief recollection, it suddenly dawned on him.

On the second Saturday of school, when he went to the Forbidden Forest to meet Professor Kettleburn for the first “after-school practice”… On his way out of the castle, he encountered Mr. Donald at the entrance.

At that time, Mr. Donald exhibited the same lethargic state he was in now, as if in a trance. Moreover, Matthew showed no reaction when he exited the castle alongside Mr. Donald.

Moreover, it was around four o’clock in the morning, and when he opened the door, the castle’s oak door had already been slightly ajar…

“What are you waiting for?” Morgana snapped him out of his thoughts.

Matthew snapped back to reality.

Morgana spoke displeasedly, “Let’s continue quickly!”

The footsteps of Mr. Pringle and Mr. Donald gradually faded away.

And the illusion created by the “Invisibility Charm” on Matthew and Morgana vanished without a trace.

“Okay, please follow me!” Matthew said hurriedly.

The two resumed their journey, making their way toward the office of the Headmistress.

Soon, they reached the door of the Headmistress’s office.

“Is this it?” Morgana furrowed her brow, speaking in a hushed voice.

“Yes!” Matthew nodded.

Morgana regarded Matthew suspiciously, but after confirming that he didn’t seem lying, she proceeded forward.

The door was securely locked, and the room lay cloaked in darkness.

Under normal circumstances, Professor Vinda Rosier, the Headmistress, did not reside in the school and had no reason to remain in her office so late.

Morgana, however, displayed no fear of the Headmistress.

Without hesitation, she drew her wand and aimed it at the keyhole.

She attempted “Alohomora.” but the door offered no response. A spell of this caliber couldn’t overcome the lock on the Headmistress’s office.

Yet, for someone like Morgana, such challenges posed no obstacle.

Raising her wand once more, she whispered a complex and obscure incantation.

After a few seconds, a faint sound resembling cracking eggshells emanated from the Headmistress’s office door, as if the protective enchantments were gradually being undone.

Finally, the lock clicked, and the door swung open.

Matthew once again stepped into the Headmistress’s office, his gaze falling upon the modest room that resembled a snow cave.

“Morgana, I suggest you search carefully!” Matthew urged his voice quick.

It didn’t require Matthew’s reminder—Morgana had already begun searching fervently.

Her movements were so swift that even Matthew found himself momentarily stunned.

She waved her wand, causing the books on the shelf to cascade to the floor, forming a pile in one corner of the room. The entire bookshelf had been overturned by her.

The large cabinet met the same fate, its doors flung open to reveal an empty interior.

Only the long desk, where Professor Rosier conducted her work, remained.

Morgana strode toward it, effortlessly pulling open the central drawer.

It wasn’t even locked.

A vivid red light flooded the room as the drawer slid open, illuminating everything within.

Resting quietly in Professor Rosier’s drawer lay a brilliant red stone and a hidden book.

There were no protections, no disguises.

With ease, they had found the Philosopher’s Stone!

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Published On: August 31, 2023

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