“Is Professor Grindelwald the true Headmaster of Hogwarts? What does it have to do with us?” Matthew’s voice grew colder. “Hermione, we’re just ordinary first-year students.”

“But…” Hermione Granger’s expression suddenly dropped.

Tears welled up in her eyes, threatening to spill at any moment.

“Matthew… I miss my mom and dad so much… I can’t remember what they look like or the moments we shared… but I can still feel their concern, tenderness, and love for me…” Hermione replied in a soft voice.

Hermione’s voice wavered as sadness overtook her, and she sobbed softly.

She trembled, tears streaming down her face.

Matthew stood there, stunned, quietly observing the little girl crying.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered softly.

“No, it’s me who’s losing control.” Hermione wiped the tears from her eyes. “Matthew, I never dared to share this with anyone because they would tell me that now that I’m at Hogwarts, I shouldn’t dwell on my Muggle family. There’s no need to miss those in a different world…”

“…Except for you!” She lifted her head, gazing at Matthew, and asked timidly, “Shouldn’t we all be the same?”

Matthew understood what she meant. They were all children transitioning from the Muggle world to the wizarding world.

Though Matthew didn’t have the same depth of attachment to his Muggle family, having only stayed with them for less than three months, he nodded gently and spoke softly, “Of course. We are all the same!”

Hermione quickly wiped away her tears, regaining her composure.

Simultaneously, she set aside the emotional episode and returned to their previous topic:

“Yes, Professor Gellert Grindelwald must not be the real Headmaster, but Professor Rosier is temporarily masquerading as him. Thus, his previous intimidation tactics can only serve as a temporary measure. Once the true murderer lurking in Hogwarts discovers this…”

“Isn’t temporary deterrence enough?” Matthew calmly interjected.

“Huh?” Hermione was taken aback.

“No matter who the murderer is, they must fear Headmaster Grindelwald’s authority,” Matthew explained. “When they can’t be certain if he’s present at Hogwarts, they won’t dare to launch new attacks unless absolutely necessary…”

“But it happened. Yesterday, they attacked a unicorn in the Forbidden Forest!” Hermione retorted vehemently. “And I know what he is!”

“Oh?” This time, it was Matthew’s turn to be stunned.

“Professor Flitwick told me there were two unicorns in the Forbidden Forest, and they were drained of blood,” Hermione spoke rapidly. “I also asked Neville and Evans about Weasley’s condition after the attack. He was bitten on the neck and nearly drained of blood…”

Her voice resonated with excitement.

Unfortunately, her audience Matthew, seemed somewhat disinterested as he already had his nose buried in a deteriorated book.

“I’m listening, I’m listening!” Matthew quickly responded.

“And there’s a vampire at school!” Hermione asserted firmly. “Our Transfiguration teacher, Professor Trocar!”

Matthew looked up.

“This is another severe accusation.” Matthew softly replied.

“I wasn’t entirely sure…” Hermione whispered. “But last night, as we returned to Ravenclaw Tower with the other first-year students, I saw something peculiar on the stairs of the fourth floor. Professor Trocar… was carrying Evans… I can assure you, his gaze never left Evans. It was as if he were looking at food…”

“Really?” Matthew said solemnly.

He propped his head with his left hand, lost in thought.

“Fortunately, Professor Flitwick was with us, and I called out to Evans, greeted him, and even mentioned Professor Trocar loud enough for Professor Flitwick to hear… I think this should deter the damn vampire and prevent further attacks on Evans,” Hermione’s tone exuded excitement. “I suggest we inform Professor Flitwick. What do you think?”

At the same time, Matthew lowered his head and resumed flipping through the deteriorated book.

“That’s impossible; we can’t let the teachers know about this,” Hermione quickly shook her head. Then she added, “They won’t believe us.”

However, it seemed Matthew hadn’t heard her as he remained engrossed in the book, seemingly captivated by its contents.

“Matthew, what are you looking at?” Hermione’s impatience grew.

She acted impulsively, snatching the questionable book Matthew had borrowed from the library.

Her face blushed.

“Pervert!” She dropped the book on the floor as if it had shocked her.

Then, she swiftly gathered her belongings.

“I thought we were the same!” With those words, she left the History of Magic classroom without looking back.

Matthew stood there, innocence written all over his face.

Honestly, he hadn’t anticipated Hermione would suddenly grab the book like that.

Yet, it was true that the book he had just borrowed contained some “unsuitable for children” content, explaining Hermione’s drastic response.

Matthew picked up the book and turned to the previous page.

Aside from a short paragraph of text, the page featured a large picture…

At the top was a woman in revealing attire, striking seductive poses.

Below, a small line read:


Matthew shook his head and continued to “appreciate” the picture.

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Published On: July 28, 2023

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