With his eyes closed, the boy lying quietly on a hospital bed covered with white linen sheets, hardly breathing.

Several wizards stood around, their expressions solemn. Wearing a dark green healer robe, one of them looked particularly worried.

“Mrs. Rosier, how is this boy now?” Ms. Pomfrey finally couldn’t help but ask.

The witch closest to the hospital bed, who had just been squatting, stood up and straightened her black robe.

“He is nearly on the brink of death,” she spoke slowly, her voice calm. “But fortunately, he is still alive. Thanks to the protection of dragon skin, it has a strong defensive effect against any magic.”

As she spoke, she pointed to Draco Malfoy’s hands on the hospital bed, the boy with his eyes closed, still wearing his dragon leather gloves.

“Without these gloves, not only an eleven-year-old boy but even an adult wizard would have died on the spot,” Professor Rosier added.

“God, what terrible thing did this boy encounter?” Mrs. Pomfrey’s face was filled with fear as she covered her mouth.

“Most likely dangerous extreme magical items, perhaps even items from the realm of mysterious magic,” Professor Rosier speculated. “It mustn’t be anything good… What about the other three boys in the dormitory? How are they doing now?”

As she asked the question, Ms. Rosier looked at a bald, obese old man who resembled a walrus.

The head of the Slytherin house, Professor Horace Slughorn, coughed lightly and hurriedly explained, “Both Crabbe and Goyle, as well as Knott, are currently unconscious. They cannot respond coherently to anything and have been shouting hysterically… I administered some tranquilizers to them, and now they are asleep.”

“What about their dormitory? Has it been thoroughly searched?” Professor Rosier continued in a cold voice.

“I have searched it thoroughly, and there were no items related to extreme magic.” Professor Slughorn replied confidently, “Unexpectedly, it seems that ordinary extreme magical items are unable to enter Hogwarts,” Professor Rozier remarked, turning around.

“Professor Rosier…” Professor Kettleburn took a few steps forward. “I mentioned to you the other day that my chickens got attacked. Would that might not have been simply an accident… Could there be a connection between these two incidents?”

“I don’t believe there is any connection.” Professor Rosier replied coldly.

“But… perhaps you could allow me to venture into the depths of the Forbidden Forest to at least eliminate one possibility.” Professor Kettleburn persisted.

“There’s no need, Silvanus!” Professor Rosier replied without hesitation. “I already answered this question for you two days ago!”

“Alright… alright…” the poor teacher of Magical Creatures reluctantly nodded, looking disheartened.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the door, and Madam Pomfrey quickly went to investigate.

A minute later, she returned.

“It’s Professor Trocar!” she addressed Professor Rosier. “He heard that a student had been attacked and wanted to come and see what happened… But you previously mentioned that unless you give permission, no one can enter this ward.”

“Send him back. This matter has nothing to do with him,” Professor Rosier’s voice remained extremely cold. “The night hasn’t fully fallen yet.”

“Alright.” Though she didn’t comprehend the significance behind the vice principal’s final words, Madam Pomfrey nodded.

Professor Rosier cast one last glance at Slughorn and said, “In a male dormitory, there are typically five students. So, what about the fifth one?”

“His name is Matthew Wickfield, and he was not there at the time of the incident.” Professor Slughorn replied.

“Call him over; I have something to ask him.” Mrs. Rosier said bluntly, and then she added, “In addition, tell me all the situation at the time of the incident, all the details!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Professor Slughorn replied instantly.


“What happened?” Matthew asked Miss Gemma, who suddenly dragged him out of the library by force.

“Draco Malfoy, your roommate, is dying now.” Miss Gemma explained.

“There are also Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Theodore Knott; they have all become hysteric and delusional. You are the only one left who is still sane. Professor Slughorn asked me to bring you to his room because he got some questions for you.” Miss Gemma said with a concerned expression.

“How would I know when I spent my time in here?” Matthew replied with a confused expression.

A few minutes later, Matthew comes to a realization.

“Could it be?” Matthew thought to himself; Matthew’s mind suddenly felt dizzy when he pictured the mysterious book once again.

“It can’t be… I lock—” Matthew’s heart sank when he realized the key that locks his suitcase was nowhere to be found inside his pocket.

“What if the Professors found the book first, I have the right to refuse any connection with that book! It’s not mine, and it just keeps following me everywhere…” Matthew thought to himself while his head was racing with lots of scenarios.


Matthew arrived at Professor Slughorn’s office; this is not Matthew’s first time here.

But this time, Professor Slughorn is not the only Professor in this office.

There is also the Vice-principal, Professor Vinda Rosier.

“Professor Slughorn, Professor Rosier,” Matthew greeted them with a confused expression, “How may I help you?”

Professor Slughorn was about to open his mouth when he glanced at Professor Rosier’s expression; he suddenly closed his mouth again.

“Mr. Wickfield!” Professor Rosier asked coldly, “Where are you at three forty this afternoon?”

“I was at the library, Professor!” Matthew replied instantly.

“Can anyone testify to that, Mr. Wickfield?” Professor Rosier squinted her eyes, glaring at Matthew.

“Mrs. Pince, the librarian, and Hermione Granger of Ravenclaw could testify to that, Professor.” Matthew replied.

“What were you doing in the library, Mr. Wickfield?” Professor Rosier asked once again.

“I’m looking up information about Vampires to complete my essay for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class, Professor.” Matthew replied without any doubt in his answer.

“Then I shall know the truth behind your words the next Monday, Mr. Wickfield.” Professor Rosier lowered her head and then picked up the quill on the desk; suddenly, she started writing something on the paper.

The whole place suddenly went dead silent for a moment.

Professor Slughorn glanced at Matthew, then at Professor Rosier afterward with a nervous expression.

“I think you already know what happened to your roommate Mr. Wickfield.” Professor Slughorn, still wearing the same expression talking to Matthew, “It’s just a time like this—” Before finishing his sentence, Professor Rosier cut him off.

“When Draco Malfoy was found, he was lying by the side of your suitcase with two hundred Galleons in his hand. Did you ask for something from Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Wickfield?” Professor Rosier asked Matthew with the same cold tone again.

“No, Professor!” Matthew shook his head.

“Then the situation must be as follows, Mr. Malfoy opened your suitcase without your permission to secretly put the two hundred Galleons inside, and then he wants to report to the Professors that he had lost a sum of money. Which makes you the thief with his planted evidence…” Professor Rosier explained.

Matthew’s eyes widened, and his pupil shrank. He didn’t expect Malfoy would stoop this low… If he succeeded in doing so, Matthew would be in big trouble.

“Have you ever had any problem with Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Wickfield?” Professor Rosier asked.

“Yes, Professor. Because I am a Muggle-born wizard, Malfoy tried to humiliate me using the forbidden words. Professor Grindelwald punished him soon after…” Matthew nodded with a concerned expression.

“It explains everything then,” Professor Rosier nods.

“What puzzles me now would be his current condition… Mr. Malfoy is still unconscious, and the three other boys are in delirium. Rest assured, Professor Slughorn will be responsible for strengthening the protection of the Slytherin common room, and we will not let any incident happen again!” Professor Rosier put down the quill on her hand.

“You can leave now, Mr. Wickfield; thank you for your time.”

“Then excuse me, Professor.” Matthew stood up, bowed to the Professors, and left the office.


Professor Rosier and Professor Slughorn were the ones left in the office.

“It got nothing to do with Wickfield.” Professor Slughorn said, “After all, he is a Muggle-born! There is no way a student like him would come into possession of such magic or items in just a few days at Hogwarts!” Professor Slughorn tried to convince Professor Rosier.

“No.” Professor Rosier shook her head.

“Huh?” Professor Slughorn opened his mouth in surprise.

“There is something strange with how he reacts to it.” Professor Rosier replied calmly, “He was shocked by this incident.”

“Isn’t that normal? What’s wrong with that?” Professor Slughorn asked curiously.

“He wasn’t happy!” Professor Rosier’s expression turned furious.

“Happy?” Professor Slughorn was stunned, “I— I don’t quite follow…”

“Malfoy insulted him and even tried to paint him as a thief. Yet, Malfoy suffered in the end because of the incident. Now he is on the brink of life and death.” Professor Rosier explained.

“If you were to hear your enemy, someone that wronged you is dying. Won’t that make you happy? Shouldn’t you be gloating?” Professor Rosier said slowly.

“W— what?” Professor Slughorn seems at a loss listening to Professor Rosier’s explanation.

“In fact, when he heard Malfoy was dying, there was no joy in his eyes… he was shocked by it.” Professor Rosier continued, “It’s as if the one bothering him was not the act of Malfoy’s fad…”

“In other words, the one behind this incident would be Matthew Wickfield?” Professor Slughorn asked rhetorically.

Professor Rosier looked at him in disbelief, “If he was behind the incident, shouldn’t he look a bit more pleased after knowing he succeeded?”

Professor Slughorn was lost for words.

Professor Rosier again lowered her head and continued recording something on the paper.

“Maybe I should have a talk with Wickfield…” Professor Slughorn murmured.

“Horace!” Professor Rosier put down her quill, “Each student has their secrets, as long as they don’t threaten the equilibrium of Hogwarts and the wizarding world.” She said, “The only thing we don’t allow here is the usage of Dark Arts and dangerous potions; I hope you don’t forget that!” Professor Rosier continues slowly with an indifferent tone.

Almost shocked by Professor Rosier’s abrupt change of tones, Professor Slughorn nodded quickly.


The Vice-principal, Professor Rosier, finally finished writing her paper.

Just as Professor Slughorn was about to see her outside the room, a bunch of footsteps could be heard coming from outside.

“Horace… Horace… My son, what happened…” A panicking voice came from the outside.

Then the door suddenly opened, and the man outside broke in. He stands there, petrified by the sight of Hogwarts Vice-principal Ms. Vinda Rosier.

“Lucius Malfoy!” Professor Rosier raged as she saw the uninvited guest.

“Who gives you permission to enter Hogwarts?” She asked with a harsh tone.

“I—I am…” Lucius Malfoy stammered, “I’m a member of the Hogwarts Boards of Governors…” He tried to finish his sentence.

“According to the rules and regulations of Hogwarts, anyone besides the teachers and students needs to get written permission to enter Hogwarts!” Professor Rosier raised her voice.

She slowly moves toward Lucius Malfoy, but Lucius can only be seen backing away slowly, terrified by her tone and expression.

“Horace!” Professor Rosier called Professor Slughorn by his name, which sent a shiver down his spine

“You tell me, do the members of Hogwarts Boards of Governors belong to the teachers and students of Hogwarts?” She asked furiously as if she had murderous intent behind each of her words.

“Mr. Malfoy— he—” Professor Slughorn stammered.

“Tell me, Horace, are the members of Hogwarts Boards of Governors belonged to the teachers and students of Hogwarts?” Professor Rosier asked again, glaring at him.

Professor Slughorn took a deep breath and then replied, “No!”

“Then I am afraid you must leave, Mr. Malfoy.” Professor Rosier said with a smile.

With how rarely she smiles, her beautiful face looks even more charming.

“I only heard that my son had an accident…” Lucius Malfoy said in a low voice…

“Don’t you think we don’t know about it, Mr. Malfoy?” Professor Rosier slowly closed in on Lucius Malfoy once again, driving him to the wall, “Maybe the one that almost killed your son was the magical item with a mysterious origin that you asked him to bring inside Hogwarts with or without him knowing it!” Professor Rosier continued.

She then turned around, stretched her left hand, and snapped her fingers.

Two house-elves appeared out of thin air and bowed to her.

“Please do Mr. Malfoy a little favor and get him out of Hogwarts!” Professor Rosier ordered coldly.

“Understood!” The two house elves nodded and then rushed over to Lucius, with each of them hugging his legs.

“I just want to see my son… Madam, please…” Lucius Malfoy begged.

“You will have this chance, but not today!” Professor Rosier replied without even looking at him.


“Professor Rosier…” Slughorn raised his head timidly.

“Horace, I’m not forbidding you to make friends…” Professor Rosier squinted her eyes, looking at Professor Slughorn, “But you need to pay attention to the kind of friends you make!” She snapped at Professor Slughorn

“I don’t want to see this kind of thing happens again next time!” Professor Rosier continued.

“I understand, Madam!” Professor Slughorn nodded quickly. After hesitating for a moment, he asked again, “Should I notify the Headmaster of this incident?”

“It is not necessary, Horace!” Professor Rosier shook her head, “The Headmaster is a busy man to be trifled with such things!”

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Published On: June 25, 2023

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