A sense of urgency filled the air as Matthew witnessed the dire condition of Weasley on the ground, Neville’s distressed cries, and the frightened Evans.

The situation seemed surreal to Matthew as if he was an outsider observing a terrible scene.


Professor Trocar spoke up; first, his voice trembling noticeably, “I believe this is an attack, Professor Rosier .” Matthew couldn’t help but notice the unease in his tone.

Meanwhile, Professor Rosier approached Ron, examining his wounds with a serious expression.

“The blood loss is severe,” Professor Rosier noted, her voice weighed down. “And lingering toxins in the wound seem to be causing this condition.”

Professor Rosier draw her wand, “Rennervate!” A fleeting glimmer of hope appeared as Ron’s eyes briefly lit up, only to fade away again.

Professor Trocar shook his head, his voice filled with concern. “The wound is not responding to the spells. It’s unlikely to heal…”

Suddenly, a commotion broke out behind them, interrupting their focus. Mr. Pringle, the Hogwarts Caretaker, arrived in a panic, “Professor Rosier! Thank goodness you are here! My—My dog, Mr—Mr Donald, has gone rabid!”

But his words trailed off as he took in the sight of Weasley’s sorry state. The arrival of other students further heightened the tension, their initial liveliness replaced by shock and silence.

“This… what on earth is happening?” Mr. Pringle stammered, bewildered.

“Perhaps it has something to do with your dog’s sudden madness.” Professor Rosier responded in a hushed voice.

She then turned her attention to Mr. Pringle and issued a command, “Apollyon, take this boy to the school hospital.” Matthew took a moment to realize that she was referring to Mr. Pringle.

She continued, “Madam Pomfrey should provide him with daily blood supplements, double the usual amount… And no antidote needed to be administered.”

“Understood, Madam!” Mr. Pringle acknowledged. He carefully placed Mr. Donald, his dog, in the corner of the Trophy Room before picking up Ron under Professor Rosier’s guidance. He hurried towards the school hospital with the weakened boy on his back.

Neville, eager to follow Ron, was halted by Professor Rosier’s firm command, “Wait, Mr. Longbottom, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Wickfield!” She turned to Professor Trocar and included him in her instructions. “You as well, Edward, follow me.”


The crowd silently parted to allow their passage, and they soon found themselves back in Professor Rosier’s office, albeit with a disarray of cleaning supplies scattered near the door.

Matthew instinctively moved to tidy up the mess, with Neville joining in shortly after.

Professor Rosier resumed her seat, a solemn expression on her face, before conjuring chairs for everyone.

“Please, have a seat.” Professor Rosier said softly while taking a sip of tea from her cup.

“Mr. Wickfield told me earlier both of you rushed over to the Trophy Room after seeing Mr. Donald’s condition, correct?” Professor Rosier asked Neville and Evans.

They looked at each other and nodded, “Yes, that is correct, Professor.”

“Did you notice anything unusual when you arrived at the Trophy Room? Perhaps the presence of an attacker? Because Mr. Weasley was already unconscious when I arrived.” Professor Rosier inquired.

“I don’t think so,” Neville shook his head. “When I entered the Trophy Room with Evans, Ron was already in that state… Professor Trocar was there, trying to help him.”

“Edward Trocar?” Professor Rosier’s frown deepened as she mentioned the Transfiguration teacher’s full name.

Matthew couldn’t help but turn his gaze toward Professor Trocar, observing him closely.

“I didn’t notice anything,” Professor Trocar calmly explained. “When I arrived, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Crabbe, and Mr. Goyle were already in that condition. I tried my best to assist Mr. Weasley, but his pain only slightly subsided…”

Professor Rosier lowered her head, swiftly jotting down notes with her quill. After a brief moment, she looked up again. “Very well, you may all return now. I will go to the Hospital Wing to check on the boys’ condition.”

The four of them exited the Headmistress’s Office simultaneously, their hearts burdened by the gravity of the situation.

Feeling concerned, Matthew approached Professor Trocar, “Professor Trocar.” he called out softly.

Turning around, Professor Trocar faced him, his weary face even paler and bloodless. His voice trembled slightly as he spoke. “Yes, Wickfield, what is it?”

Matthew’s worry was evident as he asked, “Will Weasley be alright?”

Professor Trocar initially shook his head, then hesitantly nodded. He let out a soft sigh and continued, “The chances of his survival are slim.”

“Thank you, Professor.” Matthew said quickly, expressing his gratitude.

“Matthew, come and help me with this, would you?” Neville shouted.

Matthew then turned and hastened to join Neville in moving the cleaning supplies.

As they worked together, Matthew couldn’t help but close his eyes for a moment.

The scent of blood seemed to linger around Professor Trocar, intensifying his concerns.

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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