Professor Trocar may come across as shameless, but when it comes to Transfiguration, he appears to possess a touch of authenticity.

With a gentle rustle of quill and parchment, Matthew diligently transcribed everything he had heard onto his notebook.

Glancing at the eager faces gathered below the podium, Professor Trocar announced to the class that achieving the ability to transform the podium into an animal would require several more years of study. For now, they needed to establish a strong foundation.

“We shall begin with the simplest task, learning how to transfigure a match into a needle.” He explained while distributing a few matches to each student.

“Remember, be decisive and cautious!” Professor Trocar cautioned the students, “First, carefully observe the match’s appearance and commit every detail of it to your memory. Then inside your head, construct a template of a needle, envision the process of transforming the match, and align it with your consciousness with reality.” He explains with a severe tone.

“The incantation is Accus; pay attention to the way you pronounce it. When you cast the spell, turn your wand clockwise by one-eight of a rotation.” The Professor continued his explanations.

As Professor Trocar finished his instructions, many students eagerly began their attempts.

“Accus… Accus… Accus…”

Chants of incantation filled the classroom, but for the time being, none of them were successful in altering the matches before them.

“Observe and imagine, be decisive and cautious!” Professor Trocar reminded the students as he monitored their progress around the room.

Matthew picked up his black walnut wand with his left hand; it fits perfectly within his grip. As if the wand and he were destined for each other.

“Mr. Wickfield, is there an issue?” Professor Trocar noticed his hesitation.

“Professor Trocar,” Matthew stood up and inquired, “Are we attempting to change the match’s structure or its essence?”

“A commendable question, Mr. Wickfield!” Professor Trocar’s lips curled into a subtle smile, “Please have a seat; let me explain.”

Professor Trocar made his way to Matthew’s side, leaning in so closely that Matthew caught a whiff of blood in his presence.

“Altering an object’s structure or essence is a manifestation of transformation magic. It’s an intricate aspect, one that has been debated among generations of Transfiguration masters.” Professor Trocar explained while toying with Matthew’s match. His excitement was palpable.

“In truth, there is no definitive answer to this question. Each genuine shape-shifter must discover their own answer, one they have reached after many trials and errors.” Professor Trocar explained.

“The more complex the transformation, the more imperative it becomes to seek your own answer. Whether it involves changing the structure or the essence of the matter. You must follow your heart, utilizing your inner thoughts as a guide while embarking on this quest for knowledge.” Professor Trocar shared a plethora of information, leaving many students bewildered in a haze of confusion.

Matthew was no exception, yet he sensed a glimmer of understanding flickering within him.

“Give it a try, Mr. Wickfield!” Professor Trocar eagerly encouraged him.

“Yes, Professor?” Matthew raised his head, perplexed by the Professor’s command.

“Give it a try! See if you can transform the matches into a needle.” Professor Trocar’s voice assumed a gentle, encouraging tone.

Matthew nodded in reply, gazing at the tiny matches before him, and began visualizing the needle he desired in his mind…

“Observe, imagine… be decisive and cautious…” Professor Trocar’s voice reverberated in his ears.

A flurry of information rushed into Matthew’s head.


Create a template for the needle… align consciousness with reality… rotate the wand one-eight clockwise… and the incantation is…

“Accus!” Matthew suddenly felt a peculiar energy emanating from his hands toward his wand. A subtle yet exhilarating sensation, as if everything was under his control. A deep sense of confidence washed over him.

“Excellent!” Professor Trocar exclaimed, beaming with pride as he congratulated Matthew, “Well done, Mr. Wickfield!”

A gleaming silver needle had materialized in front of Matthew, replacing the match he had focused on. It matched the exact image he had envisioned in his consciousness.

“Mr. Wickfield has succeeded! Keep up the great work, everyone!” Professor Trocar encouraged the rest of the class.

Draco Malfoy, wearing a sullen expression, muttered disdainfully, “It’s too easy. I can do it effortlessly.” Raising his wand, Draco forcefully struck the match on the table and proclaimed, “Accus!”

Instead of witnessing a transformation, one end of the match suddenly burst into a fierce flame. Draco’s wand struck the table with excessive force, causing the lit match to soar into the air and land precisely inside Gregory’s collar.

“Ah!” Gregory squealed in pain, resembling a startled pig.

Chaos erupted in the classroom as Professor Trocar rushed to address the emergency.

Meanwhile, Matthew remained transfixed, his gaze on the silver needle before him, still in awe of the experience he had just undergone.


The captivating Transfiguration class eventually drew to a close.

Matthew felt a sense of accomplishment, successfully transforming the three matches into silver needles under Professor Trocar’s guidance.

Apart from him, only one other student, the girl he had met before, Agnes Lestrange. Managed a partial transformation with her match.

Professor Trocar collected the matches from the students and nonchalantly assigned homework, a one-foot-long essay reflecting on the sensation of turning a match into a needle. However, he exempted Matthew from this assignment.

With the matches in hand, Professor Trocar retreated into the dimly lit chamber behind the podium. Closing the door behind him.

Matthew tidied his belongings, including his copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration and his wand.

Preparing to leave the room, someone approached his desk. It was Agnes Lestrange.

“What’s the matter?” Matthew asked with a light tone.

“How did you do it?” Agnes inquired earnestly.

“To be honest, I don’t know either.” Matthew replied while shaking his head.

“Could it be mere luck?” Agnes’ face displayed a hint of sarcasm.

“Of course not. It’s just a feeling… an indescribable one.” Matthew responded honestly.

“I see. If you are not willing to share, then forget it…” Agnes retorted coldly before walking away.

Matthew sat there bewildered, pondering over what had just happened. Lost in his thoughts, he gathered his belongings and bid farewell to the Transfiguration classroom.

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Published On: June 17, 2023

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