It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that Draco desperately rushed into the school hospital and returned to the Slytherin common room.

The face that had been swollen like a pig’s head two days ago had improved significantly, but his mouth remained severely swollen, making him look incredibly unsightly.

As he made his way back, students from other houses pointed and whispered, mocking him openly. He felt utterly humiliated, having lost all dignity.

Furthermore, Malfoy had endured a terrible experience at the school hospital. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, knew precisely what had happened when she saw Malfoy’s face.

“Don’t tell me you’re deaf,” she snapped angrily. “Didn’t you pay attention to what Professor Grindelwald said at the opening banquet?”

With rough hands, she grabbed Malfoy and tossed him onto a hospital bed. Every three hours, she forced him to drink a large jar of repulsive potion, its bitterness almost unbearable. This forced ordeal lasted for two agonizing days before she finally discharged Malfoy from the hospital.

All in all, it was an unforgettable and unbearable experience.

Draco Malfoy had lived a privileged life; this was the first time he had endured such shame.

Back in the dormitory with Crabbe and Goyle, Malfoy noticed that Matthew Wickfield was absent, leaving Theodore Knott alone at the desk, diligently working on a paper.

Malfoy suddenly remembered that he had nearly seven feet of unfinished coursework, which was a dreadful thought.

“This damn Wickfield!” Malfoy seethed.

“Draco… do you think Goyle and I should go and beat him up to help you out?” Vincent Crabbe suggested tentatively.

“I wouldn’t stoop so low as to resort to physical violence against that kid!” Malfoy muttered under his breath.

He stood up and paced around the bedroom, the sound of coins jingling in his pocket filling the air.

Malfoy had a habit of carrying gold and silver coins in his pockets, making them jingle as he walked and drawing the attention of those around him. He relished the envious looks he received.

Startled by the sound, he paused for a moment and suddenly had an idea—a brilliant idea.

It was a way to make that kid pay a hefty price and simultaneously relieve himself of this burden.

A simple yet effective plan.


As the sole heir of the Malfoy family, his parents had given him nearly three hundred Galleons as “pocket money” for his time at Hogwarts.

Malfoy’s current plan was to hide a significant amount of galleons in Matthew Wickfield’s suitcase.

Then, he would complain to Professor Slughorn, the Head of Slytherin House, claiming that he had lost a large sum of money.

Professor Slughorn would undoubtedly take it seriously.

He would then come to the dormitory to conduct a search, and ultimately, the galleons would be discovered in Wickfield’s suitcase.

The loot would be found, and Wickfield would be labeled a “thief” beyond doubt!

Even better, it was highly likely that Wickfield would be expelled from Hogwarts!

In this way, Malfoy could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“Draco! Draco!” Goyle called out, seeing Malfoy lost in his thoughts. He walked over and nudged him.

“I have an idea!” Draco Malfoy exclaimed, jumping up with excitement.

Without wasting any time, Malfoy put his plan into action. He shared the details of the plan with his two accomplices.

First, he withdrew a substantial sum of two hundred Galleons and placed them in a dark green wallet.

Next, he put on his dragon skin gloves, the same ones his father had taught him to use when engaging in rule-breaking activities to not leave any trace behind.

Underneath Matthew Wickfield’s bed, they discovered an empty suitcase. The only unfortunate thing was that it was locked.

“Damn!” Malfoy cursed, glaring at the lock in frustration.

He vaguely remembered the dwarf professor mentioning some unlocking spells in their previous charms class. However, they hadn’t learned those spells yet.

Just as Malfoy was starting to feel helpless, Crabbe pointed towards a key on the bedside table.

“Could that be the key?” Crabbe suggested.

“It’s possible!” Malfoy’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly picked up the key and attempted to unlock the suitcase.

To his relief, the key fit perfectly into the lock.

Everything was going according to plan!

Theodore Knott glanced up briefly, observing Malfoy’s actions, but quickly averted his gaze and returned to his work without saying a word.

With a triumphant smile, Malfoy opened Wickfield’s suitcase.

As he prepared to place the bag of Galleon inside and lock the suitcase again—

Malfoy froze.

There, at the bottom of the suitcase, lay a book.

It was a peculiar book with a vintage appearance, its pages yellowed with age, and its cover made of an unfamiliar, strange leather.

If he had come across this book in the basement of Malfoy Manor or the Hogwarts library, he wouldn’t have spared it a second glance.

But now, for some unknown reason, the book exerted an irresistible allure upon him.

A silent voice beckoned him, compelling him to open the book and delve into its mysteries.

“Draco, you must remember that books of ancient and mysterious nature are not meant for you to touch. Never touch or use them,” his father’s voice echoed in Malfoy’s ears.


“This book belonged to Wickfield, the Mudblood.

Surely, it couldn’t be connected to anything ancient or mysterious, right?

Malfoy smiled, gathering his courage.

With the protective gloves he had equipped, he reached down and picked up the book from beneath the suitcase.

“What—” Malfoy spoke only to be cut off as if something distracted him.

A piercing scream reverberated throughout the Slytherin common room.

Meanwhile, Matthew found himself in the library, immersed in his research on vampires for Mrs. Rosier’s thesis.

He was in a state of tranquility until the serenity was shattered by a sudden rush of footsteps.

“No noise in the library!” Mrs. Pince’s disgruntled voice followed.

“Apologies, Mrs. Pince… I have something important, something very important…” A panicked girl’s voice trailed behind.

Matthew recognized the voice—it belonged to Miss Gemma Farley, the Slytherin prefect.

However, he never expected Miss Gemma to ever look for him.

“Matthew!” Miss Gemma exclaimed, finding him amidst the rows of bookshelves. “Draco Malfoy, your roommate, is in critical condition!”

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Published On: June 23, 2023

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