In the dimly lit Hogwarts Auditorium, most of the lights had been extinguished, making the black night sky on the enchanted ceiling stand out.

The two principals sat in silence, continuing their conversation.

“So, do you already know?” Rosier inquired eagerly. “Who is he… the phoenix hidden among us… his true identity?”

“Sorry, Vinda, I don’t know yet,” Grindelwald replied, shaking his head.

However, a confident smile soon graced his face. “But I believe he will reveal himself soon.”

“I will do my best to expose him as soon as possible!” Rosier stated resolutely.

“Don’t worry, Vinda,” Grindelwald reassured her. “Because they are more anxious than we are, especially at this moment.”

“But…” Rosier hesitated for a moment before asking softly, “If they really broke into the Headmaster’s office, then they should have evidence to prove that… you actually can’t control Hogwarts… We are at a disadvantage.”

“But it doesn’t matter,” Grindelwald responded calmly. “The greater the risk we take, the greater the rewards we will reap. If everything goes according to plan, we may be able to completely eliminate the last opposing force within the next six months. Then, we can realize our dream.”

“I have been looking forward to this day, the day when wizards will truly rule the world!” Rosier exclaimed with excitement. It was a rare sight to see such a happy smile on the face of the typically serious Hogwarts principal.

As her smile faded, she continued, “But, I still don’t quite understand…”

She hesitated, unsure whether to voice her thoughts.

“Oh? Go on!” Grindelwald urged, raising an eyebrow.

“What is it that’s attracting the remnants of the Order of the Phoenix? I can’t figure it out,” Rosier said slowly. “Fifteen years ago, those members found evidence. Evidence that you can’t control Hogwarts… Is that really worth risking so much for them, like moths to a flame?”

“We have been in conflict with the Order of the Phoenix for nearly 50 years, gradually diminishing their influence within the British wizarding world,” Grindelwald explained. “Even if they were to make the evidence against me public, it would, at most, tarnish my reputation slightly. It wouldn’t have any decisive impact.”

“This is the joy of the unknown, isn’t it?” Grindelwald added with a smile. “The uncertainty.”

“Lord Grindelwald…” Rosier’s voice carried a hint of complaint.

“Alright, Vinda,” Grindelwald’s tone turned more serious. “But I’m being sincere.”

He paused, appearing lost in thought for a moment.

Rosier respected his silence and waited patiently.

“A long, long time ago… when I was still young,” Grindelwald finally began, “I made a grave mistake. I took the life of an innocent girl, and it ultimately led to my parting ways with my closest friend.”

Rosier was visibly shocked.

As the second-in-command of the “Saints” organization, as the vice-principal of Hogwarts, and as Grindelwald’s closest subordinate for many years, this was the first time she had heard her Lord Grindelwald speak of his youth.

During the Wizarding War fifty years ago, Rosier had followed Grindelwald, and she had witnessed how many wizards who opposed them met their end.

She had never imagined that Lord Grindelwald would feel remorse for the death of an innocent girl or for the loss of a “friend.”

She couldn’t help but be taken aback.

“After being expelled from Durmstrang School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I once followed the esteemed Ms. Cassandra Trelawney and learned various prophetic skills,” Grindelwald continued. “I displayed exceptional talent and became the most outstanding seer in centuries. I was highly regarded.”

“I always obeyed the call of fate and believed that everything was predetermined. Until one day, I encountered a situation that defied all predictions.” Grindelwald’s eyes sparkled with memories. “That was when I finally realized that only the most foolish wizards let prophecies determine their fate.”

“We’ve all seen your prophecy, Lord Grindelwald,” Rosier responded softly. “We never questioned its authenticity.”

“However, the path of this world is not linear. There are always unexpected twists and turns that hinder its progress,” Grindelwald explained. “So, a prophecy can only ever be a reference. If you completely surrender to it, you’ll be confined within a certain framework, destined to suffer. The future must be controlled by our own hands, not just for our sake but for the sake of the entire wizarding world. That is our mission.”

“Are you suggesting…” Rosier furrowed her brow. “That the recent actions of the remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix are due to these unexpected twists?”

“No doubt, Vinda,” Grindelwald nodded. “More than a decade ago, their fate was sealed. To change everything, they need some unexpected elements. Thus, their actions now can be seen as their final frenzy.”

“Exactly,” Rosier murmured, nodding in understanding.

“This is also the ultimate crisis we are about to face, and it’s the greatest one yet,” Grindelwald said with a serious expression.

“I’ve sensed it, Lord Grindelwald,” Rosier agreed. “Everything appears calm, almost unnaturally so… The creatures in the Forbidden Forest are restless, and there are rumors of rebellion among the House-elves and the Fairies. All these occurrences within Hogwarts… they are calculated!”

“Thank you for your dedication, Vinda!” Grindelwald sighed. “In the future, all of this will be in your hands. I may not be able to assist as much.”

“This is my responsibility, Lord Grindelwald. I will protect everything we’ve worked for,” Rosier declared with solemnity.

She exclaimed, “For the greater good!”

“Yes, for the greater good!” Grindelwald replied proudly.

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Published On: November 11, 2023

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