Looking at the gift box in front of Matthew, he saw the book he was strangely familiar with. A book with a funny relationship bound to him.

Matthew burst into laughter, a laughter filled with joy and excitement.

“I’m not scared, you know!” Matthew spoke aloud to the book as if talking to himself. “Haha, let me tell you, this is the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received. Hands down!”

With a wide smile on his face, he stood up from his bed.

He retrieved his dragon leather gloves from the cabinet and wore Theodore’s Dragon leather protective suit. Fully equipped, he returned to the gift box.

“Today is Christmas! And you know what that means?” Matthew exclaimed. “It means Professor Grindelwald will be at Hogwarts. Usually, during holidays, the Headmaster returns to the school!”

He paused for a moment, his smile turning mischievous.

“So, can you imagine what will happen if I hand you over to Professor Grindelwald?”

Matthew was tired of hiding from this mysterious book. Recent events had left him dissatisfied and frustrated. Now, presented with this opportunity, he strongly desired to transfer the book to Gellert Grindelwald.

He wanted to see how the most powerful wizard in Europe would handle it. If even the Headmaster of Hogwarts couldn’t solve it, so be it!

Within the dormitory, a gentle breeze seemed to pass through the room.

The book trembled slightly as if trying to dissuade Matthew from his actions.

Unfazed, Matthew wore his dragon skin protective suit and gloves, determined to proceed.

Suddenly, the book in the gift box opened on its own, revealing its true face to Matthew for the first time.

He discovered that the yellowed pages were completely blank, devoid of words.

But then, at a visible speed, two letters materialized on the page:


The letters were written in a crooked, mysterious font with a strange green hue.

“You don’t want to? Oh, don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you,” Matthew responded with a touch of disdain.

He reached out to grab the gift string but struggled due to the inflexibility caused by his dragon leather gloves.

At that moment, another green line appeared on the blank page:

“I mean you no harm!”

“Save your words for Professor Grindelwald!” Matthew retorted, persisting in his attempt to grab the gift string. “Let’s see if he will believe you!”

Excitement gleamed in Matthew’s eyes. The book’s reaction indicated that it might be afraid of Professor Grindelwald.

“Yes, that’s it!” Matthew felt a strong urge to seek out the esteemed Headmaster now.

With the gift box in hand, Matthew headed to the common room.

Agnes Lestrange happened to pass by and noticed Matthew’s unusual attire.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Lestrange asked with a curious yet perplexed look.

“Uh…” Matthew could only come up with a casual explanation. “It’s freezing… so I bundled up…”

Miss Lestrange’s gaze shifted to the gift box in Matthew’s hand.

“Who are you giving gifts to?” she inquired, her tone faintly mocking. “Is it for Granger?”

“No, this is a gift for Headmaster Grindelwald,” Matthew answered honestly, without resorting to lies.

“What a poor excuse!” Miss Lestrange coldly remarked before walking out of the common room without looking back.

“That’s the truth!” Matthew muttered under his breath, feeling frustrated.

Just as he was about to exit through the door–

He suddenly sensed something was amiss!

The gift box in his hand had inexplicably become lighter in an instant.

He shook it frantically, but no sound came from within… as if only an empty box remained.

In anger, Matthew threw the gift box into the roaring fireplace.

Undoubtedly, his plan to present a gift to the Headmaster had failed.

The mysterious book had once again escaped from his grasp.

“Where would it go? Would it return to its responsive home or venture into other parts of the castle?” Matthew muttered.

Matthew hoped it would stay away from him; the farther, the better!

Returning to the dormitory, Matthew removed his thick Dragon skin protective suit and gloves.

What should he do next? Should he still seek out Headmaster Grindelwald?

He might not be able to convince the Headmaster without the physical evidence. Even if he believed Matthew, he might think he was possessed, just as Professor Slughorn had suggested, and could potentially harm him.

With a pensive expression, Matthew left the Slytherin common room, heading to the Great Hall for breakfast, lost in his thoughts.

As he passed the potions classroom, a robust figure approached him, almost colliding with Matthew.

“Apologies, Mr. Pringle!” Matthew quickly apologized to the castle caretaker.

“Wickfield?” Mr. Pringle, a large man, scrutinized Matthew from head to toe.

“Yes, sir!” Matthew nodded.

“I’ve been looking for you!” Mr. Pringle turned his head and strode alongside Matthew.

Simultaneously, he pulled something out of his pocket. “This should be yours, right? I found it at the top of the stairs on the second floor. The cover has your name, age, and house written on it.”

Matthew remembered Mr. Pringle’s office located next to the second-floor stairs.

Before Matthew could react, Mr. Pringle had already used the book and smacked him on the head several times.

“Don’t go around leaving things behind!” Pringle scolded vehemently.

He then put the book in the pocket of Matthew’s robes and walked away.

Matthew stood there in a daze, his body trembling slightly.

He lowered his head and peered into his pocket.

Indeed… he hadn’t mistaken it earlier.

It was the mysterious book again. Just minutes after its departure, it had returned to his side and into his pocket.

Moments ago, it had made intimate contact with his forehead.

“Merlin’s beard!” Matthew exclaimed softly, filled with disbelief.

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Published On: August 7, 2023

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