The new semester had just commenced, and with it came a whirlwind of activities and a touch of chaos.

The frequent appearance of Aurors around the campus cast a subtle shadow on everyone’s spirits.

Their reminders about the three escaped Azkaban prisoners being on the loose kept the reminder of danger present.

Moreover, the peculiar “Dementors” guarding the school’s main entrance and exit emitted an eerie influence that could be felt even from a distance.

However, despite these unsettling factors, life continued.

Each day followed the routine of starting from the Slytherin common room, heading to the auditorium, attending classes, and visiting the library. This routine persisted until four in the afternoon.

Yet, Matthew’s condition was noticeably improved compared to the previous semester.

There was less chaos…

For instance, the book that had once instilled a sense of impending doom in Matthew’s previous semester was no longer a source of concern.

The crisis seemed to have dissipated, allowing him to even jest with the book.

During the same period last semester, he had been preoccupied with concerns about the post-victory state of Grindelwald’s wizarding world.

Now, compared to Dumbledore’s wizarding world, there appeared to be no fundamental disparities.

Furthermore, last semester had been marred by a series of attacks that caused panic at Hogwarts.

In contrast, this semester seemed devoid of fear. The Azkaban fugitives felt like a distant concern.

The “Severus Snape” professor was indeed a source of suspicion, but he was a new teacher hired by Professor Grindelwald.

As such, there was no need for undue worry.

Overall, it seemed there was nothing to fret about!

The castle’s administrator, Mr. Pringle, continued his daily patrols and sanitary duties, often sternly reprimanding students for disregarding cleanliness.

Speaking of Mr. Pringle, one couldn’t overlook his golden retriever companion, Mr. Donald had seemingly regained his former alertness.

He now patrolled the castle with fervor, barking at students.

Matthew held no personal grudge against Mr. Pringle.

However, several of his roommates had different opinions.

Draco, Vincent, and Gregory had all incurred Mr. Pringle’s wrath, having been severely scolded by him.

Their offense? Trudging into the castle with mud-soaked riding boots after their Quidditch club activities, leaving a mess of mud and water at the castle gate.

To make matters worse, Mr. Pringle had even conjured a reason to confiscate Draco Malfoy’s recently acquired “Light Wheel 2001” flying broomstick.

Poor Draco was understandably disheartened.

He hadn’t even had the chance to use his new broomstick much or show it off to his friends.

Draco’s initial response had been to send a holler to his father, Mr. Malfoy, urging him to come to school and reprimand Mr. Pringle for his unreasonable behavior.

Unfortunately, the owl carrying the message never returned.

It seemed that Mr. Malfoy, embroiled in a summer “smuggling” case, was seeking to avoid undue attention during this time.

In the meantime, Matthew, Vincent, and Gregory spent their evenings in the dormitory concocting plans for vengeance against Mr. Pringle and the reclamation of the flying broomstick.

While Matthew’s “plans” might have appeared somewhat na├»ve, he seemed unconcerned by this fact.

The other teachers performed as well as before, showing no significant changes from the previous semester.

Professor Bagshot’s “History of Magic” class remained a hit.

She discussed the significance of the 1289 International Conference of Wizards, a pivotal event that would influence numerous historical occurrences in the centuries to come.

For instance, the wizarding world’s response to the “witch hunt” and establishment of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons magical schools.

Towards the end of the first class, Professor Bagshot subtly mentioned her intention to find a successor in the coming years and retire.

This, in turn, would afford her more time to revise and update “A History of Magic” and “Modern History of Magic.”

While everyone hoped Professor Bagshot wouldn’t retire, they also had to acknowledge that she was approaching her old age.

Spell class continued to be a lighthearted and enjoyable affair.

Professor Flitwick, who was known to possess some Goblin blood (though he never openly acknowledged it), dedicated an entire class session to revisiting the spells they had learned the previous semester: Levitation Charm, Summoning Charm, and Unlocking Charm.

Theodore discreetly approached Professor Flitwick at the end of class to inquire about his participation in the duel club this semester.

He received a positive response from the professor.

Professor Flitwick also revealed that he wouldn’t be the only new addition to the club; another teacher had volunteered to join this year.

Potions class, taught by the Head of Slytherin’s House, Professor Slughorn, proceeded as usual.

While the content he taught was rich, he only seemed to notice and engage with students he valued, often neglecting the rest.

Thankfully, Matthew was among Professor Slughorn’s favorites.

As the potions class concluded, the professor reminded both him and Draco to attend the Slug Club party on Sunday.

Matthew realized that he had joined two clubs with the Slug Club.

The most serious and somber atmosphere was present in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Professor Rosier emanated an aura of sternness that turned even the most mischievous students into well-behaved ones.

In their second-year Dark Magic Defense class, the students began to learn how to counter various magical creatures.

In the very first lesson, Professor Rosier introduced a group of Cornish pixies.

These small, iron-blue creatures were about eight inches tall, with sharp-pointed faces and high-pitched voices.

Initially underestimated by many students, their attitudes changed when Professor Rosier instructed them to face these creatures alone.

The students couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed by their initial confidence.

All in all, the first week of the semester ended without much notice.

Although it had been tiring, Matthew’s heart was full.

He sensed this semester wouldn’t be as chaotic as the last one.

A peaceful year seemed to be on the horizon.

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Published On: October 3, 2023

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