Theodore Nott’s second hospitalization didn’t create much commotion at Hogwarts.

On the one hand, students from other houses remained unaware of the incident.

On the other hand, Slytherin students who knew about it accepted Madam Pomfrey’s explanation that Nott’s accident resulted from his failure to “Follow the doctor’s advice.”

Over time, the impact of the previous attack gradually waned, and Hogwarts returned to its peaceful state.

Life continued as usual, except that the Slytherin boys’ dormitory once again belonged to Matthew Wickfield alone, which was a welcomed change.

However, Matthew couldn’t forget Nott’s words before he fainted “It’s still here.”

He deduced that the book must still be in his bedroom.

Despite his thorough search, the book remained elusive.

Days passed, and the book showed no sign of reappearing.

It seemed to have vanished from his life completely.

Nevertheless, Matthew chose not to let it intimidate him and faced his new life calmly.

The second week of classes proceeded smoothly.

In Herbology, Professor Sprout led them into the greenhouse, although it housed only the least dangerous and rare plants.

The initial excitement of the students waned when they found nothing but various mushrooms inside.

Observing their lack of enthusiasm, Professor Sprout earnestly addressed them, “When encountering a strange plant, the ability to judge whether it poses a threat is crucial. Familiarizing yourselves with different mushrooms, you will build a solid foundation for future plant assessments. Mushrooms are the most obvious examples; as long as you don’t consume them, they won’t harm you.”

She then promised to introduce more magical plants, their habits, and appearances in the coming semesters, eventually leading them to the third greenhouse, where they would encounter dangerous magical plants.

This increased the enthusiasm of the students in Herbology.

In the Spell class, they focused on the “Hovering Charm.”

While not a simple spell, Matthew quickly mastered it and became the second student, right after Ravenclaw’s Hermione Granger, to successfully complete it.

However, Matthew realized that the “Hovering Charm” alone couldn’t send an adult wizard into the sky after performing the sliding shovel maneuver.

It lacked the necessary power, requiring a more advanced “Levitation Charm” to achieve such a feat.

During the second Potions class, Professor Slughorn praised Matthew multiple times and highly evaluated the “Swelling Solution” prepared by Matthew Wickfield and Neville Longbottom.

Although Matthew believed Neville made a more significant contribution, he suspected Draco Malfoy’s absence due to the incident might influence Professor Slughorn’s attitude.

In contrast, Harry Evans continued to perform poorly, making numerous mistakes and receiving direct criticism from Professor Slughorn as a “typical” example.

After class, Harry leaves the potions classroom in shame, leaving his companion Ronald Weasley to clean the cauldron alone.

Defense Against the Dark Arts remained extremely strict.

Professor Rosier resumed following the textbook list, starting with the first chapter of “The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection”—the “Full Body-Bind Curse.”

They focused on theory rather than practical exercises in class, meticulously noting down the skills and precautions associated with the Curse.

As class ended, Professor Rozier assigned another lengthy essay.

The second week at Hogwarts came to an end.

Matthew Wickfield felt increasingly familiar with life at the school, growing accustomed to it and perhaps even developing a fondness for it.

Reciting the password, “Pure Blood is Thicker Than Muggle’s Blood,” he entered the Slytherin common room.

Soon after, he noticed the new password for the next two weeks on the bulletin board “Noble Ambition.”

He wrote it down in his notebook and entered his bedroom.

Matthew realized something strange was happening inside the room. In the dark, on top of his desk, there is a glowing green light.

He cautiously goes to his desk, realizing it was the After School Practice parchment.

It continued glowing in a green light; when Matthew examined it, he found letters written on the blank parchment.

“To the Slytherin Boys Group

This Saturday, at 4:30 in the morning

I’ll be waiting at the hut by The Forbidden Forest

Don’t be late!

~Professor Silvanus Kettleburn”

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Published On: July 1, 2023

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