Every Saturday, the number of students in the Hogwarts library increases as they search for materials to complete their weekly course essays.

However, Matthew Wickfield had finished all his essays on Friday night, leaving him with no burdens to worry about. Despite this, he found himself aimlessly wandering the bookshelves, searching for something else.

Hermione Granger, his neighbor at the Leaky Cauldron Bar, and a fellow Hogwarts student approached him.

They had become acquainted during their ride on the Hogwarts Express and had often bumped into each other in the library recently, so they were already familiar with one another.

“What are you looking for, Matthew?” Hermione asked softly, setting down her quill.

Matthew kept his voice low, mindful of the strict librarian, Mrs. Pince, “I’m looking for books about Vampires.” He replied.

Hermione’s face brightened with a smug expression. “Ah, so you’ve finally found your interest. You should check out Professor Trocar…”

Matthew quickly interrupted her, shaking his head. “Hush!”

Hermione vanished and reappeared in a flash, holding a large, ancient book in her hands. She handed it to Matthew, “Ta-da!”

Confused, Matthew looked at the book, “What’s this?”

“It’s a book I obtained from Professor Flitwick for Professor Rosier’s essay. Normally, it’s restricted but take it. It will help you. There’s no better resource on vampires in the entire library!” Hermione said with a hint of pride.

Matthew examined the massive book, realizing it was from the restricted section. “Books from the restricted section…” he murmured, raising his gaze to meet Hermione’s.

Before they could continue their conversation, a menacing voice interrupted them.

“If you continue being a nuisance in the library, I will ask the both of you to leave!” Mrs. Pince, the librarian, stood behind them, wielding her feather duster with anger.

Startled, Matthew and Hermione quickly apologized and hurriedly left the library.

The restricted section of the library was a special area accessible only with permission. Any book found there required a signed note from a teacher granting access. Professor Flitwick, known for his amiable nature, often granted permission to Ravenclaw students with valid reasons.

Professor Slughorn, the head of Slytherin House, also seemed approachable, but his favor was reserved for a select few students. Although Matthew had a good relationship with Slughorn, he didn’t feel comfortable asking him for access to the restricted section.

With the book Hermione had given him, Matthew found a secluded corner in the library to study. The book delved into dangerous magical creatures that posed a threat to wizards, including vampires, werewolves, and eight-eyed giant spiders.

As he flipped through the pages, Matthew noticed the detailed descriptions and gruesome illustrations that warranted the book’s restricted status. He quickly located the chapter on vampires and immersed himself in the information.

Hermione’s words rang true as Matthew discovered a level of detail that surpassed his previous sources. Skipping over familiar sections, he found some valuable content.

“Vampires require fresh blood, preferably from living creatures. They must consume fresh blood at least three times a week, or they’ll experience a severe neurological decline. Prolonged absence of fresh blood can even lead to death.” Matthew reads.

“While blood substitutes or products like blood lollipops may temporarily satisfy a vampire’s bloodlust, they lack the same effect as fresh blood.”

“Some vampires develop a taste for specific types of blood, and well-known vampires, such as the Hungarian vampire Elizabeth Báthory, also known as ‘Ms. Camilla,’ relentlessly preyed on young girls, bathing in their blood to maintain an eternally youthful appearance. It is rumored that she brutally murdered at least 51 Muggle girls before 1611.”

“There are also vampires who grow tired of feeding on Muggles and ordinary animals’ blood. They believe that consuming the blood of higher-level creatures enhances their power.”

“In history, vampires who target young wizards have been referred to as ‘butcher vampires.’ However, in the nineteenth century, a group of wizards formed a ‘Vampire Hunter’ organization to combat these threats and eliminate them.”

“Some vampires have even extended their reach to high-level magical creatures. In the 17th century, a vampire named Robert Kaplan, who had relocated to Australia attempted to drain the blood of a Chinese Fireball but succumbed to its lethal venom.”

“Nevertheless, there is no conclusive evidence that vampires gain more power by feeding on high-level magical creatures or wizards compared to Muggles or ordinary animals.”

Matthew skimmed through the text, absorbing the information about vampires. As he reached the end of the section, his eyes caught sight of the title of the next part, “Dream Monsters.”

Intrigued by the mention of Dream Monsters, Matthew wondered what secrets the next chapter held. He pondered the possibilities as he closed the book, his mind now racing with new ideas and questions.

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Published On: July 7, 2023

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