As noon approached, the oppressive heat silenced the once-lively sounds of birds and insects.

The air itself seemed to carry an air of solemnity as three second-grade children, Matthew and his friends, sneaked along the bushes near Hogwarts Avenue, cautiously making their way toward the castle.

Hogwarts loomed large before them, an eerie emptiness pervading the campus.

No figures, be they horsemen, house elves, or wizards, could be seen.

An eerie tranquility had settled over the entire school.

Neville broke the silence. “Matthew, what should we do?” He looked ready for action.

In truth, Matthew was uncertain of their next move.

He had returned here out of an instinctual avoidance of Hogsmeade, believing that even amidst the turmoil at Hogwarts, it was safer.

However, Neville and Hermione seemed to have misunderstood his intentions, and at this point, Matthew needed to clarify.

“We mustn’t act recklessly,” he emphasized, “Let’s cautiously approach the castle and observe what’s happening.”

Neville nodded vigorously in agreement, while Hermione offered no objection.

They quickly took cover in a nearby bush, their eyes fixed on the castle, which had ceased its trembling.

Matthew, deep in thought, began contemplating the scale of this “revolution.”

The dormant Order of the Phoenix had marshaled its forces to challenge Grindelwald’s rule at Hogwarts.

However, Matthew couldn’t help but question the wisdom of this endeavor.

Even with the Order’s full might, it appeared ill-prepared to challenge Grindelwald, who wielded not only his loyal followers but also significant influence over the Ministry of Magic.

Furthermore, the Order’s most potent asset, Albus Dumbledore, had languished in Nurmengarde for half a century.

Their current actions resembled reckless bravado more than organized resistance.

Was it possible that years of oppression under Grindelwald had driven the Order to desperation, compelling them to undertake this audacious course of action? Or did they possess hidden motives?

“Hogwarts students and professors…”

While Matthew pondered these questions, the voice of McGonagall resonated from the castle, mentioning the students and teachers.

Neville, unfamiliar with McGonagall, inquired, “Who is McGonagall?”

Hermione, slightly agitated, explained her background, how she had served as a teacher and rumored successor to Albus Dumbledore before Grindelwald’s arrival.

“The same Albus Dumbledore?” Neville seemed surprised.

“Yes, but after Grindelwald arrived at Hogwarts, many professors fled or disappeared,” Hermione continued, her voice filled with curiosity. “This included Minerva McGonagall, who became one of the missing persons. Since then, the Transfiguration class at Hogwarts has faced instability. But let’s not dwell on that!”

Hermione turned to Matthew, her eyes shining with excitement. “Matthew, should we help them, or at least make contact?”

Matthew, however, poured cold water on her enthusiasm. “We can’t help them,” he said calmly. “Hermione, if you truly wish to aid those who rebel, I suggest you focus on studying magic diligently. Only by becoming a truly powerful wizard can you qualify to participate.”

“But…aren’t they winning?” Hermione interrupted with puzzled enthusiasm. “Just as McGonagall said…”

Matthew urged restraint, “You’re getting ahead of yourself, Hermione. Stay calm. Trust me, things are about to change.”

Meanwhile, Grindelwald and Rosier strolled the Hogwarts campus, their calm confidence in stark contrast to the turmoil.

Grindelwald encountered the previously immobilized Professor Kettleburn.

Kettleburn apologized for his inability to stop dark wizards and horsemen from entering the campus.

Grindelwald, gracious, assured him it was not his fault and expressed his confidence in overcoming the intruders with Hogwarts’ assistance.

Kettleburn, somewhat relieved, offered to confront them, but Grindelwald redirected him to another task, reminding him of the mission he had assigned earlier.

As Kettleburn hurried away, Grindelwald and Rosier continued their leisurely exploration of the school.

Meanwhile, on the eighth floor of Hogwarts Castle, a gray mouse darted through the corridor at incredible speed.

It was almost a blur, heading purposefully toward its goal.

Approaching a wall ahead, adorned with a tapestry of a giant stick striking a bewildered Barnabas, the mouse suddenly froze.

A sturdy figure emerged from a nearby corridor.

Startled, the mouse scurried in the opposite direction but was met by a formidable golden retriever.

It lunged and captured the mouse.

Then, an astonishing transformation occurred. The mouse gradually reshaped into a short, unattractive wizard.

Clearly, the seemingly humble mouse was, in fact, an Animagus who had infiltrated Hogwarts.

The triumphant wizard declared, “Good job, Donald!” as his companion joined him.

However, the captured Animagus, realizing his predicament, sought to evade capture.

“Incarcerous!” the sturdy wizard roared, conjuring thick ropes that securely bound the Animagus.

Even his wand fell to the ground.

Overjoyed, the wizard exclaimed, “Peter Pettigrew, Azkaban’s fugitive, after fifteen years, I’ve finally caught you within Hogwarts Castle!”

The golden retriever by his side barked excitedly, while Peter Pettigrew, immobilized, could only glance toward the tapestry that depicted the giant stick striking poor Barnabas.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pringle, the caretaker of Hogwarts, achieved his own success.

He had captured one of the three Azkaban fugitives within the castle.

Accompanied by his loyal pet, Mr. Donald, Mr. Pringle confidently carried the immobilized Peter Pettigrew down the corridor.

As they moved forward, Peter Pettigrew cast a glance at the tapestry depicting the giant stick hitting Barnabas.

The journey to apprehend Azkaban’s fugitives continued within the confines of Hogwarts Castle.

Simultaneously, Kettleburn drew nearer to his destination.

Although he bore the marks of his earlier ordeal with the statues, he had regained his composure after being rescued by Grindelwald and Rosier.

Navigating a narrow, steep path surrounded by dense jungle,

Kettleburn emerged at a breathtaking sight—a vast black lake that spread out before him.

Across the lake, on a lofty hillside, stood Hogwarts Castle with its spires and windows.

This place held a special significance—the ferry crossing.

Every first-year student would pass this way, taking a boat to approach Hogwarts Castle for the first time.

Kettleburn couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia as he gazed upon this familiar scene.

Yet, the situation was far from normal.

He brandished his wand, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Suddenly, a dark figure emerged from a bush nearby.

It was a dog, and it began sniffing the ground intently, as if searching for something.

Kettleburn wasted no time. He raised his wand and cried, “Transformer!”

A red light shot from his wand, targeting the dog.

However, the dog agilely dodged the spell.

In a swift counterattack, the dog, which was actually an Animagus, unleashed several red spells at the professor.

Kettleburn had to duck behind a nearby rock to evade the onslaught.

The two continued their exchange, taking cover and launching spells at each other.

Sieius Black, the Animagus, saw an opportunity to escape into the forest.

However, a surprise awaited him—a large, dark creature suddenly leaped from the bushes, biting his hand that held the wand.

With a cry of pain, Black was forced to drop his wand.

Meanwhile, Kettleburn rushed toward the scene, casting spells at Black.

Ultimately, Black lost consciousness.

As Kettleburn approached, he realized that this creature was none other than Mr. Donald, the formidable pet of Mr. Pringle.

The captured Sirius Black lay unconscious on the ground, while Mr. Donald and Professor Kettleburn stood vigilant, their unexpected collaboration leading to the apprehension of another Azkaban fugitive within the Hogwarts grounds.

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Published On: November 29, 2023

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