Houses of Hogwarts, which one will be more suitable for Matthew? He thought to himself. He never considers this a problem, but because of so many strange things happening and not following the pattern he knows, he is left puzzled.

But, if he was to make a choice now, he thinks Ravenclaw would suit him. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor won’t be that bad as well. Not Slytherin… there is no way he would enjoy his stay at Slytherin as a Muggle-born wizard.

Matthew picked up the hat, put it on top of his hat, and sat on the stool.


The hat was silent. The whole room was dead silent for a few minutes. Don’t usually this hat would be more talkative? Isn’t this strange? Matthew thought.

Everything that was happening now made him anxious.

Could it be that something went wrong with the Sorting Hat? Matthew tries to remember if there was any occasion when the Sorting Hat would stop working.

What if he is not destined to be a wizard? All sorts of thoughts were racing into Matthew’s mind.

He wanted to remove the hat if he could and ask for an explanation from Principal Rosier. Matthew held back from doing something stupid, and in the end, his rationality suppressed the anxious voice inside his head.

“It’s terrible!” Matthew heard a voice ring in his ear, “Terrible… terrible… terrible!” The voice continued.

“Swear by Gryffindor’s beard; I’ve never seen something so terrible….” The voice made by the Sorting Hat was trembling… as if the Sorting Hat was afraid of something…

Matthew could be seen confused after hearing the Sorting Hat nonsense… why would it make such a comment?

Suddenly the hat stopped talking; he continued as usual, shouting a house name, “Slytherin!”

The table on the far right applauded.

Matthew was still puzzled about what was happening; he asked many questions to himself without even moving from the stool and putting the Sorting Hat back in its place.

“What does all of that mean?” Matthew thought to himself.

Could it be that…

“What else, Mr. Wickfield?” Professor Rosier asked coldly.

“Sorry, madam.” Matthew stood up quickly.

Then, he handed the hat to the last student with darker skin, who had already been brought in and had yet to be sorted out.


Many students welcomed Matthew when he went to the Slytherin’s table; some were enthusiastic and shook his hand.

Of course, some students were seen whispering, but Matthew couldn’t care less about them because his head was filled with lots of thoughts that left him confused.

Matthew then got pulled by a senior to sit next to her; he happened to see the final student of the Sorting Ceremony.

The last student, Blaize Zabini, was assigned to Hufflepuff.

Mr. Zabini seems to be disappointed with the Sorting Hat decision.

Matthew noticed that the Sorting Hat’s voice still trembled.

Principal Rosier rolled up the parchment, picked the Sorting Hat, and left the auditorium.

As she left, the students chattered again, and their voices filled the auditorium.

“Hello, Matthew!” The senior beside him patted his shoulder, “I’m Slytherin’s perfect; my name is Gemma Farley!”

Gemma feels like someone Matthew has known for long enough because of how friendly she looks toward Matthew; she has short hair and white skin.

“Hello, Miss Farley!” Matthew shook her hand.

He suddenly became aware; he went to the house of Slytherin as a Muggle-born freshman.

Isn’t this like a sheep in a herd of lions? Because Slytherin is a house filled with pure-blooded wizards.

“It is what it is.” Matthew thought to himself; he could only see what would happen next.

“Welcome to House of Slytherin, Mr. Wickfield! How are you feeling now?” Miss Gemma asked with a smile.

“I—it’s a bit complicated…” Matthew stuttered.

“Don’t worry, Slytherin students take care of each other!” Miss Gemma said, “If you encounter any problems in the future, feel free to come to me or the other seniors!”

“Okay, I understand!” Matthew nodded.

“By the way, Wickfield!” On the other side, a pale, thin young man with a frivolous voice spoke to Matthew, “Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” He nodded.

“Hello there!” Matthew replied.

“May I know about your parents? I don’t seem to recall any pure-blooded wizard with the surname of Wickfield…” Draco said, dragging the way he spoke slowly; it sounded a bit annoying.

“I can’t remember what they look like anymore.” Matthew replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Malfoy said, but Matthew knew he didn’t mean it.

“This is Crabbe, Goyle—” He pointed to the two fat boys, then pointed to a tall thin boy, “and Theodore Nott. The five of us are the current year Slytherin’s boys. We should live in the same dormitory.”

“I’m honored.” Matthew said lightly.

It seemed dull to talk with Matthew, and Draco Malfoy turned around again and started talking to Crabbe and Gore.

Matthew can finally look at the teacher’s table before the auditorium.

He saw Professor Kettleburn sitting in the corner. He had removed his three prosthetic limbs and put them on the side of the dining table.

“Miss Farley!” Matthew called Gemma.

“What is it?” Miss Gemma asked.

“Can you tell me more about the teachers at that table?” Matthew asked politely.

“Of course, I can!”

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Published On: June 16, 2023

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