For Matthew Wickfield, before he arrived at Hogwarts, all he longed for was to learn magic and then return to the Muggle world to live a peaceful and leisurely life.

But after he came to the magic world, Matthew only desired to survive.

However, Matthew’s emotions remained steady as he gazed at the peculiar book that had reappeared before him.

Instead, a sense of relief washed over him.

He had anticipated this moment for a while now.

The return of the book was only a matter of time.

Thus, there was no surprise or fear as it unfolded before him.

“Do you really want me to open you?” Matthew gazed directly at the old book and spoke softly, “Don’t worry, I, Matthew Wickfield, an honorable student of Hogwarts. Even if you burned in a fiery flame, nor do I get to choose between jumping from the highest floor and touching you, I won’t lay a single finger on you!”

With that, he turned away and walked off.


In the Curse class, Professor Flitwick, a short and lively figure, instructed them on using the “Unlocking Charm.”

“The Unlocking Charm had its origins in Africa, whereupon it was called the Thief’s Friend. The first known person to have mastered the charm was an Ancient African sorcerer, who taught it to thief Eldon Elsrickle during the latter’s trip to the continent in the 17th century.”

“Upon returning to his native Britain, Elsrickle used it to terrorize London, stealing from homes of Muggles and wizards alike, until Blagdon Blay invented the Anti-Alohomora Charm.”

“Before he died, Elsrickle gave knowledge of the Unlocking Charm in exchange for his freedom on the infrequent occasions he broke into a magical household, resulting in the spell being widespread in the country.” The entire class seemed captivated by Professor Flitwick’s lecture.

However, Matthew Wickfield, on the other hand, found his mind drifting away from the lesson.

His thoughts were fixated on the mysterious book reappearing in the Room of Requirement.

He had no concerns about someone stumbling upon the Room of Requirement, encountering the book, and getting harmed or worse.

After all, the Room of Requirement resided within Hogwarts, and only a handful of students knew its existence. Moreover, those who did find their way there were usually mischievous troublemakers.

The chances of such students seeking the library within the Room of Requirement, where the book was located, were nearly non-existent.

If, by some slim chance, one or two exceptions did arise, Matthew could only wish them the best of luck.

In a way, Matthew had discerned specific patterns regarding the book.

No matter what one tries, whether by discarding it or leaving it behind, the book will always find its way back.

Just like that night at the Leaky Cauldron Bar and now, in the morning.

Furthermore, when the book sensed danger, it would take the initiative to remove itself.

For instance, over half a month ago, Draco Malfoy and the others had come into contact with the book after opening their suitcases.

When Malfoy and his posse suffered severe injuries, the book vanished entirely from the dormitory.

It didn’t reappear until this morning in the Room of Requirement.

What did this signify?

Surprisingly, the book itself sensed danger if it were to return to the Slytherin common room.

In other words, the professors at Hogwarts likely knew about its origins and might possess the means to destroy it.

Honestly, the idea brought Matthew a brief sense of relief.

The vampire monster attack had been his second encounter with a threat, but the mysterious book, capable of easily taking lives, posed a more tangible danger.

However, the question remained: which professor should Matthew turn to for help?

The Headmaster, Professor Gellert Grindelwald, was quickly ruled out. In the month since Matthew had arrived at Hogwarts, he had seen little of Grindelwald except for his appearance at the opening banquet.

It seemed as though the busy headmaster rarely remained at the school. Matthew doubted he would be able to seek assistance from him.

Next, he considered Headmistress Professor Vinda Rozier. However, every encounter with her had overwhelmed Matthew with an inexplicable sense of dread.

From the mysterious liquid on the floor of her office to the unsettling smell emanating from her cabinet, Matthew’s instincts urged him to keep his distance. Moreover, his previous life’s recollections of Vinda Rosier’s involvement in dark deeds…

Professor Trocar? In fact, the first face that emerged in Matthew’s mind was him.

Although Professor Trocar’s appearance was shady, he could give Matthew a sense of trust.

Especially after the first class of Transfiguration, when Professor Trocar taught himself some details about the use of Transfiguration.

Deep down in Matthew’s heart, he always felt that Professor Trocar was a good person!

But no matter how you say it, Professor Trocar is the first suspect in the attack.

When the two attacks occurred, he appeared at the crime scene for the first time…This cannot be described as “coincidence” alone.

Even if he is not the murderer, he must have known more than the other Professors. Which is enough to put him as somewhat of an accomplice.

So, who else could he approach?

In Matthew’s mind, the image of an old man with a rotund belly and mustache of a walrus, a balding old man resembling a giant walking walrus.

Professor Horace Slughorn, the Head of Slytherin House.

Although Professor Slughorn was primarily a Potions teacher, his knowledge of Dark Arts, particularly his understanding of Horcruxes might help.

While Slughorn might not be the most reliable source, he was unlikely to suddenly attack and drain Matthew’s blood from the neck.

“Fuck it!” Matthew said as he readies himself to go to Professor Slughorn’s office.

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Published On: July 14, 2023

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