Evans’ expression shifted subtly as Matthew spoke.

“Isn’t that how it goes?” Matthew said, his demeanor relaxed. “When people witness someone with bite marks on their neck and blood dripping, their subconscious tends to attribute it to a Vampire or other blood-sucking creatures. It’s a common assumption.”

“This tendency falls into a fixed mindset, which is precisely what the real culprit wants,” Matthew continued.

“Creating two small puncture wounds on the neck is not challenging. A simple transformation spell can turn one’s teeth into canine fangs, giving the appearance of a ‘blood-sucking monster.’ And numerous spells can simulate the act of drawing blood from a target.”

“So, the attacker of Weasley and Justin may not be an actual ‘blood-sucking monster.’ Any proficient wizard could carry out such an attack and assume the guise of a fake Vampire,” Matthew stated confidently.

“Moreover, if a genuine Vampire were to appear on the Hogwarts campus, all these orchestrated actions would conveniently point the blame in their direction,” he continued.

“After all, there exists a deep-rooted prejudice against real Vampires in the wizarding world, accompanied by a certain degree of hostility.”

“So, when a true Vampire, like our esteemed Professor Trocar, renowned for his uncanny demeanor, becomes the victim of a blood-sucking attack, he would immediately become the prime suspect, wouldn’t he?” Matthew explained confidently.

“Indeed,” Evans replied, a triumphant smile adorning her face.

“But, Miss Evans, I believe there’s one thing that surprises you,” Matthew interjected. “The series of attacks that occurred at Hogwarts has been under wraps by our Headmistress, Professor Rosier, under strict orders.”

“The incidents have not been made public… I must say, this situation might prove disadvantageous for you. It prevents you from singularly targeting Professor Trocar as the primary suspect.” Matthew explained while his eyes focused on Evans’ hands.

A sense of readiness emanated from her as she was poised to raise the wand at any moment.

“Miss Evans, perhaps I know even more,” Matthew stated, his lack of fear evident as he blinked mischievously.

“Oh? I’m listening,” Harry Evans responded, her gaze filled with slight surprise.

Matthew spoke slowly, building up anticipation.

“In addition to the blood of the unicorn, you came to Hogwarts for another reason,” he revealed. “Something that can surpass unicorn blood in its effects,” Matthew paused, adding suspense.

“That something is…” he continued, drawing out the moment. “The Philosopher’s Stone!”

Observing the surprise on Evans’ face, Matthew spread his hands regretfully.

“It seems I’ve guessed correctly.”

“The Philosopher’s Stone is the purest, most precious, and most magical substance, the greatest achievement of ancient alchemy. It has the power to fulfill a wizard’s most primal desires, including eternal life,” he explained.

“The method of creating the Philosopher’s Stone, used to make the Elixir of Life, was lost centuries ago. And currently, the only known remaining Philosopher’s Stone in the world is at Hogwarts… It has been passed down through generations and is now in the possession of Headmaster Gellert Grindelwald,” Matthew disclosed.

Glancing at Evans, he added, “So, since your enrollment, you have been wandering around the campus, appearing mysteriously in various places…”

“All that wandering wasn’t just to familiarize yourself with the environment. Your true objective was to find Professor Grindelwald’s Philosopher’s Stone, right?” Matthew concluded.

Harry Evans’ countenance turned gloomy, though she did not refute Matthew’s assertion.

“Based on the current circumstances, it seems you haven’t succeeded,” Matthew lamented regretfully.

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Published On: August 28, 2023

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