Matthew’s face changed slightly. If Matthew remembers correctly, Mr. Donald should have guided Crabbe, Goyle, and Ronald Weasley to the Trophy Room.

The Trophy Room is much larger than Professor Rosier’s office. It would take longer than they did with Professor Rosier’s room

When Matthew’s group finally finished their assignment, Mr. Donald barked in a manic state; Matthew suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

Neville, filled with courage in each of his steps, dropped his broom, and went straight to the source of the sound, truly a Gryffindor down to his core.

Harry Evans did not hesitate to follow him, but Matthew stood awkwardly momentarily. Matthew let out a sigh before following the both of them.

He would be the first suspect if he stayed there while his groups were gone.

Soon, they found Mr. Donald at the top of the stairs on the first floor.

Many students are around; they know Mr. Donald’s condition and don’t dare to move an inch closer.

Although Mr. Donald used to be fierce, he has always been a good boy. Only giving it to the rule-breakers… Now, he is like a dog with rabies… trying to bite everyone in his sight.

He has bitten several students; Mr. Pringle has also heard the news and is trying to subdue him. It’s a pity Mr. Donald seems aggravated, grinning at its owner while barking violently.

“Donald… Donald, hey Donald…” Mr. Pringle whispered his pet’s name, but the only response Mr. Donald gave was a bark.

Mr. Pringle looked a bit angry, and he yelled, “Donald!” Mr. Donald suddenly turned silent as if the spirit possessing him was gone; Mr. Pringle took the chance and hugged him tightly.

Matthew couldn’t help but burst into laughter seeing Mr. Pringle call the dog’s name “Donald!” before he finally returned to normal.

“What’s wrong?” Neville looked at him curiously.

“In the Muggle world.” Matthew explains in a low voice, “That is the name of a very famous duck.”

“Is that it?” Neville asked.

Suddenly, Neville slapped his forehead as if remembering something important. He grabbed Matthew and Evans and said softly, “Isn’t Mr. Donald in the Trophy Room with Ron and two of Matthew’s friends?”

“Yes, that’s right” Matthew nodded.

“It’s terrible!” Neville’s face changed suddenly, “If Mr. Donald is in this state, what would happen to the three of them?”

He took Matthew’s and Evans’ hands and ran towards the Trophy Room. Matthew couldn’t do anything with his hand in Neville’s grip; Matthew could only try to keep up with Neville’s pace.

“I think we should ask the Professors for help!” While trying to collect his breath, Matthew said, “If the situation is as dangerous as we thought, then we should get their help!”

“You’re right!” Neville nodded, “Then, Matthew, you go call the Professors! Evans and I will go to the Trophy Room.”

Neville let go of Matthew’s hand and then left Matthew; they ran as fast as they could, although it could be seen Evans was on the brink of passing out.


Matthew praised himself for coming up with this idea; he finally could catch his breath.

If something happened in the Trophy Room, what could the three first-year students like them do? He thought to himself.

He looked around; he found Professor Slughorn’s office to be the closest. Although Professor Slughorn caught a cold, so he won’t be able to do much even if he came along.

The next one would be Professor Flitwick, on the third floor. Matthew took a deep breath before finally trying to run to Professor’s Flitwick office.

At the first turn, he collided with a woman head-on; Matthew fell hard. He looked at her, black robe and everything of a witch.

“Wickfield?” The witch said coldly, with a bit of surprise in her voice.

“Ro—Professor Rosier!” Matthew stammered, suddenly realizing that he was wrong. Next to Professor Slughorn’s office, there would be the Headmistress Rosier’s office.

“Why are you here?” Professor Rosier asked with a frown and confused expression as if she had just got caught doing something.

“Be-because there was some incident! Mr. Donald suddenly became manic and bit lots of students! It’s as if Mr. Donald got possessed by an evil spirit!” Matthew explained after recollecting himself.

“When we were assigned the tasks from Mr. Pringle, Mr. Donald guided Crabbe, Goyle, and Weasley to the Trophy Room to clean it. Neville Longbottom was worried about them, so he took Evans to check their condition. I suggested that while they check the others, I would find the Professors to assist us.” Matthew continued while looking at Professor Rosier’s strange expression.

“The Trophy Room?” Professor Rosier frowned. It felt like she finally turned back to herself after asking, “Take me there, Wickfield!” Professor Rosier said, following Matthew’s lead.

Every step she takes with her leather boots echoes reverb through the hall; the hallway feels long while driving Matthew insane with how the Professor looks and the clack of her leather boots.


After a while, they arrived at the Trophy Room. Matthew was shocked seeing the situation there, Crabbe and Goyle… two massive boys known for their towering bodies compared to the other Slytherin’s first-year lying there unconscious…

Though it looks like their condition is better than Ronald Weasley’s.

“Ron, wake up, Ron… Ron!” Neville shouted while slapping Weasley’s face and shaking his body a few times.

Harry Evans could be seen trembling and shivering near the two because of the sight of Ronald Weasley… the poor boy lying there unconscious in a pool of blood.

There are only two wounds on his body, two small holes on his neck. As if fangs had pierced his neck, the blood was still flowing although it was already weak.

Weasley’s eyes are still open, but his stares are empty… his body is constantly twitching and trembling; Malfoy’s incident was nothing compared to this.

“I knew it! Something bad must’ve been happening with how everything was hectic!” Matthew thought to himself.


Besides Neville and Evans, there is another person besides Weasley. A Professor with his wand aimed at Weasley’s wound, where the blood is still flowing… as if trying his best to heal and seal the wound.

Upon hearing the footsteps entering the Trophy Room, the Professor raised and turned his head around. Revealing a pale, sickly face… it’s Professor Trocar.

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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