The Transfiguration class proved to be more profound than before, as Professor Trocar delved into the intricacies of transforming a needle back into a match. It was a challenging task, especially to ensure the match remained intact and could be lit again.

Matthew, like many others, faced repeated failures in his attempts. Sometimes the match would be half-needle, and other times it wouldn’t light at all.

Patrolling the classroom, Professor Trocar addressed the class with a severe tone, “If you fail to restore the deformed object, it means there was an error in the initial Transfiguration.” he explained.

“Often, invisible to the naked eye but deadly nonetheless. Remember, if this small error can cause the loss of a match, imagine the consequences if it were a valuable item, an animal, or even a friend. You would lose them forever.”

The professor paused, letting his words sink in before continuing, “Before attempting a Transfiguration, remember! Be cautious and decisive. If you are only 99% sure, abandon the Transfiguration. But if you can be 100% sure, then proceed without hesitation.”

Just before the class concluded, Matthew finally succeeded. With a gentle wave of his wand, he transformed the needle back into a match and effortlessly lit it. The glowing flames illuminated his face, earning him a complimenting gesture from Professor Trocar.

Now, there was another assignment to complete, a foot-long paper that every student, Matthew is no exception.

After the Transfiguration class, Matthew was immediately bombarded with questions during breakfast. Several Slytherin girls, including Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bulstrode, Daphne Greengrass, and Tracey Davis, surrounded him, seeking answers.

“What happened in your bedroom?”

“Is it true that it was a powerful Dark Arts item?”

“How is Draco now?”

Matthew could only respond with the same answer again, “I’m sorry… I’m as confused as you are; I don’t know.”

Amid the chaos, a minor incident occurred as they exited the classroom. Gryffindor student Harry Evans carelessly collided with Matthew, causing a commotion. Before Matthew could apologize, Harry hastily got up and ran away, disappearing from sight.

Seeking respite from the continuous disturbances, Matthew hurriedly had lunch in the auditorium and sought solace in the library. Mrs. Pince’s presence ensured a peaceful atmosphere, free from disturbances.

Finally, he found a moment of tranquility in the library, sighing at the thought that this peaceful respite might only last until he walked out of this place.

On Monday afternoon, it was time for the History of Magic class. Matthew arrived shortly before it began and settled in an inconspicuous corner. The class, comprising all first-year students from the four houses, gathered in the spacious classroom. Professor Bathilda Bagshot entered, assisted by two house elves.

“Please turn your books to page 11 of ‘History of Magic.'” Professor Bagshot’s hoarse voice resonated in the room. The entire class fell silent in anticipation.

“In today’s lesson, we will discuss the two famous wizards from British history, Merlin and Morgana.” Professor Bagshot began.

“Merlin needs no introduction; he is perhaps the most renowned wizard in British history. The prestigious Merlin Medal was established to honor his name. Merlin’s connection to Hogwarts is notable as well. “

“When he was six hundred years old, he disguised himself as a child and attended the newly founded Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat assigned him to Slytherin, although his stay in the house was brief, lasting less than an hour.” Professor Bagshot explained.

“Merlin wasn’t a pure-blood wizard; his mother was a witch, and his father was an ancient magical creature known as an “Incubus.” However, the Incubus species is now extinct.”

Nonetheless, Merlin lived far longer than the average wizard due to his half-Incubus lineage and the use of elixirs to extend his lifespan. In the goblin rebellion in the eighteenth century, Merlin met his demise. Cursed to protect both wizards and Muggle folk, he departed from the world, leaving behind a lasting legacy.” Professor Bagshot elaborated.

“When we speak of Merlin’s achievements, we must also mention his formidable adversary, the Dark Witch Morgana. Muggles referred to her as Morgana Le Fay, and she was the half-sister of King Arthur during the sixth century. Morgana ruled over the mystical island of Avalon.”

“Similar to Merlin, Morgana possessed the bloodline of the ‘Incubus,’ which initially made them evenly matched. However, Merlin ultimately emerged victorious in their epic duel. Defeating the Dark Witch, he propelled the British magical world into a new era.” Professor Bagshot explains with a serious tone and expression on her face, leaving the students curious about what words would be coming out of her mouth next.

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Published On: June 26, 2023

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