Professor Bathilda Bagshot had just concluded her lecture, but as she paused to take a sip of water, a hand shot up in the air.

“You are?” Professor asked the student that raised her hand.

“Granger, Hermione Granger, Professor!” who politely requested permission to ask, “I’m sorry for interrupting you, but do you know what an elixir of life is?” she questioned the Professor.

Curiosity spread among the students, and whispers filled the classroom.

Professor Bagshot, known for her kindness, was not angered by the interruption. Instead, she responded in a gentle tone, “My class is the History of Magic, and what I am studying is historical events. Of course, if you are interested in elixir.”

The students eagerly expressed their desire to learn more about it.

“Yes, Professor!”

“Please tell us about the Elixir of Life!”

“We are interested!”

Professor Bagshot raised her hand, calming the impatient and immature voices of the students, promising to fulfill their request.

The room fell silent once again as all eyes focused on Professor Bagshot before them.

“Let’s start with the ‘magic stone,'” Professor Bagshot began, “which some wizards refer to as the ‘Philosopher’s Stone.'”

“The Philosopher’s Stone was a legendary alchemical substance with magical properties. This ruby-red stone could be used to create the Elixir of Life, which made the drinker immortal, as well as transform any metal into pure gold.” Professor Bagshot explained.

“Of course, even the Elixir of Life has its limit for us mortals. At most, even if we keep drinking the Elixir of Life, we would live up to seven or eight hundred years.” She continued.

“The problem that most wizards underestimate is probably the blood of Incubus, which flows inside Merlin’s body; that would be another secret as to why he lived up to a thousand and two hundred years before dying at the Goblin’s rebellion.” Professor Bagshot explained with a grim expression.

After finishing her explanation, she lowered her head to take a sip from her drink. She raised her head only to discover another student had raised his hand.

“You are?” Professor Bagshot asked the student.

“Neville Longbottom, Professor!” Neville answered the Professor while standing from his seat, “Before Sir Merlin died did he pass the Philosopher’s Stone to someone else, Professor?” He asked.

“No, Mr. Longbottom,” She shook her head, “It was said that the Philosopher’s Stone was not among the things he inherits. Rumors on the wind said before he passed away, he used all of the stone’s power.” Professor Bagshot explained.

After that, another student asked a question, but without asking for permission, “So, how can I get the Philosopher’s Stone?”

The class laughed upon seeing his act.

“And you are?” Professor Bagshot asked with a puzzled expression, glaring at the student.

“Weasley, Ronald Weasley, Professor!” The ginger-haired boy answered.

“Okay, Mr. Weasley, I suggest you raise your hand before asking a question.” Professor Bagshot said with a calm demeanor.

“The way of creating the Philosopher’s Stone was lost six centuries ago. Although there are many rumors about it coming up occasionally, there is only one Philosopher’s Stone left—” Professor Bagshot intentionally left her story at a hanger, making the students eagerly guess what she would say next.

“It’s in Hogwarts!” She exclaimed, leaving the students astounded and in disbelief over the shocking revelation.

“No way!”

“You must be kidding, Professor!”


“That’s true! The only Philosopher’s Stone present was made in the fourteenth century. Made by a famous alchemist named Nicolas Flamel. It was after some time before it finally reached our Headmaster Grindelwald’s hand.” Professor Bagshot continued answering the student’s curiosity.

“Doesn’t that—” Ronald Weasley spoke before he raised his hand first.

“Go ahead, Mr. Weasley.” Professor Bagshot encouraged him.

“Doesn’t that mean Professor Grindelwald could live for seven or eight hundred years?” Ronald Weasley finished his question.

“Life is not that simple, Mr. Weasley.” Professor Bagshot replied while her calm demeanor changed into a more serious one.

“The cost of immortality comes at a cost; one simply can’t enjoy life the way they are meant to be lived. The regrets of not living a fulfilling life, the responsibility of helping others, and such. It will haunt you as you grow older… The Grindelwald that I know won’t be able to live his life that way…”


The discussion of the elixir and the Philosopher’s Stone served as a captivating episode within the History of Magic class.

Professor Bagshot soon transitioned to the historic duel between Merlin and Morgana on Avalon Island, which made the students at the end of their seats.

However, even after the class ended, some students couldn’t help but ponder the possibilities the Philosopher’s Stone held.

As Matthew walked by Ron Weasley, he overheard him muttering about the Philosopher’s Stone, “If I had my hands on the Philosopher’s Stone, I would use it to make a lot of Galleons and then buy myself a house in Diagon Alley.”

Concerned about potential trouble, Matthew quickly left the classroom, hoping to avoid further disturbances and continue his day.

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Published On: June 27, 2023

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