The little accident that had just occurred caused a conflict between Matthew and Hermione, resulting in their disagreement and parting ways.

This left Matthew feeling somewhat remorseful.

He was surprised that a girl like Hermione, who was only eleven years old, had made such remarkable discoveries in just two months of school.

She had even made some observations that he hadn’t noticed before.

At the same time, he hoped that Hermione would act more sensibly and not engage in foolish actions.

However, judging from her proactive approach in seeking his advice, her sorting into Ravenclaw, and the influence of the Ravenclaw atmosphere, she seemed less “reckless” than in the original book.

Perhaps he didn’t need to worry too much about her.

Lost in his thoughts, Matthew lowered his head and glanced at the picture in the book.

However, the girl who had been depicted with explicit content and exposure had vanished, replaced by a cloud of black mist.

Matthew proceeded to read the following paragraph in a soft voice:

“Succubus, an ancient magical creature, once active in Europe and the Middle East…”

A smudge appeared behind, rendering a few lines completely invisible, causing Matthew to furrow his brow.

“…is an extremely terrifying demon, often appearing in dreams in the form of beautiful human females, seducing men, impairing their health, and even causing death.”

The introduction was brief, consisting of only a few words.

Matthew suddenly felt that borrowing this book might have been a mistake.

He closed the curtains again, picked up the book, and left the History of Magic classroom.

Matthew returned the tattered book to Mrs. Pince in the library, who looked surprised.

Then, he left the library.

As for the cause, process, and identity of the murderer in the incidents of the past two months, Matthew had a rough outline in his mind, so there was no need to search for more information in the library.

After all, the whole incident had nothing to do with him fundamentally.

Moreover, the progress of the entire situation was beyond his limited power to control.

Furthermore, based on the information he had obtained, the attacks were not as severe as he had initially thought.

“There’s no point seeking something that’s already found!” Matthew muttered to himself as he ascended the stairs to the eighth floor of the castle.

While on the stairs of the sixth floor, Matthew encountered someone he knew.

“Hey, Evans!” he called out eagerly.

Through the bustling crowd at the top of the stairs, he approached Harry Evans.

Evans looked up and was slightly taken aback upon seeing Matthew.

“Good morning!” Matthew patted him kindly on the shoulder.

“Morning… good morning…” Evans replied, taking a couple of steps back instinctively. “Good morning, Wickfield.”

“Did everything go well last night? Professor Trocar should have escorted you back to the Gryffindor common room, right?” Matthew asked casually.

“Yes!” Evans replied

“Are you heading to breakfast now?” Matthew continued his question.

Evans appeared absent-minded, seemingly caught off guard, before whispering, “Um…”

“Goodbye then!” Matthew smiled and waved at him. “Don’t get lost again.”

“Okay… okay!” Evans nodded quickly and hurriedly descended the stairs as if fleeing.

Matthew watched Evans retreating figure and furrowed his brow.

He recalled Draco’s comment from the previous night when they returned to the Slytherin common room.

“Harry Evans looks like a girl!”

It wasn’t just Malfoy who thought that way. Matthew had the same impression of Harry when they first met—he also found him rather feminine.

So… could it be that Evans was actually a girl?

Matthew pondered as he continued climbing the stairs.

“Hey, Matthew!” This time, someone else called out to him.

When Matthew reached the eighth floor, he encountered Neville coming out of the entrance to the Gryffindor Tower and stepping away from an elegant portrait.

“Good morning, Neville!” Matthew greeted him in return.

“Why are you here on the eighth floor?” Neville glanced at him, his expression filled with curiosity.

“I came to see Professor Flitwick!” Matthew casually used his old excuse again.

“Oh, I’ll go to the Great Hall for breakfast then.” Neville nodded.

Just as he was about to descend the stairs and bid Matthew farewell…

“Hey, Neville!” Matthew suddenly called out from behind.

“Huh?” Neville turned around, looking puzzled. “Can you tell me about Evans?” Matthew asked curiously.

“Evans? What about him?” Neville asked, surprised.

“It’s nothing; I’m just a little curious!” Matthew replied calmly, carefully choosing his words. “The main thing is… I want to befriend him, but he seems very introverted…”

“He’s indeed quite introverted,” Neville agreed.

Deciding not to head downstairs, Neville joined Matthew by the window on the eighth floor, and they conversed while admiring the scenery outside.

“Evans doesn’t interact much with us,” Neville thoughtfully shared. “Whether it’s during meals, classes, or other activities, he rarely spends time with our group.”

“For example, yesterday morning, I ran into him on the way to the bathroom in the Gryffindor common room. We were both carrying towels and clothes, and I asked him to join me. You won’t believe it, but he got scared and ran away. It’s strange for boys to be shy about such things. It’s unbelievable…” Neville said with a baffled expression.

“…Before, he argued with Ron for some reason before the incident. It ended with him crying, just like a girl…” Neville continued.

Neville recalled various instances of chatting away and providing Matthew with plenty of information about Evans.

Matthew smiled, feeling certain this time.

“What’s the matter, Matthew?” Neville looked at the smile on his face, appearing surprised.

“Nothing.” Matthew quickly shook his head.

“Then I’ll go have breakfast!”

“Goodbye!” Matthew bid Neville farewell.

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Published On: July 29, 2023

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