Draco waved his wand and jabbed the small wooden stick on the ground forcefully.

Unfortunately, nothing happened.

“Accus… Accus… Accus…” He looked increasingly anxious, jabbing forcefully and shouting simultaneously.

However, his efforts proved too much, causing his wand to slam into the ground.

Sparks erupted around the small wooden stick, sending it soaring into the sky.

Vincent seemed to recognize this situation.

Reacting swiftly, he took a few hurried steps backward.

Consequently, the wooden stick with sparks descended straight onto Gregory head…

The air was suddenly filled with the smell of singed hair.

“Ah…” Gregory yelped, promptly patting his hair in embarrassment.

Had it not been for Professor Snape’s intervention, poor Gregory might have experienced an early baldness.

“Failed, I assume?” Professor Snape remarked calmly. “In theory, this small wooden stick is nearly identical in size to a regular matchstick, except for the match head, there’s barely any structural difference… Yet you can transfigure a match into a needle, but you’re unable to do the same with this stick…”

While speaking, he tiptoed over, plucked a withered twig, and fashioned another stick.

“Some individuals believe transfiguration is inconsequential, given that in most cases, the Transfiguration yields negligible practical outcomes… For instance, if they need a needle, they might as well buy a box of matches… However, the issue arises: why not just purchase a box of matches in the first place?” Professor Snape continued.

Other than Draco and Gregory, the remaining students couldn’t help but chuckle.

“But in reality, they didn’t grasp the subject well…” Professor Snape didn’t smile; his expression was solemn.

He placed the newly crafted wooden stick on the ground, withdrew his wand, and pointed it at the stick:


His voice resounded clearly.

The wooden stick underwent subtle changes in shape and structure upon the ground.

In just a few seconds, a silver needle had taken its place.

Gazing at the silver needle on the ground, Matthew was immediately captivated.

His mind raced back to the battle between Professor Grindelwald and the Dark Witch Morgana from a few months ago.

Professor Grindelwald had effortlessly imbued life into the statues within Hogwarts Castle, employing some form of “Transfiguration” no doubt!

“Transfiguration differs from other forms of magic. Standard spells can be employed flexibly across numerous situations simply through classroom learning…” Professor Snape persisted.

“Yet, Transfiguration is distinct and rigid. Transfiguration magic only equips you to handle the immediate test at hand… If you wish to effectively apply it in real-life scenarios, you must master the art of creation!”

With a firm tone, Professor “Snape” continued, “Transfiguration is not found within the confines of Class 4. Its essence lies in ‘change’… Transfiguration necessitates that you manifest your personal reality within the structure… Spells and techniques are mere conduits! A truly adept wizard, devoid of spells or even a wand, can conjure magic at will!”

“Yes, it must be your own; only when you perceive reality, in terms of transfiguration, can you claim to have just begun.”

Professor Snape shrugged, adding, “Of course, I’m quite average in transfiguration myself; I’ve barely crossed the threshold… So, for students wishing to delve deeper, there’s little I can offer… Just remember not to overreach; even achieving a basic grasp is incredibly challenging!”

Initially, Draco and the others were intrigued, but they soon drifted into not paying attention

Though they could comprehend each word Professor Snape uttered, the moment they formed a coherent narrative, it became a jumble.

Evans was similarly disinterested, but he displayed his boredom and impatience more openly than Draco and the others.

As for Matthew, his situation wasn’t much different.

He, too, was deciphering what seemed like heavenly scriptures.

His grasp was limited, hovering around 20% to 30%… and this “understanding” was a mere fragment.

Professor Snape didn’t seem to mind; even when Draco and Theodore shifted their conversation to Quidditch, he remained silent.

He appeared to relish the classroom dynamic.

“Consider the purpose of your transfiguration—whether you’re altering matter’s structure or transforming its essence… The complexity of transfiguration lies herein. Structure and essence are two distinct aspects, akin to the two banks of a vast river, eternally flowing without ever reaching the shore…”

“…When we alter matter’s structure, we must disassemble it, affecting each part of the material to induce change… Yet, when transforming essence, our magic must be continuous and unified…”

“This is a profound query. Structure and essence are opposing forces, forever in conflict… Traditionally, they are seen as irreconcilable… The answer, however, lies within your heart and personal reality…”

Finally concluding his discourse, Professor Snape brought some relief to Matthew’s aching brain… as if it was struggling to keep up.

“Alright,” Professor Snape announced, drawing the attention of the students who had drifted off. “Let’s put theory into practice. Let’s start with a basic test—transforming matches into needles. Select any piece of wood at random and shape a small stick, roughly match-sized, then attempt your spells.”

Professor Snape appeared a tad fatigued from the lecture.

He settled beneath the willow tree, producing a bottle of pumpkin juice from his suitcase to quench his thirst.

Meanwhile, Matthew began his practical endeavor—

Swiftly shaping a small wooden stick, he positioned it in front of him.

With his wand in hand, Matthew muttered, “Accus!”

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Published On: October 31, 2023

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