Hermione’s face clearly showed disapproval. If the professor on the podium wasn’t Rosier, she would have stood up and retorted. But for now, her dissatisfaction could only be held in the bottom of her heart.

“A righteous wizard, no matter how terrible the magic he uses, as long as it is for the greater benefit, the magic cannot be called ‘dark magic!'” Professor Rosier spoke with seriousness.

“And a wizard with a gloomy heart, no matter how magnificent the magic he uses, if his behavior violates the interests of the wizarding world, then it is undoubtedly ‘dark magic.'”

A rustling sound filled the classroom as the students began taking notes.

“To evaluate whether magic belongs to ‘dark magic,’ we need to refer to its deeds, not just the magic itself,” Professor Rosier continued.

She provided examples to illustrate her point, “For instance, if an evil dragon broke into Hogsmeade and was about to cause devastating damage. A powerful wizard using a destructive spell to kill it, no matter how extreme and destructive the spell is, cannot be called dark magic.”

“But if there’s a wizard who never uses extreme spells in their life, yet they associate with giants, fairies, and even Muggles and threaten the safety of the entire wizarding world… any magic they use is undoubtedly dark magic!”

“The latter is the so-called dark wizards… those wizards who have betrayed the wizarding world colluded with other intelligent creatures, and threatened or might even seriously undermine the interests of the wizarding world.

“For example, fifty years ago Dumbledore, the notorious dark wizard defeated by our Principal, Principal Grindelwald.”

Professor Rosier paused, directing her gaze toward Hermione Granger once again. “Of course, what Miss Granger just said was not entirely wrong. The definition of dark magic she provided was the definition of dark magic fifty years ago.”

“But with the changing times, dark magic and dark wizards have been redefined. We now call magic that brings great pain and torture to the caster ‘Dark Arts,’ and those who use it ‘Death Eaters!'” Professor Rosier explained.

Professor Rosier’s voice reverberated through the room, commanding attention. Hermione nodded somewhat faintly and began to brush up on the newly presented information.


After the brief opening remarks, the Defense Against the Dark Arts class officially began. Professor Rosier instructed the students to turn to page 287 in their textbooks, which covered the topic of vampires.

“Vampires are humanoid, magical creatures, often categorized as evil dark creatures. They are active at night and feed on the blood of other creatures, unable to go out during the day,” Professor Rosier began her lecture.

She described the appearance of vampires, their pale complexion, and the fangs used to bite through the throats of their victims. The class delved into the necessity of blood for vampires and the fatal consequences they face if they don’t consume enough fresh blood within a certain period.

“Vampires generally live longer than Muggles and even many wizards. For example, the famous Hungarian vampire Ms. Camilla lived to be 196 years old, and the American vampire Amarillo Lestoat, born in 1776, didn’t die until fourteen years ago. Even at their death, their appearance remained almost the same as when they were young Muggles and wizards.”

Professor Rosier explained that vampires resisted certain spells, making them formidable opponents. She also discussed various methods of expelling or killing vampires, including using garlic, beheading or burning their bodies, and stuffing their mouths with garlic to cause significant damage.

Throughout the class, the students remained fully engaged, taking notes diligently. As the bell finally rang, signaling the end of the course, Professor Rosier issued a new assignment: a paper on identifying and killing vampires, with a minimum length requirement of two feet, to be submitted the following Monday.

Relieved that the rigorous class had ended, the students began packing their belongings. Matthew, about to leave, was called by Hermione Granger.

“Matthew!” Hermione called out his name in a clear voice.

“Hello, Hermione,” Matthew greeted her with a smile.

Draco Malfoy, who was also packing up, glanced at the two of them before leaving the classroom.

Matthew and Hermione had become friends since their encounter at the Leaky Cauldron Bar, and they often exchanged words. With only a few students left in the classroom, Hermione lowered her voice and spoke to Matthew.

“Did you feel… what did Professor Rosier imply in this class?” she asked.

Matthew shook his head, indicating that he hadn’t noticed any particular implications. “I don’t think so,” he replied.

“But Professor Rosier is the vice-principal of Hogwarts. If there really is something, how can she not tell us publicly?” Hermione pondered.

“You’re overthinking, Hermione!” Matthew reassured her with a smile. He then left the classroom, indicating the end of their conversation for now.

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