“Finally! The main star has arrived!” Miss Gemma exclaimed.

It’s not just her alone, but with the appearance of the light blue smoke, everyone in the auditorium becomes excited by the sight of it.

The students were cheering and banging their hands against the table.

They are like hatchlings seeing the return of their parents.

Matthew could finally see the figure behind it as the light blue smoke dissipated. An exact copy of the one he saw in the card he got from the chocolate frog before.

Gellert Grindelwald.

He appeared in the empty seat at the teacher’s table; he stood up, opened his arms, and looked at the students with a big smile. The students went ecstatic over these simple gestures, then he waved his hand gently, demanding quietness.

“Welcome! To the new students of Hogwarts, it is a pleasure to see new faces here. I hope you enjoy your stay for seven years long in here, as for the others? Welcome back to the new study year at Hogwarts! Sorry for the wait; looking at all your faces, I only have four words to say… Let the Feast Begins!” Headmaster Grindelwald’s deep voice echoed within the auditorium.


The Headmaster sat on his chair, and the auditorium suddenly filled with claps and ecstatic, thrilled voices of the student. That is how much of an effect just the sight of the Headmaster himself.

“Has Professor Grindelwald always been this popular?” Matthew asked Miss Gemma.

“Why, yes! He is, without a doubt, the best wizard currently in this world. Would you like some pork chops, by the way, Matthew?” Miss Gemma explained while offering Matthew some food.

Matthew just then realized the whole table was suddenly filled with food with no spaces in between, the golden plates making the food look luxurious.

Roast beef, pork chops, lamb chops, sausages, steak, vegetables, chips, Yorkshire pudding, and lots of sauce.

The students next to him were already starting to enjoy the feast.

Vincent and Gregory filled their plates with food, stacking it on top of other various things they had picked. Meat mostly; no wonder they could be that big at their age.

Matthew then ate a piece of pork chop with some potato.

“Honestly, the food tasted average… but hey, better than having an empty stomach, I guess.” Matthew said to himself.

One just cannot simply have high expectations of British cuisine.

Suddenly some students near him were screaming; it was apparently because some translucent beings were floating around the auditorium; Matthew couldn’t be bothered about the existence of the ghost because, right now, his attention was entirely on Professor Grindelwald.

He noticed the change in Professor Grindelwald’s expression when these ghosts popped out of nowhere; his face showed that he was not happy with their existence… but after Professor Rosier put a piece of grilled sausage on his plate, he smiled and nodded.

“Ah!” Draco’s voice could be heard with a hint of afraid.

A terrifying-looking ghost appeared beside him, with hollow eyes, a thin face, and a robe stained with what could be guessed as blood.

The Slytherin students near the ghost suddenly stepped back, keeping their distance. Including Miss Gemma.

Matthew, still not realizing it, suddenly comes face to face with the ghost himself.

“Ah- Hello, Sir?” Matthew greeted the ghost hesitantly; if Matthew remembered correctly, Bloody Baron was the ghost in front of him right now.

“Hello!” The ghost frowned, “A freshman?”

“Yes, my name is Matthew Wickfield.” Matthew replied to the curious ghost.

“Sorry, almost mistaken you for a new ghost!” The Baron’s voice was so soft that only Matthew could hear it.

After that, the ghost just passed through Matthew’s body like it was nothing; Matthew felt a sudden chill. Feels like he got poured with a bucket of cold water.

“Are you all right?” Miss Gemma came over with her hand on Matthew’s shoulder.

“I’m fine… I guess…” Matthew took a few deep breaths, still trying to process what had happened.

“It’s better to stay away from the ghosts, don’t make any contact with them. Especially the one you just met, Mr. Baron. Lately, his temper has been changing so much it’s strange…” Miss Gemma said to Matthew with concern in her voice.

“Thank you for the warning Miss!” Matthew replied.


The feast continues.

Most people have filled their bellies, except for Matthew, who seems to have a lousy appetite while all the food slowly disappears from the plates.

Not long after that, the dessert comes out of nowhere. Various flavors of ice cream, cakes, and a bunch of puddings.

Matthew took a piece of cake, “I must say the dessert is actually pretty good.” Matthew said while munching on his cake.

Suddenly the Slytherin students could be seen talking about their family matters; of course, the one in the middle of it is Draco Malfoy. Many seniors came over, shook his hand, and even complimented him.

It seems even in this world; the Malfoy family still held a high position in the world of Wizardry.

Of course, not all students are interested in such matters. Students like Matthew and the girl with the surname Lestrange.

She walked towards Matthew, but her goal apparently was the plate of rice pudding next to Matthew.

“Excuse me, can I have this plate of rice pudding?” She asked with a soft voice.

Matthew then noticed she had long silver hair, almost touching her waist. Her round blue eyes were staring at Matthew; all the while, she was smiling, showing a mouth filled with neat white teeth.

There are other puddings around; Matthew looks around him and sees that the girl is actually talking to him without him realizing it after being captivated by how she looks.

“Well, of course. You can have it.” Matthew replied to her.

“Thank you! My friend and I love this pudding very much.” She smiled while taking the plate away and returning to her seat.

Matthew’s attention once again returned to where Grindelwald was sitting at.

“It looks like everyone has enjoyed their part of the feast.” Professor Grindelwald said gently, “Now, there are a few things that must be said. First, I am delighted that finally, we could have someone to fill the vacant spot as the Transfiguration teacher. Please, everyone, welcome Professor Trocar to our team!” He said with his hand pointing toward the man that came with Professor Rosier.

The students gradually applaud; it seems like everyone is on food comma and tired after the feast.

Professor Trocar then stood up from his seat, bowed slightly to all directions, and grinned simultaneously.

Matthew frowned and felt discomfort seeing his grin because Matthew could see Professor Trocar’s teeth were not normal… his fangs were absurdly sharp like animals…

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